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Latest News

A gnome barely concealed by a shambling zombie costume wanders in...

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. If that's true, then we have created an item that could make even the most stalwart Vaalorian soldier blush.

New for this year's run of Rumor Woods is the second Flourish to be offered to players: Least Moods! Like Lesser Moods, this flourish can be attached to any weapon, shield, armor, or armor accessory to add ambient messaging based on the item's flare or other abilities. However, since it is a flourish, it does not consume the script or subscript slot, leaving room for more murderous mayhem. It also does not require a GM to apply it - simply redeem the certificate and you're all set!

These certificates will be available in the Starry Lotus' Sunstruck room for 2,500 raikhen when the event launches on Friday!

For more information, click the title link!


We are!  And so is GM Vanah, who has been working hard to catalog all of these for you on the wiki!  That's right, GM Vanah has provided a list of all the new custom urchin guide options for you on the wiki.

Check them out!

Uchin Guide Movement Messaging Options at Summit Academy


Every year the tourney produces titles for those that compete.  This year is no different!  The titles are:

Beetle Titles

  • 100 Wins for Beetle: Coppery Scion of the Clattering Wings
  • 500 Wins for Beetle: Clockwork Knight of the Bloodied Scarab
  • Victor Title for Beetle: Gear-worked Engineer of the Ineffable Swarm
  • Loser Title for Beetle (Spider wins): Crushed Gadgeteer of the Sable-stomped Throng

Spider Titles

  • 100 Wins for Spider: Shadowed Leg of the Skittering Spider
  • 500 Wins for Spider: Clockwork Knight of the Sable Arachnid
  • Victor Title for Spider:  Sable-shadowed Inventor of the Clockwork Brood
  • Loser Title for Spider (Beetle wins): Conquered Manipulator of the Clicking Web
[Rumor Woods] New Mounts! - Webstaff on 04/17/2024

This year at Rumor Woods mechanized wonders wander through the fairgrounds.


  • Common: wolf spider, velvet spider
  • Uncommon: birdeater, huntsman, tarantula
  • Rare: orbweaver


  • Common: Dragonspine beetle, giraffe stag beetle
  • Uncommon: longhorn beetle, elephant beetle, goliath beetle
  • Rare: rhinoceros beetle

Donkey, Mules, and Zebra!

For more information, click the title link!

[Rumor Woods] Touch ups and Revamps - Webstaff on 04/17/2024

Exciting things are happening at Rumor Woods with several favorites getting touch ups or revamps for the new year.  Here are just a few:

Tempered Threads & The Knight Way

  • GM Casil has refreshed Tempered Threads.  There will be two new moods sold this year for Moody Garments: joyfully cheerful (Kaikala) and confident determination (Casil).
  • GM Casil and GM Elysani updated The Knight Way wares to match the tournament theme colors, plus a special Ardenai theme. The seamstress has all new designs to sew onto your surcoats.

What Remains & Container Yourself

  • GM Avaluka has updated Container Yourself to the new theme.  The special bags in here will now have unique interactions that deal with either a beetle or spider
  • GM Thandiwe has updated the enhancive hiders to reflect the new theme as well.
Eternal Wedding Verbs - Webstaff on 04/15/2024

Starting this Rumor Woods, the Eternal Wedding Verbs will be available for purchase.  You can purchase the wedding verbs alone (a gold-edged certificate) or you can purchase the various wedding packages (Deluxe – a gold-edged ebon marriage license, Choice – a silver-edged ebon marriage license, or Classic – a copper-edged ebon marriage license).

To learn more about the new verbs, visit: Eternal Wedding Verbs

To learn more about the wedding system, visit: Weddings

To discuss the wedding system, visit: Discord Eternal Wedding Discussion

Wiki Announcement: Eternal Wedding Verbs to be released at Rumor Woods

Please Note: These will be available starting Friday, June 19th, at 9pm EDT.

Please give praise to GM Xayle and Vanah for getting these created, as well as their QCer's Isten and Haliste.

[Rumor Woods] Merited Metals - Webstaff on 04/13/2024

The “I Dream of Geology” series is expanding once again with a new unlock for even more jewelry.  This new tier 4 will provide the following new jewelry: chatelaine, back pendant, ring, band


For more information, click the title link or visit one of these locations:

Wiki Announcement 

Discord Discussion 

[Rumor Woods] Elenesse Atelier - Webstaff on 04/13/2024

Introducing the newest building of the Summit Academy college grounds, Elenesse Atelier is a space where guests can continue their customizing journey by visiting either the scholar or professor that sits in its opposing alcoves.

The Scholar works on cloth, wood, glass, metal, leather, stone, bone, and gemstone items. She has a plethora of designs on offer.

The Professor will take your foraged item and transform it into a necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings, pin, or trinket design.

Additionally, Elenesse Atelier is home to three shops.

Enlightened Pages is a shop run by the Order of the Lumnasi Viragos. It offers its famed Papermaker mechanism, all unlock certificates, as well as some dyes.

Merited Metalworks is a shop fostered by an artisan from Ornath. It offers a variety of gemstones, jeweler’s pliers, toolkits, reticules to house ore, smelters, and unlock certificates for the I Dream of Geology line.

The last shop is called Little Ticker, though we are unable to offer any insight into this at the moment.


The foraging system had an update today that spand multiple locations and towns.  Roughly 40 new foraged items were added to the system.  To see the full list click on the title link.

[Update] The Papermaker - Webstaff on 04/12/2024

The Papermaker has had a few updates ranging from increased ingredient capacity, new nouns, and new articles.  Click the title link for more information!

New CLAIM GIFT and EVENT Available - Webstaff on 04/12/2024

CLAIM reward and breaking over 1,100 characters logged in reward is now available!  They will both be available for roughly 8 days as of this announcement (4/19 at roughly 11:30pm ET)!  See CLAIM INFO for details!

GIFT: Contains a single use green orb (account attuned) a page good for 3 days of +50% base exp boost (character attuned), 10 green pills, 10 blue pills, a Lumnis schedule, and a stability contract.  This is free to subscribers.

EVENT: Contains a single use blue orb (account attuned) a page good for 3 days of +50% base exp boost (character attuned), 10 green pills, 10 blue pills, a Lumnis schedule, and a stability contract.  Cost is 3,333,333 silver and you must be a subscriber.

The page (a torn page written in a foreign language) is similar to the golden scroll, but good for 3 days and for +50% (1.5x) base exp.  The page is set to expire June 1st at 1am ET.  It is character attuned to the character that uses CLAIM (unlike the exp orb that is account attuned).  You may only have one active at a time.  EXP has also been updated to let you know how much of a bonus you're getting.  Expiration is not current visible, but may be in a future update.

Dhe'nar Lexicon Added* - Webstaff on 04/11/2024

In a similar vein to the other lexicons, the Dhe'nar Lexicon has been added to the wiki.  This pulls together all words in Dhe'narsi released in official documentation.  It can be found at Dhe'nar Lexicon.


The paintsticks that allow you to paint other people's faces have been updated to use the CONSENT verb instead of requiring group membership for painting other people.

The third-person messaging for the face paint flaking off has been removed.

This is part of a major rewrite, but should otherwise be invisible to you.  If you notice anything, please use BUGITEM or let me know here.

Wiki Announcement

Wiki Page


Two new face paint sticks and three new face painting items will debut a this year's Rumor Woods festival.

For more information about Face Paints, please click the title link.


Have you always had some unscripted/plain pieces of jewelry you've always wanted to spruce up or show off?  Be sure to check out the shop "Vaunt It and Flaunt It" to grab a collection of jeweler's pliers that will let you add the OTS (Tier 1) version of the Look at Me Jewelry script to certain pieces of unscripted jewelry.  There are several available that work with different nouns and wear locations.

Forum Post:?[Rumor Woods] - Add Look at Me…

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