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for 03/05/2024

Naming Your Character

GemStone IV is a premiere role-playing experience. As such the names selected by new players must be carefully chosen so that they not only reflect the likes and dislikes of an individual player but also do not interfere with the role-playing experience of the other players in the game. Players who choose names that are "out of genre" (the name does not fit a medieval fantasy world environment) will be asked to make another name choice.
Name Guidelines
1. Names can not contain any kind of title: "Sir", "Lord", "King", "Lady", "Master". Titles are not allowed because they interfere with the game parser and infer accomplishments in the game the character has not achieved.

2. Names should not be phrases, nicknames or 'handles': Examples: Imsocool, Johnman, Foxylady, Daveboy, SuperCilious, and Mightykiller.

3. Names should not have a modernistic sound to them, or that use words that did not exist in the medieval time period. Examples: Techijoe, Metallica, Prozac.

4. Names should not contain odd punctuation, numbers, or extra letters. Examples: Timmmy, Xxkillerxx, Kill~Deer, Smasher2, Daaave Joonnnes.

5. Names should not be typed in ALL CAPS. Use proper upper and lowercase letters when creating your name. If you use all capital letters in your name, the system will automatically send you back to rename your character, not necessarily because there is a problem with the name itself, but because it is in all caps.

6. Names should not be composed of nonsense characters, abbreviated or missing letters, or are unpronounceable: Examples: Asdasd fghfgh, Dthwrrior, LSmith.

7. A character name should not be the name of any of the monsters, gods, goddesses, towns, or cities in Elanthia.

8. A character name should not be the name of any well known out-of-genre personality from T.V., literature, or movies: Thus, you would not wish to choose a name like "HanSolo" or "ClarkKent" for your character.

9. A character name should not be the name of a well known person: TimCurry, ElvisPresley, AbrahamLincoln, etc. This includes the names of well-known religious figures and the names of deities worshipped by modern religious groups.

Creating a Name

There are several options you can follow in creating your character name. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

1. Simply typing HELP or NAME while in the Character Manager will generate a few random names. Keep trying until you see one you like, or one that inspires you. Often a name that's not quite right can be changed into one you might like, for instance "Nbyr" might become "Nabira" or "Lgar" might become "Logarr" or "Elgar."

2. Choose a set of consonants randomly from the keyboard and add vowels to make a pronounceable name. Asdf could become Aesdef . Nmbv might become Nombavu.

3. Some find the names of plants, common (non-monster) animals and other objects to be fitting for their characters, but care should be taken not to make such names into a phrase.

4. Another good formula to use for names is to think of a noun and a verb that would go together well. A Ranger might like the name "Treehugger". A cranky dwarf who works in a mine might do well with a last name like "Rockcrusher". A thief who is adept at opening boxes might be "Boxpopper".

5. Famous character names that would be out-of-genre for the game can be used to inspire in-genre names. For instance, "Han Solo" could become "Hahn", "Sholoft", "Solosk", "Hahnz". Mr. Spock could become "Sprotts". Clark Kent can be jumbled up to "Charka" or "Kentz". The trick is to change the name enough so that when you pronounce it out loud it doesn't immediately make you think of the famous character.

6. Last but not least, your own name can be used as character name inspiration. "Tom" (an acceptable name but likely already in use) could, for instance, become "Tym" . If the result would sound "in-genre" flip-flop your last or first name and possibly add some alternate spelling. Another option is to take all the letters of your first and last name and jumble them, so a name like "Tom Morgan" could become "Gotmog'nar". This also works with names picked at random out of a phone book.

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