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Latest News

Look out, Tuesday!  Koror has added some nifty new loot to magma cobras, including a chance at memory orbs!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 170 - Bard Housing - DR-ZADRAES on 05/23/2023

Musical melodies have erupted near the Crossing Bard's guild!  They're celebrating new housing for their members!  Read on for the nifty details!


Happy Tuesday!  Paklin has expanded our global BONUS options once again!  We'll be doing trial runs of each today, and then they'll show up periodically in the future as we do other bonus events!  Read on for the details!


Cordulia is back with another round of updates to the Crossing Paladins' Guild shop!  Be sure to stop by and check out the new wares!

SimuCon 2023 - Webstaff on 04/17/2023

We're at the Sheraton Plaza at Westport Plaza this year, and have some great things planned!


Click for info about tickets and perks!


Happy Tuesday!  Ulerith has brought more private crafting spaces for you to rent to the crafting societies of Hibarnhvidar!


Tuesday has arrived once again, and Koror brings us a new high level construct hunting area to play with!  Avtalia scuttlers are very vicious for those who lack healing support, so be cautious!  Read on for more info!


It's Tuesday! We did the thing again!  The forging societies of Ratha and Aesry now have bulk metal shops for your workorder needs!  Enjoy!


Welcome to another fun Tuesday, adventurers!  This week, Paklin has wrapped up the TOGGLE BOND update for bonded couples to tailor their verb messaging with another 13 verb updates!  Read on for the list!

Tuesday Tidings - 163 - Iprilu's Updates - DR-ZADRAES on 04/04/2023

Happy Tuesday, all!  Cordulia is back this week with another update to the Crossing Paladins' Guild shop -- Iprilu's Emporium.  New armor and shields are available!


Happy Tuesday!  Ulerith has started updates to the wilds of Riverhaven's western gate!  Dusk ogres have been pushed back by vicious undead, and they aren't happy about it!  Read on for the details!


Happy Tuesday, adventurers!  Koror brings us updates to several verbs to echo to the conversation window so that it's easier to keep track of more things in busy places!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 160 - Lucky Lucky - DR-ZADRAES on 03/14/2023

It's your lucky day, because it's Tuesday!  There's a whole slew of new interactions with the LUCK stat -- chance to win over a judge, find more treasure, save a botched skinning attempt, and more!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 159 - Bonded Verbs - DR-ZADRAES on 03/07/2023

Happy Tuesday, Elanthians!  This week is a special project for bonded couples in game.  Thanks to Paklin, you can now use TOGGLE BOND to enable or disable the special messaging for couples on a verb-by-verb basis to fit your personal style!  Read on for more info!

Tuesday Tidings - 158 - Fire Sprites - DR-ZADRAES on 02/28/2023

Happy Tuesday!  This week, the toxic area near Sicle Grove and the firesprites received some updates to make it easier for low level characters wanting to hunt there!  Read on for more info!

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