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Hogspen Tavern Fhorian Village Kharam Dzu Temple of Luukos Lava Flows Eye of V'Tull Glaes Caverns
Teras Isle
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A violent and unlikely island to find any sort of civilized life, Teras Isle has is home to a settlement of Dwarves, perhaps the only race tough enough to thrive within the harsh environment. The only town is Kharam Dzu, which rests as far south as you can get from the angry volcano on the north side of the island. A wonder to see, travellers can visit by boat via the Glaesan Star which makes regular trips to and from Wehnimer's Landing.

Surrounding Areas: Hogpen Tavern, Fhorian Village, Temple of Luukos, Eye of V'tull, Glaes Caverns, McKyren's Folly, Lava Flows, Kharam Dzu, and Ruined Temple.

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