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McKyren's Folly
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The McKyren family was well known in Kharam Dzu for their amazing talents in stone working. Legend has it that the youngest son of the family discovered and befriended an ancient power while practicing his craft near some caverns far from town. Remains of his work can be seen in the form of mosaics, now in partial ruin and located deep within a volcano known as the Eye of V'Tull. His 'Folly' eludes to a bottomless pit within the caves.

Home Region: Teras Isle

Rumors: It is said that McKyren jumped into the bottomless pit in order to save his mysterious companion from the attack of a powerful foe. It is unknown whether or not he survived the jump, as no one has yet volunteered to journey to the bottom of the bottomless pit to verify his demise.

Indigenous Creatures: Unknown

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