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The Fallen
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Hodierna - Berengeria - Asketi

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symbol: Unicorn
Hodierna, She of Plenty and Favor

Goddess of life, morning, and light, as well as springtime, harvest and crops. Farmers, herbalists, healers, and empaths all venerate her. She is the granter of life and favor, and ultimately must be pleased for resurrections and healing.

symbol: Cow

The motherly goddess Berengaria is often envisioned by artists as a plump and cheerful woman holding a sheath of grain in the crook of her right arm. She is wise and kind, a good match for Divyaush. Berengaria is the finder of lost children and the bringer of dawn; the first light that shatters the darkness. Where she treads, the earth is renewed.

symbol: Adder

The "hag"; stealer of children, wild mistress of barren fields and the midnight hunt. Asketi is the master of the North Wind, and delights in causing pain and terror in the lands. On the darkest night of the year it is said she rides on the backs of hideous black unicorns and carves a bloody path through the city that has failed to venerate her the most. The stealer of life, she carries a rough burlap sack at her hip in which she carries the souls of those she has killed.

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