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Dragonsclaw Mountains
< Geographic Region

This series of mountains serves as a protective barrier, shielding Wehnimer's Landing and its environs from the rest of Elanthia. Only recently have regular trade routes been carved through the dangerous mountain passes to allow outside contact with the various centers of civilization. Of all the mountains, the five named below are the grandest of the range with many stories of their own to be told.

Surrounding Areas: Danjirland, Wehntoph, Glatoph, Thanatoph, Zeltoph, and Sentoph.

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· Wehnimer's Landing
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· Ta'Vaalor
· Kharam Dzu
· Solhaven
· River's Rest
· Pinefar Trading Post
· Zul Logoth
· Locksmehr Trail
· Ta'Illistim
· Sylvarraend
· Lyserian Hills
· DragonsClaw Mountains
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