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Latest News

Happy Tuesday, adventurers!  Koror brings us updates to several verbs to echo to the conversation window so that it's easier to keep track of more things in busy places!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 160 - Lucky Lucky - DR-ZADRAES on 03/14/2023

It's your lucky day, because it's Tuesday!  There's a whole slew of new interactions with the LUCK stat -- chance to win over a judge, find more treasure, save a botched skinning attempt, and more!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 159 - Bonded Verbs - DR-ZADRAES on 03/07/2023

Happy Tuesday, Elanthians!  This week is a special project for bonded couples in game.  Thanks to Paklin, you can now use TOGGLE BOND to enable or disable the special messaging for couples on a verb-by-verb basis to fit your personal style!  Read on for more info!

Tuesday Tidings - 158 - Fire Sprites - DR-ZADRAES on 02/28/2023

Happy Tuesday!  This week, the toxic area near Sicle Grove and the firesprites received some updates to make it easier for low level characters wanting to hunt there!  Read on for more info!


Ulerith strikes at the crafting societies once again!  This week's project was adding in several missing little bits like technique charts, repair clerks and more to many of the societies that were lacking.  Read on for the details!

Forums and Discord - DR-ZADRAES on 02/21/2023

As of February 9th, the forums are officially in read-only mode for players. GMs and Simutronics staff can still post announcements, but eventually the plan is for the forums to be fully retired.  Check the DISCORD verb in game to join our Official DragonRealms Discord server to stay connected and up to date on changes!

Tuesday Tidings - 156 - Moltspun Boggles - DR-ZADRAES on 02/21/2023

Happy Tuesday!  Koror brings us a new low-level construct creature as a stepping stone outside Riverhaven for young Empaths wanting to climb the hunting ladder!  Read on to learn about these special moltspun boggles!


Happy Tuesday, adventurers!  This week, we have small updates to the DISCORD and TOGGLE verbs for Thieves and Necromancers who want to share their accomplishments with others via the #kudos channel on the Official DragonRealms Discord server!  Read on for details!


Welcome to another Tuesday, adventurers!  This week, Paklin has expanded the rent-a-forge mechs so we can use them with other crafts!  Crossing's societies have one of each, now!  Read on for more details!


it's Tuesday already! Time flies!  Hibarnhvidar has been getting some attention lately, and the trend continues!  Ulerith has added a new engineering society for folks to explore!  Read on for more info!

Cambrinth (and Gaethzen) Updates - DR-ZADRAES on 01/19/2023

Cambrinth (and gaethzen) items have been updated, and some newly crafted cambrinth retuners can fix broken ones!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 152 - Hib and Alchemy - DR-ZADRAES on 01/17/2023

Woo!  It's Tuesday again, and Ulerith is back with ANOTHER crafting society!  This week, a new alchemy society has opened in Inner Hibarnhvidar!  Read on for the details!


Happy Tuesday, folks!  This week Koror has a nifty update for Empaths that lets them see if another Empath has a diagnostic link with a patient!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 150 - Home Shops - DR-ZADRAES on 01/03/2023

Happy New Year and happy Tuesday!  Paklin has updated home shops so that the merchant hands you a furniture voucher now, instead of the dance of waiting on your home to unload, swapping, repeating, etc!  More details on the forums!


Happy holidays and happy Tuesday, folks!  This week, Javac has made it possible to upgrade an existing hobby into a career, provided you have the slot for it!  Read on for the details!

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