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Lava Flows
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Black and sulfurous, the land in and around the lava that flows from the angry Eye of V'Tull is barely navigable. Still, brave or foolish adventurers can find their way across the flows almost as easily as the dreadful creatures that thrive there. Water is at a premium so be sure to pack an extra canteen.

Home Region: Teras Isle

Points of Interest: Basalt Hillock.

Rumors: Locals claim that the cinder wasps paralyse their victims and lay eggs within them, which later hatch much to the dismay of the victim. Unfortunately, no one has come forward claiming to have survived such an experience that could offer proof that this is anything more than an old wives tale.

Indigenous Creatures: ash hag, cinder wasp, fire giant, jungle troll, jungle troll chieftain, massive pyrothag, red-scaled thrak, skayl, wasp nest, fire ogre, giant fog beetle, lava troll and scaly burgee.

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