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Latest News

SimuCon 2024 - Producer on 06/18/2024

We're at the Sheraton Plaza at Westport Plaza this year, and have some great things planned!


Click for info about tickets and perks!


Cordulia has updated the CREATEMAT verb in DR:Test to include fabrics, and she made an update to how metals are handled, too!  Read on for the details!

Necromancer Spell Updates and New Spells - DR-GREJUVA on 06/17/2024


  • 3-day Platinum preview.
  • Call from Within, Book Burning, Relight released.
  • Universal Solvent toned down.
  • Visions of Darkness, Ebon Blood of the Scorpion, Rite of Forbearance received facelifts.

Today's Tuesday Tidings (#225!) is a new Postal Office for Mer'Kresh from Ulerith with new signets, wax, and paper!

Tuesday Tidings - 224 - Show Me the Way! - DR-ZADRAES on 06/04/2024

Grab your river legs, because Paklin has added a new TOGGLE DISEMBARK so that you can be automatically escorted off of certain transports!  Read on for the details!


Metalworkers of Riverhaven, rejoice!  There's now a bulk metals shop in the Riverhaven Forging Society!  Enjoy!

Tuesday Tidings - 222 - Skin and Bones - DR-ZADRAES on 05/21/2024

Happy Tuesday from Cordulia!  This week, she's added leather and bone options to the DR:Test-only CREATEMAT verb for our curious testers!  Read on for the full details!


Ulerith continues to expand the mail routes throughout the realms!  Today's Tuesday Tidings is a new Postal Office for Muspar'i!

Tuesday Tidings - 220 - To Market We Go! - DR-ZADRAES on 05/07/2024

Happy Tuesday, Traders!  This week, we've added new shops to the Riverhaven Market Plaza for high level Traders!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 219 - Herb Stackers - DR-ZADRAES on 05/01/2024

Paklin is coming in this week with some small (but handy!) updates to herb and remedy stackers!  You can TURN to control portion size and more now!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 218 - Test Your Metal - DR-ZADRAES on 04/23/2024

Happy Tuesday from Cordulia!  This week, she's added a new CREATEMAT verb to DR:Test for crafters testing different metal mixes!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 217 - Mail in Leth - Webstaff on 04/16/2024

Today's Tuesday Tidings (#217!) is a new Postal Office for Leth!


We're back with another enchanting Tuesday Tidings!  This week, we've added a new speed brazier template for high end enchanters!  Good luck, and read on for more info!


Paklin brings this week's Tuesday Tidings with not one, not two, but three hew housing clerks for Therengia!  Read on for info!


Happy Tuesday, Elanthians!  This week, Cordulia has updated the Museum of Imperial History with several new historical pieces!  Check the full post for details!

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