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Gemstone IV News

Rumors Abound on Mist Harbor
Posted on 02/04/2011 08:41 AM CST by the Webstaff
Rumors have been circulating throughout Mist Harbor about the arrival of the foreman that will be overseeing the building of the Guilds on the Island. Some have sighted him at the old entrance to the vineyard; while others say that he’s been seen wandering the southern path outside of town.
In addition to these rumors, other news has circulated that several merchants have been making their presence more known on the island by either working or mingling amid visitors. Some of the old Merchant Council members have been seen to be willing to talk about their time on the council.
~*~ OOC Note ~*~
A foreman can now be found at the old Vineyard Gate on the Northeastern Cobblestone Path. Go talk to him!
Town Merchants Etaenir, Siquen, Fickle, and Cendadric have been updated to reflect messaging from their time on the Merchant Council. So Ask them about it!

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