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The Fallen
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The Gods of Elanthia

The Thirteen

The presence of the Thirteen Immortals of Elanthia is undeniable, their power and mythology woven into the fabric of the universe, their influence as vital as air or sunlight -- but not nearly as intangible. In fact, the primary faith of the Realms is so closely a part of its existence that it has no name -- it is simply taken for granted that everyone believes in the legends of the Thirteen.

Primary Aspect Positive Aspect Negative Aspect
Kertigen Divyaush Zachriedek
Hodierna Berengaria Asketi
Meraud Firulf Kerenhappuch
Damaris Phelim Dergati
Everild Kuniyo Trothfang
Truffenyi Alamhif Huldah
Hav'roth Peri'el Ushnish
Eluned Lemicus Drogor
Glythtide Saemaus Be'ort
Tamsine Albreda Harawep
Faenella Murrula Idon
Chadatru Rutilor Botolf
Urrem'tier Eylhaar Aldauth

Each of the Thirteen has three aspects, but to think of them as good, evil and neutral would be simplistic. Instead, these aspects demonstrate that all power, all tools, all people have in them the capacity for both creation and destruction, and that both are necessary.

Other Deities

The World Dragon is as universally feared as the Thirteen are revered.

The Prydaen brought from the far West their triple god(s) Eu, Demrris, Tenemlor.

Just as they did in Odcoru (their western homeland), the Rakash primarily worship one or all of the three aspects of Mrod, who seems to be closely related to Meraud. They consider Him the father of all knowledge, wisdom, magic... and (some say) dirty tricks. Mrod, Enelne or Coshivi are distinct forms of the Rakash single God.

While not actually gods themselves, Guardians occasionally serve as divine agents and intercessors in the course of mortal history.

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