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Moon Mage Guild

"It is we who may read the stars and planets above, who may hear in the whispering of the winds the changes in the weather to come."- guild leader Kssarh


Moon Mages are an esoteric collective of magicians, scholars and soothsayers from several different sects. Known for the versatile and powerful magic that flows from their fingertips and their ability to foretell the future, Moon Mages are among the most potent spellcasters on Elanthia.

Their abilities are tied closely to the rising and setting of the three moons Xibar, Yavash and Katamba, as well as the motions of other heavenly bodies. Thus when the skies smile down upon a Moon Mage, his powers are strong; yet when all the moons have set, he is considerably weaker.

Guild Locations

The Crossing
In a massive observatory outside the city proper, Celestian Kssarh T'Kinnirii teaches new students with a passion that most would dub abusive. (You can type DIR MOON MAGE for directions.)

Housed inside the tremendous shell of some unknown sea beast, the Moon Mage Guild on Taisgath is overseen by Fateweaver Lomtaun Nedorath of the Gypsies.

Tezirite Mortom Saist, respected Guildleader and politician, welcomes all Moon Mages in the Great Tower of Shard... despite his quirks.

Lesser Fist (south of Riverhaven)
Within a remarkable guildhall inside a dormant volcano, Guildleader Tiv trains students in the ways of the Monks of the Crystal Hand.

Guildleader Gylwyn, after a meteoric rise and equally dramatic stint with exile, has returned to the graces of the Moon Mage Guild and teaches Theren students in her spire north of Riverhaven.

Two other renowned guild leaders, about whom little is publicly known but their names and sect affiliations, are Guildleader Cherulisa D'Shari'sendal of the Nomads of the Arid Steppe and Prophet Estrille Ardwens.

Requirements to Advance

Moon Mages are required to learn a good deal of magic skills, as well as some survival and lore skills.

Moon Mages are not required to learn combat or weapon skills -- but those that choose to do so are quite capable of becoming adept warriors.

Special Abilities

Moon Mages are gifted -- or burdened as the case may be -- with the ability to divine the future. Many of the Sects have interesting tools to assist in seeing what is yet to be, but any Moon Mage need only his own mind and a clear sky to attempt it. It takes time to develop a connection with the Plane of Probability, so naturally older and more experienced Moon Mages are better at this unusual feat.

Observations of heavenly bodies assist a Moon Mage in predictions and in estimating how powerful their magic may be. You can OBSERVE SKY, OBSERVE MOONS, or specific heavenly bodies. The naked eye is often your best tool, but telescopes allow more detailed observations.

While all spellcasters can PERCEIVE the mana within their surroundings, Moon Mages can focus their otherworldly perceptions in several other ways. Type PERCEIVE HELP for a complete list of options.

Sigil-Based Enchantment
By layering the sigils from the celestial objects upon items, Moon Mages are able to create potent enchanted items. The task is not easy, and requires significant advancement within the guild to attempt, but the rewards are plenty: Constellation Jewelry, Gwethdesuans (devices for telepathic communication) and Astoshe's Eclipse (invisibility-granting rings) are among the enchantments possible.

Lunar Magic
Moon Mages have exclusive access to Lunar mana, and the Perception, Transduction, Psychic Projection, and Moonlight Manipulation spellbooks.

Stellar Magic
There are some number of Stellar Magic spells developed by independent sects, but have not become a part of Guild canon. At this time few such spells are confirmed to exist, but rumors abound.

Primary Skill Set

Secondary Skill Sets

Stat Requirements

Moon Mage Guild Titles

Moon Mages tend to be
Elothean 38%
Human 20%
Elven 14%
Prydaen 8%
Rakash 6%
S'Kra Mur 3%
Dwarven 3%
Gnomish 2%
Halfling 1%
Gor'Tog 1%
Kaldar <1%

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