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Ta'Illistim, the legendary home of the elves, plays host to many things magical and mysterious. It has remained cut off from the western world for many years and has only now begun to reestablish ties though the recently forged trail across the western Dragonspine. Despite being a great beacon of civilization, dangers lurk within the forests and wilds nearby.

Surrounding Areas: Whistler's Pass, Ta'Illistim, Blighted Forest, Teorrain Dale, Gossamer Valley, Wraithenmist, Masked Hills, Griffin's Keen, and Seethe Naedal.

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· Wehnimer's Landing
· Icemule Trace
· Ta'Vaalor
· Kharam Dzu
· Solhaven
· River's Rest
· Pinefar Trading Post
· Zul Logoth
· Locksmehr Trail
· Ta'Illistim
· Sylvarraend
· Lyserian Hills
· DragonsClaw Mountains
· Mysterious Realms

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