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Latest News

Ebon Gate 2024 Survey is now live! - Webstaff on 06/18/2024

Please take a moment to provide some feedback and ideas to the 2024 Ebon Gate Requests form.  The form will remain open for the month of July.

We look forward to reading everyone's ideas!


Raise your steins and celebrate all things dwarven at the Ale Festival 2024, hosted near the scenic docks of Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle! Immerse yourself in the vibrant festivities from Friday, June 21, 2024, at 9 PM to Sunday, July 23, 2024, at midnight.

Highlights Include:

  • River Muagh Fishing Frenzy: Catch and cook your own fish!
  • Bring Your Own Brew: Share your favorite ales and enjoy tastings.
  • Raise-Your-Ale Roshambo Tournament: Compete in a battle of dulled wits!
  • Exclusive Raffles: Win golvern weapons, veniom adding services, and more.
  • Unique Shops: Discover magical foods, dwarven artifacts, and specialty items.

New in-game feature!  Use the FESTIVAL VERB to access up-to-date information about events, schedules, and more while you’re enjoying the festival.

Travel easily to Teras Isle by ship, the Glaesen Star, Seaport dockhand, or mount travel. Don’t miss out on this legendary celebration—see you at the Ale Festival!

Keep an eye on the wiki for exciting raffles:  Ale Festival

Review our Wares: Ale Festival Shops

Follow the fun on Discord: Discord Events

SimuCon 2024 - Webstaff on 06/18/2024

We're at the Sheraton Plaza at Westport Plaza this year, and have some great things planned!


Click for info about tickets and perks!

Glaoveln and the City of Glaeve - Webstaff on 06/09/2024

Greetings, Grarrogs!

Months ago, the krolvin stronghold of Glaoveln was consumed by fire and smoke as the volcano Moradg erupted in a once-in-a-lifetime pyroclasm. Survivors of the disaster sent a desperate message to their kin in Northwatch, and the folk of the newborn nation responded.

After fending off the forces of the Iron Harpy, an isolationist krolvin leader allegedly backed by the sinister Dusk Coven, the folk of Northwatch backed their ally Jkarog's bid for leadership of the city.

Glaoveln and the city of Glaeve can now be accessed by the White Wyrm, which is ferrying travelers by air, and the open sea by ship.

Premium Festival News - Webstaff on 06/06/2024

Interested in learning all about the exciting and fun things happening this weekend at the Premium Festival?

Then consider joining us on our Discord Server and follow our announcement channel to see events unfold in real time.

Discord not your speed?  Then fear not!  Many exciting things are posted on our Wiki Page!

You can also click on the title link to see all the information you may have missed out on!

Dreaming of a Midsummer Night - Webstaff on 06/06/2024

Starting on June 7th at 9 PM Eastern (Prime) and 9:30 PM EST (Platinum), the festival runs through June 13th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

The Wood Sprites awaken from the long sleep with new surprises to share with all who visit.

They may be coaxed into opening their homes and shops as well, with new items and special services.

Wiki Announcement

Discord Forum Discussion


Oleani's Blessings

In celebration of the Festival of Oleani, the lands have been blessed with more varieties of roses.  Each realm has had two roses added to it to honor the Arkati of Spring.

Additionally, the following foraged vegetables have been added: parsnips, radishes, and oranges

Icemule Trace has had the following foraged items added to their realm: blinded lily, white crallisberry, gossamer silver iceblossom, royal blue iceblossom, iseya lichen, Oblin spruce twig, Ossian pine twig, fleshy mulehoof, resting poppy, and thorny wintersbite

Wehnimer’s Landing has had the following foraged items added to their realm: aubergine hellebore, deep orange sirensong, and tangerine butterflyweed.

Special thank you to GMs Auchand, Casil, Elidi, Elysani, Marstreforn, Xeraphina, and Xynwen for their help in designing these items.



As the temple of Oleani in Solhaven prepares for the upcoming Festival of Oleani, there have been some minor changes to it.


Due to confusion created by Rings of Lumnis ending at a different time than Rumor Woods, we’ve decided to reopen Rumor Woods at 9pm EDT tonight.  You may use any purchased markers, go shopping, or visit the jouster during its reopening but no new markers will go on sale.  Please note, both Rings of Lumnis (Trials of Lumnis and Angora Promenade) and Rumor Woods (Summit Academy, Fox Hunt, Jousting, and Pixie Hunt) will be closing at 11:45 PM EDT on May 8, 2024.


Not on Discord?  Don't have the player wiki bookmarked?  Have no fear, we've got a recap of everything that is happening for you right here!

Rumor Woods ends on May 5th!  This area also provides access to the customizations at Summit Academy.

Rings of Lumnis was opened by request and will remain open until May 8th!  This provides access to the Needle of Pentas and Agora Promenade on the Isle of Ornath.

You can use your sunmarkers for entry into the Trials of Lumnis on Ornath.  Your old scholar cards will work as well.

We've also had several updates and changes to offerings at Rumor Woods.  For greater details, click the title link.

[Rumor Woods] Elenesse Atelier - Webstaff on 04/13/2024

Introducing the newest building of the Summit Academy college grounds, Elenesse Atelier is a space where guests can continue their customizing journey by visiting either the scholar or professor that sits in its opposing alcoves.

The Scholar works on cloth, wood, glass, metal, leather, stone, bone, and gemstone items. She has a plethora of designs on offer.

The Professor will take your foraged item and transform it into a necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings, pin, or trinket design.

Additionally, Elenesse Atelier is home to three shops.

Enlightened Pages is a shop run by the Order of the Lumnasi Viragos. It offers its famed Papermaker mechanism, all unlock certificates, as well as some dyes.

Merited Metalworks is a shop fostered by an artisan from Ornath. It offers a variety of gemstones, jeweler’s pliers, toolkits, reticules to house ore, smelters, and unlock certificates for the I Dream of Geology line.

The last shop is called Little Ticker, though we are unable to offer any insight into this at the moment.


In a remarkable turn of events, the valiant champions of Elanthia have triumphed over the combined forces of Estrion and Octaven, thwarting their sinister plans. However, in the aftermath of the conflict and amidst the efforts to dispel the swirling mana storm surrounding Darkstone Castle, an unexpected twist occurred. The castle, along with all its inhabitants, has been displaced into the barren waste of the Bleaklands. Even though North by Northwest has now officially concluded, what will the future hold for both the rising Barony of Darkstone and the Bleaklands and beyond?

OOC Note: To access the Darkstone Castle you must travel to the Bleaklands which is accessible via a portal near Melgorehn's Reach.


This year at Rumor Woods, you'll be able to assemble a little mech spinner. You will need to get the exoskeleton from the TOURNEY VAULT that is being sold in the SimuCoin Store. These are character attuned.

They require 10 additional parts to complete. Instead of getting something random in the event by running it, there will be a pile of scrap metal you can SEARCH for raikhen to find everything you need to finish it. Given Rumor Woods has a bit more item management from the item drops, I felt it was a better option to let you choose if you want to participate in this versus being forced to deal with stuff from prize packages. There will be rarity levels, sort of like the create-a-golem parts.

On the exoskeleton, you will ADD {part} TO {exoskeleton} to attach a piece you find. You will need a body, gears, a beetle head, beetle antennae, beetle wings, beetle legs, spider head, spider eyes, spider spinneret, and spider legs. You are building both at the same time and can pick and choose parts. The body and gears will be for both the beetle and spider. If you've already added a piece and wish to replace it, you can, but you will lose the old piece.

Once you add all ten parts, it will be complete. You can PRESS it to transform it from exoskeleton, beetle, and spider, you choose! Each has some slightly different flavor. You can WEAR it at this point or simply bring it out when you wish to use it. It has some verb traps to play around with, otherwise, it is a spinner! The spinner will store up to 100 names until it needs to be reset. You can reset at any point. It uses some more basic random choosing than a merchant spinner, but it is relatively the same. You must SPIN each time to choose someone. It will store names by default, but you can reset between spins if you want it to be able to select the same person twice.

If you don't want to participate in this, you can BREAK the exoskeleton for a violet exp orb. Be warned, there is no replacement and you will not be able to complete your mech spinner. You only get one chance to build this. The violet exp orb will be account-attuned so you can hand those off to other characters on your account.

Follow the discussion on Discord!

[Rumor Woods] 2024 Updates - Webstaff on 04/19/2024

We will continue to use the CLAIM system for both a GIFT and EVENT option. Both options won't be available until April 23rd in the late afternoon. Rumor Woods will only have a single CLAIM period for the duration of the event, with a twist. Details on CLAIM will be released the day they go live.


The BattleVault system has been extended to Rumor Woods. Some key updates have gone into the item you receive to help better explain what's in them and when they expire. I will paste a sample ANALYZE below this initial post so you can see the updates. Nothing has changed with the vault in this sense, it's just communicated a bit better in ANALYZE.

They are still 6,500 SimuCoins and will contain two 25-count markers, 90-use death's sting salve, and two special items.

The first special item is a metal exoskeleton. Like the golem chassis from Duskruin, you will find parts running the event to build an odd trinket. You may only participate in building this at the 2024 Rumor Woods. You will be building a beetle and a spider that you can use the SPIN command to select a random person around you, like the merchants of Elanthia. More details on this process will be in a separate thread.

The second special item is a patent of nobility that will award +50% base experience for 30 days! An update went into these from last time so you can REDEEM them outside of the event. They now display the expiration date, which is tied to the purchase date of your TOURNEY VAULT. This is how this item will work going forward at all events that offer an item bundle with BattleVaults.


The NPC returns, the timer reduced to 10 minutes from 30 minutes like last Duskruin. Exp will still be field exp, as the update to the NPC for instance exp won't be until August. You run the risk of losing a lot of experience if you die, so use this frequently at your own peril.

ANALYZE updates to the vaults.

This is a special item bundle for Rumor Woods. You can REDEEM it to get the following items:

  • Two 25-entry markers (SimuCoin Store Event Entries)
  • 90-use death's sting salve (SimuCoin Store Utility Items)
  • a hollow metal exoskeleton (Special Item)
  • a patent of nobility (Special Item)

The exoskeleton and patent will be character attuned to the character that REDEEMs this tourney vault.

The special items expire after the run they were purchased at. This tourney vault has a purchase date of Fri Apr 19 14:07:16 ET 2024. You may only redeem one per run while the event is active.


A gnome barely concealed by a shambling zombie costume wanders in...

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. If that's true, then we have created an item that could make even the most stalwart Vaalorian soldier blush.

New for this year's run of Rumor Woods is the second Flourish to be offered to players: Least Moods! Like Lesser Moods, this flourish can be attached to any weapon, shield, armor, or armor accessory to add ambient messaging based on the item's flare or other abilities. However, since it is a flourish, it does not consume the script or subscript slot, leaving room for more murderous mayhem. It also does not require a GM to apply it - simply redeem the certificate and you're all set!

These certificates will be available in the Starry Lotus' Sunstruck room for 2,500 raikhen when the event launches on Friday!

For more information, click the title link!


Go Play!