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Latest News

Duskruin Begins 8/11/2023 - Webstaff on 08/10/2023

Duskruin opens tomorrow night, August 11, 2023 at 9pm EDT.

The Shop List has been made available HERE.

Duskruin Mania is being replaced.  Read about it HERE.

As a heads up, the SimuCoin Store will have Duskruin booklets on sale from August 11th at 6pm ET until August 30th at 11:55pm ET. However, the event will stretch into September for shopping, smithy, and using existing booklets that are out there. We'll be putting FIXSKILL, FIXSTAT, FIXCMAN, encumbrance items, and enhancive rechargers for sale during the same time booklets are on sale.

The GIFTBOX will start on August 18th for the duration of the event.

EVENT BOX will have the following schedule: - August 17th - August 24th - August 31st

The last day to claim will be September 3rd by 1am ET.

Bag of Holding Items: Items to complete a bag of holding will be on sale this run.

Item Service Limit: As a trial, the item service limit will be increased from 2 to 5 for this run.

Spin Night is Cancelled!  All spin night items have been moved unlimitedly to HESS.

HESS offering list is HERE.  Given the above announcement, you can expect those items listed under Spin Night to be in HESS.

Looking for teasers on new items and offerings at Duskruin?  Visit our SAVED POSTS page on the wiki!

Burghal Gnome Mourning Document - Webstaff on 08/10/2023

A new document with information on how burghal gnomes across Elanith handle death, dying, and mourning.

Many thanks to GM Mariath for the quick turnaround on QC so I could get this out this week! <3

Wiki Link
Forums Discussion

Aelotoi Lexicon and New Culture - Webstaff on 08/10/2023

After twenty years in Elanthia, many aelotoi, especially those born or raised here, find themselves coming together in different ways. They call themselves the Cyrtae'ni.

All aelotoi will be given a one-time culture reset option in case they wish to embrace their inner Cyrtae'ni.

Lore Document
Lexicon Document
Wiki Announcement
Discord Forum Announcement/Discussion

Aelotoi Mourning Document - Webstaff on 08/10/2023

Death and mourning customs are found in most cultures, and the aelotoi are no different. For many, this involves solely the Ceremony of Remembrance, but with their freedom in Elanthia, they have been able to embrace older customs and even develope some new ones.

Document Link

Wiki Announcement Link

Forum Wiki Discussion

Aelotoi Verb Updates: - Webstaff on 08/10/2023

In honor of Dragonfly Festival, we are pleased to announce several updates to the FLUTTER and SWEAR verbs for aelotoi.


More Information Here: Aelotoi Verb Update

Dragonfly Festival - Webstaff on 07/06/2023

In droves and swarms, dragonflies, darters, and damselflies return to the meadows, forests, and fields that surround Cysaegir to bask in the warm summer sun. Merchants follow the fickle friends and return once more to the verdant city in celebration of all things Aelotoi and Dragonfly at the Dragonfly Festival.

Starting on the Day of the Huntress at 9pm, shops and merchants will open in the ambling streets of Cysaegir to sell their wares. There will be several raffles, some specifically centered on Aelotoi and for them, throughout the weekend. Those raffles include: 3 Aelotoi Specific Signature Verbs, two fully unlocked WingSong Collection Ensembles, a Fully Customized Veola, an Enhancive Wing Jewelry, and a few other surprises.

Notes from Dev - Webstaff on 06/14/2023

Several Dev. Announcements have not made their way over to the wiki. Here is a comprehensive list of them:

Rumor Woods: Raikhen Updates! - Webstaff on 06/11/2023

Rumor Woods: Raikhen Updates!

The amount of raikhen is going up! From now until June 15th, log in to each character that is holding raikhen and type TICKET CONVERT to update your raikhen totals by over 2x!

Join the discussion on Discord!

Rewards at Rumor Woods have also been adjusted to average out to roughly 300 raikhen per entry! This is up from the average of just under 150. With plenty of new and updated inventory, it’s a perfect time to shop for the perfect items, mounts, character customizations, and more!

Rumor Woods starts June 16th at 9pm ET!
See you then!


Just in time for Rumor Woods, a new lore document has been released that goes over many of the precious materials that can be found in Atan Irith. Plus, a new type of lotus has been added to the Flora document (check out Star Lotuses!).

Player Customization System updates - Webstaff on 06/14/2023

The Player Customization System updates to include custom Manna and Major Sanctuary are now live.

New Lore: Atan Irith Gastronomy - Webstaff on 06/14/2023

Ready to get hungry? Settle in and read all about the erithi and the Inyexat's cuisine in this latest installment of Elanthian lore!


Due to the devastating flood that destroyed the Yasrenila Compound in Neartofar Forest, the Greengair are looking for local artists, gardeners, and designers (gnomish or not) to help rebuild their assortment of outdoor artwork and decorations. These can include things such as outdoor sculptures, windchimes, bird baths, garden decorations, lanterns, benches, etc.

SimuCon 2023 - Webstaff on 04/17/2023

We're at the Sheraton Plaza at Westport Plaza this year, and have some great things planned!


Click for info about tickets and perks!

SimuCon Side Quests & Main Quests - Webstaff on 05/29/2023

Keep an eye on our SimuCon 2023 Wiki Page or in the Discord Simucon Channels for updates on exciting Side Quests and Main Quests available during the con.


In Honor of Year of the Rolton and to Herald Rumor Woods, we are pleased to announce a new document: Roltons, Wools, and Cheeses of the Land

Simutronics Corporation

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