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Latest News

Happy Tuesday, adventurers!  This week is a small update to allow ammo to stack inside autoloot containers!  There's also some ammo weight adjustments that will help with future updates.  More details on the forums!

Tuesday Tidings - 98 - Scavengers - DR-ZADRAES on 01/04/2022

Hi folks! It's Tuesday, so we did a thing! Scavenger trolls should no longer steal your weapons, but other loot left lying about is now fair game!  Read on for the details!


Happy Tuesday!  Cordulia is back this week with updates to the COMPARE verb's messaging when comparing shields!  Read on for the details!


Happy Tuesday, all!  This week, Ulerith found more caves and forests across Therengia, Qi, and Forfedhdar to let you mine and chop!  Over 30 new spots between them!  Read on for more info!


Happy Tuesday, all!  This week, Koror wanted to add MORE utility to the First Aid skill, particularly for higher-skilled folks!  Now you can TEND internal bleeders and better use wounded hands and arms as your skill increases!  Read on for more info on this update!

Tuesday Tidings - 94 - Separating - DR-ZADRAES on 12/07/2021

Happy Tuesday, adventurers!  This week, we're bringing you a new SEPARATE verb to assist with splitting stacks of ammo or throwing blades -- you no longer need to BREAK them off one at a time!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 93 - Showing Off - DR-ZADRAES on 11/30/2021

Happy Tuesday, folks!  This week, at Lyneya's request, we updated the SHOW verb to make it easier to show off the READs on your nifty readable items!  More info on the forums!


Happy Tuesday!  This week, Cordulia revised shield appraisal messaging to better reflect what the minimum and maximum protections offer!  Read on for details and examples!

Tuesday Tidings - 91 - Forests - DR-ZADRAES on 11/16/2021

Happy Tuesday, folks!  Ulerith has added lots of forests for lumberjacking across the islands!  More than 80 new spots to harvest!  Read on for hints to the locations, and happy hunting!


Happy Tuesday, adventurers!  Someone, or something, is continuing dark magics and bringing more undead to menace Ilithi!  Now, re-animated crocodiles are taking over the abandoned farm near Steelclaw Clan.  Read on for more!

Tuesday Tidings - 89 - Housing - DR-ZADRAES on 11/02/2021

Happy Tuesday, folks!  Are you looking for a home for your Human and/or Gor'Tog characters?  Good new!  This week, two more of Zoluren's clans gained housing -- Wolf Clan and Tiger Clan!  Read on for the details!

Hollow Eve! - Producer on 10/31/2021

Hollow Eve is back!  Andreshlew is rising and welcoming you to it's shores once again!


Happy Tuesday, adventurers!  This week, Paklin revisited the foraging system to add 18 new items for our eagle-eyed foragers!  We'll need the best of the best to find some of these!  Read on for more details!


Happy Tuesday, adventurers!  This week, we're bringing a little order to the chaos of heavily used deed registers that get out of order.  You can now ADJUST them to sort the contents based on material.  Read on for an example and details!


Happy Tuesday, all!  This week, Koror has revealed an abandoned, overgrown farm near Steelclaw Clan.  Something foul is afoot, as a number of (formerly) deceased red leucros have been reanimated and now prowl the area!  Read on for more details!

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