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Latest News

The Chronicles of Norallen is a slow, sporadic storyline about a woman looking for her missing brother.  This storyline will take place all over the Globe and will consist of Vignettes, Lore Releases, and In-Game RP Sessions.  The tale started at the 2023 Kindred Games with Eldrianne Thystledown searching for her missing brother, Norallen. 

As the storyline unfolds, I will update the Wiki Storyline Category and I will update the pinned posts on Discord.  When I don't announce, I will be sure to add calendar items, but they will be purposefully vague.  They will only say "Chronicles of Norallen Event" and if it is a festival, then I will be sure to mention here that "something" may happen.


Storyline Opening Vignette

Storyline Session 1 - at Kindred Games

Storyline Session 2 - at Kindred Games

Lore Release for Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Ending Vignette

Discord Forum Discussion

Giantman Lexicon Release - Webstaff on 12/03/2023

As the Kindred Games draw to conclusion, we have released a Lexicon on the wiki to help with the many terms and names created over the history of the race.  We hope that this will aid in translations and make it easier for folks to understand what is being discussed.  We have also updated the DEFINE VERB in-game so that you can find these terms easier.  Simply type: DEFINE {word} to get the definition.

Wiki Link to Lexicon: Giantkin Lexicon

Lore Release: The Norallen Tales - Webstaff on 12/03/2023

As part of the Kindred Games, Eldrianne Thystledown, who is searching for her brother Norallen, bartered tales from his journal for information and an arisaid.

To read the compiled lore, visit the Norallen Tales Official Document.  As Eldrianne explores more for her brother, you can expect to hear her trade more tales.

The tales shared this time around, in what we are calling Series 1, were created by GM Mikos and reviewed by GM Scribes and GM Thandiwe.  Our QC'er was GM Mariath.


During this weekend, at the Kindred Games, an introduction to the Chronicles of Norallen will take place at Jirkil's Hilltop.  It is a slow, sporadic storyline about a woman looking for her missing brother.
Over the weekend, be on the look-out for Eldrianne Thystledown.

Wiki Announcement

Wiki Vignette


Looking for fun things to do at Jirkil's Hilltop and the Kindred Games Festival Ground?

Then check out the details listed in this post for:


Fighting Pits!

Arm Wrestling!

Drinking Games!

Two Gift Shops!

Shield Slalom!

Tug of War!

Hammer Throw!

Caber Toss!


Please take a moment to visit our Kindred Games Wiki page to see a list of shops that are available, and their inventory, at Jirkirl's Hilltop in the Festival Grounds.

While there, peruse our raffle schedule with a full list of the items being raffled.

You can visit see these lists here.

Feel like discussing the Kindred Games?

Come visit us on Discord in our Festivals and Events Channel.  Don't forget to verify your account when you join our Discord Server!

Lore Release: Lyturhuum - Webstaff on 11/30/2023

Taken from the pages of a human knight's tale, the lore of an item known as the Lyturhuum has been released. Learn about its origins and purchase one at the upcoming Kindred Games!

Item Information Originating in Wsalmir stories, the Lyturhuum is an ornate skullcap, helm, or headress worn by those that wish to communicate with the dead.

Lore Release - The Uhl-claw - Webstaff on 11/27/2023

A human knight, known as Norallen, traveled extensively while questing for a legendary weapon and collected tales; he has spent the last several years documenting tales and stories of the kindred in the north, staying in their forts, drinking in their gatherhalls, and learning from their skalds and scholars. Here is but one example of information collected by Norallen over the years.

Wiki Link: The Uhl-Claw Document

Discord Discussion: The Uhl-claw Forum Discussion on Discord 

Visit the discord discussion link, to see information on the item that will be released at the 2023 Kindred Games.

Solhaven Survey - Webstaff on 11/26/2023

The Town of Solhaven is holding a survey on three questions.  Please take a moment to visit the survey and answer them.  The survey does collect Character Name and email.

The three questions in the survey are regarding the following:

  • Town Message Board
  • Bobo's Toy Park
  • Market Stalls

The survey will remain open for 1 week and the results will be posted in a discussion folder in Discord.

Festival Verb Updates - Webstaff on 11/26/2023

In honor of the Kindred Games, the Festival Verb has been updated to reflect important information regarding the event.

Once logged into the game, type FESTIVAL to collect the appropriate information about schedules, raffles, and transportation.


A New Giantkin Lore Document has been created as an expansion on the original Tartan Cloth document. This document highlights how various giantkin wear tartan weaves that allow them to be seen as part of organizations in other cultures, cities, and areas.

Schedule for the Kindred Games - Webstaff on 11/26/2023

This is the schedule for the official games. Anyone can participate. You may also run the unofficial games before and after the official one kicks off.


In celebration of the 2023 Kindred Games, the Giantkin Clan Document has been updated to include extra descriptions and explanations about the various tribes.  This is a found document that was partially finished.

Kindred Games Returns - Webstaff on 11/26/2023

Kindred Games, formerly known as the Highman Games, will begin on December 1, 2023 starting at 9 PM EDT and conclude December 3rd at 11:59 PM EDT.

New Lore Release: Evashir - Webstaff on 11/26/2023

Ever wonder about dark elves who are not Faendryl or Dhe'nar? Well, wonder no longer! While dark elves are no more a monolith than other races, this history reviews the founding of Evashir, a dark elven principality, and their place in dark elven history.

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