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Join a small close-knit community of adventurers where roleplay is key!

Get Platinum Power!

A Smaller Community of Adventurers
Remember the days when you knew everyone’s name (and everyone knew yours?) Simutronics will monitor our Platinum subscription base to ensure that the community in GemStone IV Platinum never grows too large.

Increased Event Participation
Fewer adventurers mean greater opportunities for interacting with GM events. Gone are the days of fighting for a spot in insanely long merchant lines, screaming mobs during invasions, and roleplaying events missed inside endless screen scroll.

More Opportunities for Roleplay
Tired of out of character gibberish, lame references to real world events, and powerhunters? The tight-knit community of Platinum focuses on roleplay above advancement. Even character transfers between accounts are heavily monitored to reduce the impact on the roleplaying community.

Adventure & Excitement
Add some spice to your hunting trips and explore a world where death has more serious consequences!

Build Your Own Hunting Areas
Any Platinum subscriber may apply to join the Architectural & Landscaping Association of Elanthia! Whether you want to build your own haunted forests, enchanted castles and infested dungeons, or explore your friends' creations, GemStone IV Platinum is the place!

Custom Titles
Platinum players have a chance to acquire custom titles. When achieving level 60, a player can submit a request for a Post-Name title, and at level 100 a Pre-Name Title. This is a unique opportunity to all Platinum characters, so submit your requests here.

Includes Premium Benefits
Platinum members retain all access to GemStone IV Prime... with Premium benefits!

Platinum Guide
Over the years we have formed a very close community, which we would like you to become fully a part of. In order to help you on this journey, we've compiled this small tome of advice, to better welcome you to the community.

Platinum F.A.Q.
Do you have some questions? We may have them already answered, check our Frequently Asked Questions!

Ready to adventure in a brave new Elanthia? Upgrade your subscription now!


The GemStone IV Platinum package, offered at $49.95 per month, allows the serious roleplayer a smaller, close-knit community in which to enjoy the original spirit of GemStone IV.

Simutronics Corporation

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