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Latest News

We are excited to announce a change in Racial Biases for both selling and purchasing within towns. The breakdown is as follows:

All racial penalties within towns are removed.
Specific races in specific towns will get either a 5% discount or a 5% boost only.
This change does not take into account trading or influence, only racial bias.
If you find a store is still off, please bug it as it may be a unique case that was missed by the global update.

Wiki Announcement w. Chart

Discord Forums Discussion


Refugee Fenora, a refugee from the Wizard's Waste, entreated visitors to view her new grocery wares in Cysaegir today.

New Playable Culture - Inyexat - Webstaff on 01/20/2023

The Inyexat are the forest gnomes living in Atan Irith, and after a few decades watching the erithi interact with the rest of Elanthia, they are finally coming public and sharing more information. Any adventuring Inyexat who have been hiding under the guise of another culture may come out of hiding, should they so choose.

Silverwood Manor Opens in Zul Logoth - Webstaff on 01/20/2023

Inquisitive minds within the mines of Zul Logoth can now travel to the new Silverwood Manor location, located NW and N of the brewery in the Emerald Tunnel!


Communitea House is now open in Solhaven's Old Market Plaza. The shop is owned and operated by Molleine Brauxn and her adopted daughter, Audreyn, who are both refugees from Talador.

Zul Logoth Merchant Complex Opens - Webstaff on 01/20/2023

Citizens of Zul Logoth, blacksmiths, dwarves and friends alike will want to make their way to the tunnels to see the newest Merchant Complex in the Chalcedony tunnel below the forge! Representatives from eight dwarven clans have set up shop to sell their wares. There are Krelumtrek woods for forging handles, less cumbersome metal ingots from the Smaelton, trinkets of the Toktrog and more!

Atoll Creatures Looks - Webstaff on 01/20/2023

For those interested, you can now DESCRIBE <CRITTER> and those lovely little tritons on the Atoll in KF will now give you something to look at! Many thanks to GM Elysani who helped me (GM Xynwen) write the descriptions!

New OSA Port Opens - Webstaff on 01/15/2023

The Seaport of Brisker’s Cove has been added to the Open Sea Adventure System. You will now be able to sail to and from the port.


A loresong has been discovered on a gilt-framed painting inside Ilynov Manor in Ta'Vaalor. The song reveals the long-forgotten history behind the events depicted within the painting, the Battle of the Mistydeep.


A new lore document entitled "A Brief Examination of the Yierka" has been added to the wiki.  This document goes into some detail about the yierka, a large desert lizard native to the Sea of Fire, which was one of the mounts released at Rumor Woods in summer of 2022.

Citizenship, WPS, and You - Webstaff on 01/02/2023

Citizenship has been updated to note the date you acquired citizenship. 

Starting 04/01/23, characters must have been a citizen of the town for at least 90 days to be eligible for town WPS.

Troll's Blood (1125) Update - Webstaff on 01/02/2023

Troll's Blood (1125) base chance to break a stun has been increased by 10%.  This increased bonus applies to the entire Empath's group.  In addition, there is a new self-cast Empath bonus of +1% for every 5 spell ranks known.  This bonus only applies to the Empath.


The Stone Eye Bar in River's Rest has had its drinks updated to the "new" food system, meaning its drinks will now all have taste messaging! Overall, not much has changed, but a few items had to be slightly tweaked to fit modern standards and/or typos. Byron also got some extra messaging and Q&As. Bottoms up!

New Lore Document: The Thirsting Dead - Webstaff on 01/02/2023

A Short Document on Vampires has been created!


A number of Major Mental and Savant spells can now be found on scrolls. At least for the time being, these spells will also be inaccessible via Fash'lo'nae's Gift (1750).

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