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The Fallen
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Kertigen - Divyaush - Zachriedek

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symbol: Raven

The patron of the Dwarves, it is not surprising that Kertigen is also associated with metal-working, gems, and craftsmen familiar with the plastic arts. Kertigen is perhaps best described as the stern but loving father who keeps an eye on his children, but allows them to learn from their own mistakes. Down-to-earth and unconcerned by appearances, those who are in Kertigen's favor are famous for their common sense, and his priests are often sought out for their impartiality and ability to fairly mediate matters (especially financial or legal matters).

symbol: Welkin

Kertigen's positive side, Divyaush is a merry bearded man with twinkling blue eyes. He grants enormous good favor, money, and gifts, and will sometimes send out his personal assistants -- the welkin -- to help out needy craftsmen. He is beloved by children, who often leave him offerings of sweets and cream at a special Midwinter festival. Divyaush is paternal and kind, and will help to guide a crafter who has erred by pointing out -- but not fixing -- his mistakes.

symbol: Raccoon

Kertigen's negative side, Zachriedek, is nasty and cruel. He is the weakness in the wagon's axle that causes it to snap in the rain, the crack in the sword that breaks in the heat of battle, the poor conditions that cause a merchant's stock to sour. If he is feeling particularly nasty, he will send out his favored pets, the gremlins, to plague a craftsman.

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