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Luukos, Eater of Souls
God of Death, Lies and Undeath (Pantheon of Lornon)

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Luukos is the god of unending death. Unlike Lorminstra, Luukos shows no reverence for the souls of those who have died. To him they have two uses, either to animate one of his undead minions in his efforts to extend his power, or as sustenance for himself. Luukos’ primary foods are the blood of the dead and the souls of the recently fallen.

Luukos’ form of choice is that of a large green serpent. It is not unusual for survivors of a large battle to report the sighting of such a creature slithering from corpse to corpse on the recently abandoned field of combat.

Luukos is able to claim the souls not only of those he takes by force through his undead minions, but also of those who have sullied themselves in life. Thus, Luukos is also the Lord of Lies, and his minions always seek to spread misinformation among mortals. Legend holds that Luukos can snatch the soul of one who has died with a lie on their lips even from Lorminstra, and that the only way to be free from his hideous jaws is to renounce the lie.

Luukos’ preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a dark-complected man with faintly reptilian features and a forked tongue. In manner, he is persuasive, treacherous and sadistic. His symbol is a green serpent on a brown field.

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