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The Fallen
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Damaris - Phelim - Dergati

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symbol: Panther

The intriguing god of night and dreams, he is also the patron of thieves, cutthroats, assassins and spies. Damaris is the assassin of the gods, sometimes even killing someone without being paid, simply because he felt that their presence was no longer "necessary." Rarely seen except as a voice in the shadows, Damaris is envisioned as having black hair that is strewn with silver and large black eyes without pupils or whites and ebon skin, but can actually (as can all the gods) appear in any form he chooses; because of his chosen profession, however, he is more proficient at it than the other gods. Oddly, Damaris has a soft spot for small children, the only people exempt from his blade, and parents will call upon him as a last resort if all other gods have deserted them to protect their child. He will lull them to sleep with a kiss they never remember, and then go back about his business.

symbol: Nightingale

The god of sweet dreams, Moon Mages worship Phelim and often beg favors of him. Phelim strew the stars in the sky by gathering some of Tamsine's tears and setting them against the velvet black of the heavens, then bid Kertigen hammer for him four moons, which he then nestled along with the stars in the heavens, and set to turning. When the fourth moon hatched the World Dragon, it was Phelim who ambushed the creature and -- while he did not destroy it -- set it to sleeping deep within the heart of Elanthia. Phelim is the god of rightful vengeance; those who seek retribution for a worthy reason may receive assistance from him. Phelim is also the god of honorable thieves and assassins; if such a thing exists. He upholds his word above all other things; a promise from Phelim is a promise unbroken.

symbol: Shrike

Unlike her sister Kerenhappuch (who Dergati does not resemble but does help frequently), the goddess of nightmares is virtually unseen, but is assumed to be a black-haired and exotic beauty whose only flaw is a third eye in the center of her forehead. She never walks during the day, and it is rumored that if anyone created the creatures known as vampires and werewolves, it was her. She hates the sun, and often is involved in plotting ways to destroy it; some believe she had a hand in the creation of the World Dragon. Her vengeance is savage, and terrible to behold. The unraveler of souls, she kills with slow efficiency, sometimes entire villages. Death by her hand means no resurrection, as many a fool hero who has spoken her name in vain has learned. Since it is impossible to know when she is watching, many fear speaking of her, even at high noon. She is the "all-seeing"; her dark eyes miss nothing. Dergati will do anything for Kerenhappuch, who she considers her equal mentally, and who she admires greatly for her schemes and motives. Dergati is impatient with incompetence, and will, without warning, kill someone who acts foolishly in front of her.

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