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The Fallen
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Meraud - Firulf - Kerenhappuch

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symbol: Black Wolf

Meraud, the Black Wolf God
God of magic and foresight, the dark side of the arcane arts. Meraud rarely shows his face, hiding himself within the folds of a midnight black cloak and appearing as a dark stranger to those he visits. Meraud does not believe anything should stand in the way of the quest for knowledge, and can be quite ruthless in his pursuit of it. However, he is not without honor, and has turned aside in his quest for knowledge if he has made a promise that interferes in that quest. This does not, however, mean he will not find a way around the obstacle -- in fact, he often will. Elotheans admire Meraud for his aloofness, and also because he is the creator of written language.

symbol: Grey Horned Owl

The god of elemental magic is kinder than Meraud, but still stern. The extremes he will go to are fewer, but his craftiness is still well known. His foresight is unerring, which is why many Elothean Moon Mages revere him. He carries a black staff marbled in silver that shoots forth powerful shards of lightning upon command. If a mortal should touch the staff without Firulf's permission, it is said he or she would turn to ash instantly. However, Firulf has been known to hand out the staff upon occasion to a favored worshiper to aid them in a quest for knowledge that he finds particularly intriguing.

symbol: Shrew

A red-lipped and blonde-haired beauty, the mad mage goddess is without scruples, and not above blackmail, extortion, or murder -- not to mention her own attractive feminine wiles -- to get the information she wants. From time to time her ruthlessness has been so severe that she has killed others under the notion that if she cannot have the knowledge, no one will. Kerenhappuch is also a seductress and a schemer, twisting men to her desires as if they were wrapped about her finger, and turning women against each other.

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