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Marlu, the Destroyer
God of Demonic Summoning, Destruction and Power (Pantheon of Lornon)

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Often mistaken for one of the greater demons and frequently called the Demon Lord, Marlu delights in death, destruction, and the devouring of still-living prey. Tales tell of Marlu being seen around ancient ruins, prying open old chambers and delving into all manner of spaces. Common legend has it that he seeks others of his kind to loose upon the innocents of Elanthia.

Just as some believe Koar is actually the last Drake, there are those who hold that Marlu is a true Ur-Daemon who sought asylum with the Arkati when the rest of his kind were killed or driven out of this realm of existence.

Marlu derives power from the summoning of demons, one reason that such practices are frowned upon by many worshippers of the Light Gods. Whether his power comes in the same manner as other Arkati, or from the loosening of the portals between dimensions, is unknown. Marlu is also drawn to all manners of destruction. More than any other of the Dark Gods, Marlu seems bent on destruction of a scale so massive that it might actually eliminate the world and all his worshippers with it. While Eorgina personifies power over others, Marlu is the embodiment of personal destructive power.

Marlu’s preferred manifestation is that of a gruesome creature with glistening black skin, leathery wings and barbed tentacles. In manner, he is demonic. His symbol is a black six tentacled "star" on a field of grey.

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