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The Fallen
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Urrem'tier - Eylhaar - Aldauth

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symbol: Scorpion
Urrem'tier is dead.  Long live Urrem'tier!

Urrem'tier is the last of the Immortals to be infused with a part of the One Creator, and therefore was endowed with the least amount of Substance and the largest amount of the Void. It is a misnomer to refer to him as a god or Immortal or even a demon. Neither Evil or Good, an audience with Urrem'tier is a destination that all living things share. The embodiment of Death, he consumes life without malice or intent.

It is to Urrem'tier's embrace all living things go to, and his fetid grasp would claim all things for all eternity were it not for the efforts of the other Immortals on the behalf of their creations. Urrem'tier's touch leaves a stain on all it carresses; any who would return from his domain must be ritually cleansed first.

Urrem'tier's positive aspect cannot be considered sympathetic -- she shares the same goal that all forms of Urrem'tier have: to bring the dead down the Starry Road to the bottomless pit that is his domain.

Though Death can take many forms, the wise know that he is ultimately amorphous.

symbol: Jackal

Referred to as "she" since that is the form Eylhaar usually takes; a somber, slender female with pearl-white skin and black hair. Eylhaar is the beckoner, the promise of peace from a world of pain. Eylhaar's deaths are without pain, and her allure is unsurmountable.

She is very patient, and will never try to cheat a death.

symbol: Vulture

The faceless god of agony, sadists both fear and worship Aldauth. Aldauth's deaths are always painful, perhaps the worst of all, and his victims kick and scream their way to his void. Aldauth will taunt and trick people out of their lives, and he delights in seeing people die foolishly. He is a scavenger, often ghosting about the battlefield at the end of long campaigns to wring the last ounce of pain from the dying.

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