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River's Rest
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The island of River's Rest, located within the County of Torre in the Turamzzyrian Empire, lies at the juncture of the Tempest River and Maelstrom Bay. The town takes its name from the island on which it is built. Although sparsely populated at the present time, the island's history is a mosaic of art, poverty, politics, disaster and dark practices. Leaving the natural security of the island exposes the traveler to a great many risks. River's Rest remains surrounded by bands of trolls, krolvin and fell beasts.

Surrounding Areas: Marsh Keep, Karazja Jungle, The Citadel, River Tunnels, River's Rest Environs, River's Rest, The Ruined Tower, Shattered Moors, Krolvin Carrack, Sea Caves, Krolvin Ship, Troll Lair, Hidden Vale, Miasmal Forest, and Maelstrom Bay.

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