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The Gods of Elanthia

· Introduction to the Arkati

· Pantheon of Liabo
· Pantheon of Neutrality
· Pantheon of Lornon
· Lesser Spirits & Other Immortals

· browse alphabetically from "Aeia"

· Elven Dogma & Theology
Pantheon of Liabo
· Charl
· Cholen
· Eonak
· Imaera
· Jastev
· Kai
· Koar
· Lorminstra
· Lumnis
· Oleani
· Phoen
· Ronan
· Tonis

The pantheon of Liabo is considered "good" or "light" and consists almost exclusively of Arkati that work towards the betterment of the lesser races. Those Arkati considered "of Liabo" viewed the other races as a trust given to them, and appointed themselves the caretakers of Elanthia.

Pantheon of Neutrality
· Gosaena
· Zelia

There are a few Arkati who do not fit into either Liabo or Lornon. They instead remain a relative neutral, working towards their own designs with varying regard for the lesser races.

Pantheon of Lornon
· Andelas
· Eorgina
· Fash'lo'nae
· Ivas
· Luukos
· Marlu
· Mularos
· Sheru
· V'tull

The pantheon of Lornon is considered "evil" or "dark" and consists almost exclusively of Arkati that work towards the betterment of themselves. Those Arkati considered "of Lornon" viewed the other races as playthings, food, or worse, and considered Elanthia a stage for their own desires.

Lesser Spirits & Other Immortals
· Aeia
· Amasalen
· Arachne
· The Huntress
· Illoke
· Jaston
· Khaarne
· Kuon
· Laethe
· Leya
· Meyno
· Niima
· Onar
· Tilamaire
· Voaris
· Voln

There are a number of beings that, while they are not Arkati or are not Arkati of the main pantheons, are worshipped all the same. Their motivations and stories vary wildly, as do their allegiances to good or evil.


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