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The Fallen
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Truffenyi - Alamhif - Huldah

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symbol: Ox
Truffenyi, Father of All

God of mortal man, mercy, and forgiveness, his blessings are invaluable in resurrections and the granting of health, stamina, strength, and magical power. Truffenyi is like a father unto the inhabitants of Elanthia, and his demeanor can best be described as indulgent, but stern. He is quick to grant favor on the deserving, but his firm nature can make him a difficult master to serve.

In some regions of the Realms, he is considered the chief deity of Humans and Halflings.

symbol: Magpie

The kind father, Alamhif is sometimes mistaken for Divyaush, but the two are not the same. Alamhif is more the firm guidance that is the role of fatherhood, while Divyaush is the indulgent grandfather. Alamhif loves children and will take pains to pay them especial care if he perceives they are in danger or being misled/mistreated. It is him -- along with Berengaria -- who created the bridge between death and life that allows mortals to reach through Urrem'tier's barrier to bring those who have fallen back to life.

symbol: Weasel

Trickster, imp, bedeviler, fouler up of best laid plans, Huldah's schemes can often appear very appealing at first, but quickly sour. Reasoning with him is dangerous, and few who strike a bargain with him have ever gotten out of it ahead. He despises mortals, and delights in seeing that which is pure become despoiled, especially by some act of his. Huldah can also cause terrible storms that resemble lightning storms, but are composed of magic instead of electricity.

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