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Latest News

Ebon Gate Quest, Storylines, and You - GS4-THANDIWE on 10/19/2021
A Tale of Ownership - Quest Conclusion - GS4-THANDIWE on 10/10/2021
The Quest a Tale of Ownership has come to its conclusion.
A Tale of Desperation - GS4-THANDIWE on 10/07/2021

A young merchant’s daughter, the elven woman named Olienne was on Junderthal’s ship when he came across the island. Something of a seer in her own right, she was susceptible to the call of Ghezresh from the moment her feet hit the soil of Caligos.

A Tale of Salvation - GS4-THANDIWE on 10/07/2021

Shaemire was one of the first explorers of Caligos Isle and upon arrival, he was struck by the stark beauty of the species that had come to call this place home. After several weeks of exploration, careful consideration, and inner searching, he went into the jungle and managed to befriend a Caligos eagle. He named her Zeeva.

A Tale of Survival - GS4-THANDIWE on 10/06/2021

Three years ago, fleeing from the hungry mist and the pressures of the ever manipulative, intimidating, and deceptive ways of Ghezresh and his followers, people fled from the main island to a place of safety on the northern edge of the island. Huddled and afraid, they found comfort in the fact that for the first time in over a year they had escaped the hungry mist and the dreamy, drugged denizens that kept trying to offer them salvation by embracing something that they were unwilling to embrace.

A Tale of Ownership - GS4-THANDIWE on 10/06/2021

Last year, three priests came to Caligos Isle. They ventured there on Captain Junderthal’s ship and talked about how they had been chosen by their clergy to discover what was happening to the souls on Caligos.

A Tale of Love - GS4-THANDIWE on 10/07/2021

Once upon a time, there was an adventuring party that traveled the seas in a caravel. They took jobs as they saw fit. They even pirated a little if the mood suited them, and they were loyal and true to each other.

The Caligos Isle Quest Reward Bracelet - GS4-THANDIWE on 10/02/2021

The Caligos Isle Quest Reward item starts out as a ghezyte chelioboros bracelet that can be purchased for 250,000 silvers in the temple at the top of Caligos Isle.

Under a Stormy, Indigo Sky - GS4-THANDIWE on 10/02/2021
For a week, storms have hammered the lands and throughout Elanith the servants of the eel were searching and seeking. It all started with the sighting of a cyclone out in the sea...
Even of Reunion Invitations - Webstaff on 10/02/2021

Zenuoie lived in a small house in a place so old that its name was long since lost and forgotten. She was just as ancient as that forgotten name, and her arthritis liked to remind her of it on the regular. We won’t even discuss what her bursitis told her and if she happened to walk with a little hitch in her step then who was to notice?


TraderEbon Gate, our longest running event, returns for another year on Caligos Isle.  Be sure check out the details, as you won't want to miss it!

Wrath of the Storm Father - GS4-THANDIWE on 10/01/2021

Days after the Autumnal Equinox, on what was none other than a pristine evening in the earliest possible days of fall, the sky began to churn with black clouds and Charl’s growl filled the air. Children were pulled away from the edges of rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, bays, and the sea as dark indigo and silver shapes could be seen in the waters. Sea-green light seemed to lead the pack, but was it leading or being chased? The question was difficult for witnesses to answer.

Document: Sparrows of the Night Queen - GS4-THANDIWE on 08/09/2021
Intrigue is like a river in the courts of Ta'Nalfein. And like a river, its currents run deep. It is fed by tributaries, the branching streams filling the main body and bringing with it all manner of functions. Interwoven into this society are the whispered ways of the assassin. And do not be mistaken in thinking that there is only one kind of assassination. The loss of life is but a simple, easy thing that is over, done with, and moved beyond. The destruction of character, spirit, heart, or faith is not as easily overcome.

ChestSummer time is here and we’re bringing back our best promo deal ever. Starting today, any player who has been away from GemStone IV for more than 30 days can reactivate their account and receive a Premium (and Basic) subscription for 90 days for FREE! That’s right, you can pick up with your favorite character right where they left off!  Use code GS2021SUMMER to take advantage of this offer.

Rumor Woods Opens Tonight at 9 pm EDT - GS4-THANDIWE on 06/11/2021
Roaring lion heads decorated the snapping red pennants that fluttered in the arctic breezes that swept through the tourney grounds. With just a slight tilt of his head, Siethidi could see the opposing banners of hunter green with the bright gold, rearing stags as they, too, fluttered from their purchases. He was feeling lighter as he watched the bustling grounds and a smile brightened his features as he watched his grandmother ascend the small hill towards the Aelotoi contingent that had set up there. They had named their small cairn Cysaelotar and filled it with their laughter and their celebrations of memory. He was reminded once again that he needed to thank the scholars at Summit Academy for suggesting the invitation.
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