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Latest News

Tuesday Tidings - 135 - New Bonuses - DR-ZADRAES on 09/20/2022

Happy Tuesday, adventurers!  New BONUS events have descended upon the realms for this week's Tuesday Tidings!  We'll be running all of them today to intro them, and then they'll be in the pool going forward for future outings!  Read on for news on bonus experience, prestige and more!

Tuesday Tidings - 134 - Feats for Ilithi - DR-ZADRAES on 09/13/2022

Paklin is bringing us a happy Tuesday!  He's fulfilling two player requests from the SimuCon live dev submissions!  Feat trainers will now add their fees to your debt if you lack the coin, and there's a new feat trainer wandering Shard!  Read on for more details!


Tuesday has arrived once again, and this week a certain clerk in Crossing has decided to start issuing shady permits to modify your home's class designation.  Want to renovate your lowerclass hut in the Middens into an upperclass mansion?  Well now you may be able to do just that!  Read on for the details!

Login Rewards Are Here! - DR-ZADRAES on 08/30/2022

Hi folks! At long last, the Login Rewards system is now live in all instances!  For the first 30 days, it's reserved for Premium players.  Starting at day 31, everyone will begin to earn (including F2P!).  Check the BOOST verb in game, and read on for more details on the forums!


Tuesday is upon us once again, and this week Ulerith has visited the Blighted Tangle and the deadwood dryads and blightwater nyads within!  Each of these now has their own area, and another nyad has moved in, as well!  The dryads may have learned a new spell, too!  Read on for the full details!


Happy Tuesday, folks!  Cordulia has tackled a couple of big updates for enchanters this week, and we hope it makes life a little easier!  Being hidden or invisible no longer entirely blocks sigil hunting, and the enchanting societies gained secondary sigils!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 130 - Ratha Climbing - DR-ZADRAES on 08/16/2022

It's Tuesday again, and this week we've expanded the range of climbables within Ratha proper!  Those with the skill can now climb from one tier to any other!  Read on for more details, and good luck to those exploring!

Tuesday Tidings - 129 - MAMAS Calling - DR-ZADRAES on 08/09/2022

Happy Tuesday!  Paklin is back this week with an answer to the age old question -- "Where is all this burden coming from?!?"  MAMAS locations have been updated with two new options to help you answer this question, AND new locations have been added to Fang Cove and Therenborough!  Read on for the full details!


Happy Tuesday, folks!  This week, Koror has managed to move the tuskies into their own area!  They should no longer wander in with the head-splitters and others of the area!  Read on for the details!


It's Tuesday again, and Ulerith is back with another update to an older area -- the Adder's Coil in Forfedhdar has been divided!  The existing maiden's tresses can be found in one part of the area, and new matron's tresses can be found in the other!  Read on for the full details!


Happy Tuesday, adventurers!  An incursion from the Plane of Probability has begun, with new crauyarin scuttlers invading a region near the nimbus creatures of Ilithi.   These creatures interact strangely with certain Lunar spells -- read on for more!


Happy Tuesday!  This week we've revisited the deed register sort options and added two new ones, including a custom sort where you can make the rules!  Read on for the full details!


Happy Tuesday!  Paklin is back with another frequently player request!  You can now RUMMAGE for scrolls!  Check RUMMAGE HELP in game for the full usage options!

Tuesday Tidings - 123 - More Forges! - DR-ZADRAES on 06/21/2022

Tuesday has arrived once again, and Ulerith is back to spread more rentable forges around the realms!  Those of you in Hibarnhvidar and Riverhaven can now access private forges!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 122 - Lang Fens Revamp - DR-ZADRAES on 06/21/2022

Today's Tuesday Tidings is a revamp of the Gwenalion Fens near Langenfirth, courtesy of Ulerith!  The creatures have been separated and additional tiers added.  Read on for the full details!

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