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Gemstone IV News

Grawood Farmstead's Spring Festival!
Posted on 05/13/2010 03:20 PM CDT by the Webstaff


Welcome to Grawood Farmstead's Spring Festival!

Hop down off the wagon, stretch your legs for a spell, and get yourself a nice glass of lemonade.  The whole town's here and glad to see you.  It's a special time, you know.  The crops are ripening, the flowers are blooming, and marriage is in the air!  Grab a seat by the bonfire to watch the romance unfold as the groom decides between his FOUR (yes, four ... you can feel sorry for him) potential brides, and they vie for his affections.  Can you even imagine!?

If it gets too hot for you around the bonfire, you can spend your time rolling in the hay (but watch out for the needles), trying to out-climb the other climbers of the maypole, kiss a frog to find your own prince or princess, or you can even take a dip in the dunking booths.  There's no shortage of fun to be had!  Games, romance, and plenty of alcohol for the sampling at the distillery.  Come on down to the farm and join in!


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