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Latest News

Set Sail for Adventure! - Producer on 09/15/2020

Fantasy Excursions has unveiled a new vacation package! Set sail aboard the Morada and cruise in decadent luxury to one of our own private ports at the island of Taisidon! The exotic, untouched wilderness of the island is yours to explore!

Spring 2020 Promotions - SIMU-LYNEYA on 04/06/2020

Adventurers! These last few weeks have certainly been an adventure, just not the kind we're used to here in Elanthia. During these crazy and unprecedented times, we know how important it is to stay connected. The makers of DragonRealms want to help make it as easy as possible to stay connected, which is why we're bringing back one of our best reactivation deals.

The Massive Arachnid -- Life and... - Webstaff on 10/29/2019

Hollow Eve draws near, and spiders have invaded the realms, spreading their webs and dangerous burrows far and wide!  Surely this is somehow connected to Captain Kurmin and his partially-living spider contraption.  Update: Corn Maze information now added!

Su Helmas: Seeds of Entropy - Producer on 09/12/2019

Spectral terrors have begun to emerge from Su Helmas Temple!  These terrible, non corporeal beasts have been rumored to hunt for the blood of the archeologists or -- arguably worse -- fly off into the distance to wreck malevolence elsewhere.

Return to the Keep! - Producer on 07/18/2019

Local authorities have been receiving reports of strange hooded figures lurking around the abandoned Ruins of Ulf’Hara.  One particular traveler claimed to hear strange sounds from deep within the ruins, while another swore they witnessed an ominous green glow emanating from the old keep.

Could these sightings simply be the recountings of paranoid individuals? Or is something more sinister unfolding at the Ruins of Ulf’Hara?

Droughtman’s Challenge! - Producer on 05/06/2019

Think you have what it takes to beat Droughtman’s Challenge? Put your pathfinding skills to the test in the pitch-black corridors of Droughtman’s Maze!

Duskruin Bank Heist! - Webstaff on 03/14/2019

ThiefUtterings of a plan to break into The Duskruin Vault have spread across Elanthia.  It's almost time to choose a side.  Read on to learn about what's coming!

Ready for Testing: Family Vaults - Webstaff on 03/06/2019

ChestVaults overflowing?  Nowhere to stash that old armor set?  Wish you could pass it off to an alt?  Good news!  We've pushed a new family vault system to DragonRealms Test for you to poke at before a full release!  Read on for more details!

Ready for Testing: BANK Verb! - Webstaff on 03/06/2019

Coin PolishedHate running around trying to gather your money from this bank or that one?  Wish you could pay off your debts on the islands without that boat ride?  We're testing out a new BANK verb to help with these woes and more!  Read on to join in!

Enchanting In DR:Test! - DR-KODIUS on 03/01/2019

Rune GlowingThe initial phase of the enchanting system is currently in the DragonRealms Test instance and is ready for you to bang on it! Read on for more details!

What's new in DragonRealms? - Producer on 02/05/2019

We've hit the ground running in 2019!  This year will be full of new and exciting systems, updates, and more, but let's take a moment to look at some of 2018's highlights!


ScrollThe new Rested Experience system is now live in Prime and Platinum, TF soon!  Read on for details!

Thanks! - Webstaff on 12/23/2018

Mask PurpleThanks for spending 2018 with us in DragonRealms!  Log in before New Year's Day to claim a special prize!

UPDATED: Hollow Eve is Coming! - Webstaff on 09/05/2018

Rumors are spreading that Captain Kurmin is preparing his giant mechanical spiders for a return, but TRAGEDY has struck!  Read on for more!

Death Location Toggle! - SIMU-LYNEYA on 05/14/2018

You can now use the TOGGLE verb to add the location of your death!

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