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Latest News

Duskruin - Questions and Answers - Webstaff on 02/20/2024

Looking for answers on HESS, Duskruin, Build-a-Golem, and more?

Look no further!  We have three convenient ways for you to get some up-to-date information!

[Prime] And the world spins onů - Webstaff on 02/16/2024

With this year’s Duskruin, we are attempting something new.  Some of the storylines will be continuing at Bloodriven Village and you may see some Merchants as well.  While not all storylines or towns may have a way to weave a town like Bloodriven into their workings, some will and may.  As such, we’ve created an avenue for this to happen.  Please keep an eye on the calendar for these events.  All events will be on the calendar if they are to happen, there will be no surprises or pop-ups to ensure that those interested don’t miss out.

Also, some merchants may come around.  All merchants will also be on the calendar, and they will be in public areas.  Merchants will not be associated with shops, though they may work on shop items.

We hope that you enjoy these changes.  Who knows, perhaps you’ll see one of the local authorities of your favorite town in the Cheap Seats, cheering you on.

[Duskruin] Create-a-Golem - Webstaff on 02/16/2024

This year at Duskruin, you'll be able to build a golem if you participate in both the February/March and August runs. In the BATTLE VAULT, you will receive a chassis in the February/March run which is the foundation of your golem, without it, you cannot build one. These are character attuned. At Duskruin, you will come across golem pieces either in the arena by facing a clockwork golem or randomly searching in the sewers. There are 5 types of pieces you can find, arms, legs, plates, gears, and heads.

On the chassis you will ADD {part} TO {chassis} to attach a piece you find. You will need 2 arms and 2 legs. FLIP the chassis to select which side you are adding arms and legs. If you've already added a piece and wish to replace it, you can, but you will lose the old piece. There are over 10 of each piece currently with plans to continue to add more.

During the February/March run, you cannot finish the golem, as you will need the next BATTLE VAULT in August, which will be a motor/engine of sorts. So for now, you'll have just a incomplete chassis with anything you attach to it this run. You will be able to attach pieces next run if you don't find everything or maybe something new comes along that you like. After the golem is complete, you can still swap out parts.

The only verbs it will have for now are ADD, LOOK, and FLIP. I may add some more after we get everything released to have it do something between now until August, but no promises.

If you don't want to participate in this, you can BREAK the chassis for a violet exp orb. Be warned, there is no replacement and you will not be able to complete your golem. You only get one chance to build a golem. The violet exp orb will be account attuned so you can hand those off to other characters on your account.

[Duskruin] Gladiator - Webstaff on 02/16/2024


The booklet exchange NPC will have a 10 minute timer instead of the 30 minute timer.  You run the risk of losing a lot of experience if you die, so use this frequently at your own peril.  The NPC also has some better debugging if you use the wrong item.


There are still some hidden easter eggs in the arena.


Duskruin is just about here, and with it heralds a few changes!  Some changes will be live in February and some will be waiting until August.  I plan to talk about the projects I'm working all here in this thread for the year.  Keep in mind, there are more staff members working the event than just me, so I'm just talking about the projects I'm lead on.  This doesn't represent Duskruin as a whole.

The arena will feature a new boss that will randomly come around, an immense clockwork golem.  It will take the place of an automaton should you get one to spawn in.  The automatons will also spawn, but only one or the other will happen per entry.  Like the automaton, the golem will have a special drop which I'll explain in a bit.  Endless will feature them, so it's a good way to try to get one to spawn as bosses have a higher chance to happen after round 25.

The way caches spawn has changed a bit.  The will have a bigger range in which they can be found, but the ceiling has been lowered.  This means they should be seen a little more frequently.  The announcement that comes after a cache is found will go to a queue and fire off at some point randomly after one is found.  Golem parts are added in as a rare drop in the sewers as well and will take the place of a bloodrune stone for that search attempt.  Bloodrunes will still drop, and we will be featuring a legendary bloodrune (more on this in another post).


Both GIFTBOX and EVENT BOX will be retired this run. 


And we will have CLAIM!  The system will go live with a trial run in Platinum first that is outside of the Duskruin offerings!  More on CLAIM will be announcement shortly in a separate post, but some changes are coming alongside it.  CLAIM has a GIFT and EVENT option, we will be offering 2 of each this run of Duskruin.  Once in February and once in March.  The EVENT option will cost silver.  Both will contain a 25-entry booklet that can be used with the NPC.  The price will be scaled to 25-entries vs 12-entries, so this EVENT option will be a little more expensive, but it will be the same in scope.  The booklets will not be attuned, so they can be traded with other players just like before.  We will continue to monitor to see what we can do there.

That means this run of Duskruin will have a 25-entry booklet in February and another in March for the same amount for the EVENT option, which is higher than what we've been doing last year.  Like every event, CLAIM won't be active until after the initial weekend, we usually try to get it live by the first Tuesday or Wednesday.  Details on cost and what it all includes will be announced and placed in this thread once it goes live.  The GIFT option will be similar to what GIFTBOX offered, but double.

BATTLE VAULT - Webstaff on 02/16/2024

This run we will have a new item in the SimuCoin Store that will cost 6,500 SimuCoins.  It will include two 25-count booklets, 30 Advanced Spellup Pills, and two special items that will be attuned to your character. You may only redeem one BATTLE VAULT per run of Duskruin per character.  Because it is per character, you can redeem multiple per account if you wish to have the extras that come with it.  The BATTLE VAULT itself is not attuned in any way, so you can trade them, hand them off, etc.   But I'll repeat, you can only redeem one per character though.

The first special item is an empty golem chassis!  This item will be used to collect golem parts from the arena and sewer.  You will be able to rebuild a golem.  You will need the chassis to be able to start the build process, which means you will need a BATTLE VAULT to participate in the build-a-golem item.  You will need a bunch of drops from the arena and/or sewers to complete it.  The chassis is exclusive to February.  In August, you will be able to bring your golem to life with the exclusive BATTLE VAULT item which will be a motor of sorts!  Once you fully complete your golem in August, you will have a golem companion that will follow you around and do an assortment of actions!  These golems are character attuned.  BATTLE VAULTS that are purchased in February and March will always produce a chassis, even if redeemed in August.
The second special item is a golden scroll that will will award 2x base experience abosrption for 30 days.  These scrolls can only be redeemed during the February/March run of Duskruin, afterwards, they will expire and will not work.  You can wait to any point of this run of Duskruin to activate it and it will last 30 days from that point on.  Start it right on Friday with Duskruin or wait until March 10th to have after!  Maybe start it on March 1st?  Choice is yours!  Just don't let it expire!  These are character attuned, so the character who redeems the BATLLE VAULT is the only character that can redeem the golden scroll.

[Duskruin] New Shop Data & Items - Webstaff on 02/16/2024

With Duskruin opening this weekend, we wanted to highlight some of the exciting changes and additions to the shops this run.

In the Shadows of the Sparrow (New Shop)- This shop features the Fighting Fan on non-combat props, allowing for a less expensive purchase for the roleplaying aspects.

Skayl Mix (New Shop)- This shop features the new material Obskruul, which has new mechanics and lore.

Fancy Stance (New Script) - Appearing as a certificate in the shop Certified, Fancy Stance creates a purely fluff addition to your weapon that has specialized stance dancing messaging.  This script highlights the new offering of Flourishes.

Crafter's Tome (Script Update) - The Crafter's Tome has a new unlock available.

Just for Kicks (Shop Item Update) - Look out Cobblers, there's been an update to the cobbling box that may interest you!

Clockwerke Solutions (New Shop & Script) - This shop features pocketwatches!

Balance and Frenzy (New Shop & Script) - Featuring the weapon script by the sane name, Balance and Frenzy allows weilders to switch between offensive and defensive flares.

The Daily Grind (New Shop and Scripts) - Home of the new Sausage Maker, the Daily Grind is here to up your cooking game.  There is an addition to this new shop that offers a new cooking pan, new recipes, and a cutting board.

The Blood Red Rose (Shop Update) - Featuring Iasha Weapons, this shop has been updated with new weapon types and the coveted auction unlocks are now being sold in the shop.

Property Clock (New offering) - Private Property owners will be excited to learn that there is a new clock available for their properties.

The Right to Flare Arms (New Shop & Script) - This shop features gloves that provide additional flares on your attacks.  They are non-UCS system gloves.

New Attunement Offerings: Items in Shield Thyself and Curved Cuts will now allow for attunment purchasing.

All You Knead (Shop Update) - This shop will faeture new recipe cards for your pastry boxes.

Be Warez (Shop Update) - New Illusion pins are available now, while old ones have been moved to a backroom and can still be purchased.

Amalgamations (New Shop & Script) - This new offering provides Twisted Black Alloy Shields for purchase.

[Duskruin} HESS Announced! - Webstaff on 02/16/2024

HESS, an acronym for High End Script Shop, will open once again and this time has some new offerings:

Also, a reminder that the intermediate transmutes introduced at August 2023's run (Transmute to Ghezyte, Transmute to Surita, Transmute to Shadarl, Transmute to Aganjira, Transmute to Somnis, Transmute to Vethinye, Transmute to White Alloy, Transmute to Adamantine, Transmute to Zelnorn, Transmute to Kroderine) will not be available at August 2024's Duskruin.

Additional questions are answered in the link!


Visit our Wiki Page for all the great information about Duskruin Shops.

Please remember when looking at our shop list that thee categories have the following meanings:

Reopen - This means that the shop is being reopened with no changes in designs or inventory

Refresh - This means that the shop is being opened with either new offering, changes in designs, or additions

Closed This Run - This means the shop was announced last run (in August) as having its last run and the offerings are no longer available in Bloodriven Village

Last Run - This means the shop is in its final run and that the offerings will not be available in August.

Forum Discussion on Shop List

Wiki Posting on Shop List


Starting on June 7th at 9 PM Eastern, the festival runs through June 13th at 11:59 PM Eastern. The Wood Sprites awaken from the long sleep with new surprises to share with all who visit. They may be coaxed into opening their homes and shops as well, with new items and special services.

Wiki Announcement: a Dreaming of Midsummer Night

Discord Forum Discussion: a Dreaming of Midsummer Night


A lore document covering a brief history of code poetry, and its current uses is now available to read!

Lore document: Fromt Subterfuge to Artistry

Discord forum discussion

* Special thanks to GM Roxia who initially presented this topic during HSN 2004, and to GM Gyres for sharing a log of the event.

* Additional special thanks to GM Mariath who QC'd the doc as expediently as I requested.

[SimuCoin Store] New Item - Webstaff on 02/16/2024

Advanced Spell Up Pills will be making their way to the SimuCoin Store later today!  Commonly referred to as an "invoker spellup" the green crystal bottle will contain either 10 or 100 uses.  Price will be 50 SimuCoins (SC) per use (so 500 SC and 5000 SC respectively).  We will be introducing them for the next 90 days with a 40% discount.


The merchant Claerine recently reviewed her wares for sale in Jewels of the Sky and has decided they could use a refresh. What better way to do that than to see what the people want by holding a contest!

Contest will run from 2/3 - 2/10, with winners to be announced 2/15.

Discord post

Wiki announcement 

Rare New Metal Arrives in Bloodriven - Webstaff on 02/03/2024

Armaments made of a new metal known as obskruul are being imported to Bloodriven Village from Teras and sold in Skayl Mix.

Read about the lore and the metal statistics by visiting our wiki.

Or join the conversation on our Official Discord!


Duskruin is just around the corner and the excitement is already echoing through the lands as adventurers trying to glean a hint of what changes have taken place in Bloodriven Village.  If you’d like to take part in the fun and excitement, then join us on the Official Discord Server and jump into our SIMUCOIN EVENTS and QUESTS > Duskruin Channel.

Is Discord too noisy and crowded for you?  Then fear not!  Everything will be shared on our Duskruin Wiki Page under SAVED POSTS.

Some speculation is already taking place, as adventurers wonder what tie-in Duskruin will offer to the global theme, Year of the Clockwerke Devices.  Join in the fun and wild guessing tonight at 9pm EDT when the channel opens!

Additional Information:

Simutronics Corporation

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