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GemStone IV Staff

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A Customer Experience GM handles most customer interaction. This interaction ranges from answering questions about technical issues and basic gameplay, to running merchant events and major invasions or storylines. Some Customer Experience GMs also work with Weddings, monitor the public message boards, perform liaison duties between the players and the Development team, and handle all types of player concerns and feedback.

A Development Team GM does not generally work directly with customers, choosing to focus mainly on creation and system coding. They are the designers of the game, and participate not only in the implementation and development of ideas, but also in the physical creation of them. This can be something as simple as the simple addition of a new verb to something as complicated as a massive change in the core game mechanics.
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GameHosts are the liaison between GM's and the players when it comes to technical issues in the game. They are the basic "frontline" in the chain of Customer Service.

They are required to have a good knowledge of the game and should be able to answer questions about basic technical issues and general gameplay. Hosts can also get involved in planning large-scale roleplaying events with GMs, acting as "extras" or "cast members" at special events and festivals, and sometimes helping to test out new systems and game mechanics for the GM staff.
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Mentors are players who volunteer their time to help new players get started and learn the intricacies of the game. They also occasionally get involved in roleplaying events.
Board Moderators
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Board Moderators are volunteers (often GameHosts) who help keep an eye on our forums to ensure that all content conforms to the Rules and to protect the community from objectionable material.
Web Monitors
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Web Monitors are volunteers who approve link submissions and monitor content on linked sites, to ensure that all sites meet our standards and contain no objectionable material.
Onsite Staff
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Onsite Staff are the full-time employees of Simutronics Corporation. We have occasional openings in customer service, art, software development, web development, and production at the St. Louis office. (All GMs, Hosts, Mentors and Monitors are volunteers or offsite contractors.)

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