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The Fallen
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Everild - Kuniyo - Trothfang

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symbol: Boar

The wild lord of warriors, amazons, barbarians, berserkers and
those who die in battle, he is attended by several equally wild youths and maidens who are the cream of the fighting crop. From time to time, he sends them down to Elanthia to aid in battle a warrior or army that he favors. If a warrior has served him exceptionally well, he will request them to join him as one of his attendants. If he sees a warrior given an improper burial, he will send one of his attendants down to see that the subject of Everild's attentions is given proper homage.

symbol: Wolverine

Gentler than Everild, Kuniyo still retains a deep wildness within
him, and does not like to wander far from the sound of battle. However, he also enjoys the wilderness, and is therefore a favorite of rangers; especially the rangers who use their sword on a frequent basis. Kuniyo is served by several noble youths and maidens who he may send out to help train a promising young warrior. Kuniyo is stubborn and vicious in battle.

symbol: Wild Centaur

Wild and untamed, Trothfang's bloody wars have killed thousands.
He delights in torture and slow, messy deaths (his favorite weapon is the barb-tipped spear), and thrives on drinking the fresh blood of those who have fallen. If he truly hates someone, he will devour their flesh in front of them as they die, and then rip their heart out and eat it with much relish. A god of cannibalism, his servants are an entourage of the world's foulest and most savage killers, and those who dare challenge Trothfang are often faced with slow dismemberment and left to bleed to death. Trothfang's parties are often quite chaotic, involving much wine and debauchery and still more destruction; the results of his parties usually involve several dead. Trothfang has no honor in combat; for him, anything goes (this is why many suspect he is the inventor of the technique of two-handed beer mug brawling). He also is the god of primitive life and despises civilization; he loves to see cities fall, and will dance over the bones of a ruined city with much glee. Centaurs worship Trothfang, delighting in his cruelty and taking on the effects of an untamed life.

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