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Gemstone IV News

From the Warm South to the Snowy North
Posted on 09/25/2007 10:00 PM CDT by the Webstaff

Imperial Bulletin
Turamzzyrian Empire

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Aurmont Anodheles, extends thanks to the Imperial citizens in their efforts to discover a cure for the disease-ridden potion. Following great hardship and hours of laborious work, a cure has finally been created.

Potions containing the cure are available at local imperial halls. Due to the generosity, the cure can be procured at little cost to each citizen, as the government has taken on a great brunt of the initial cost for the ingredients, production, and distribution.

It is declared that at this time, potion trading may recommence. Traders are cautioned to be more cognizant of unknown potion types in the future, so as to not allow diseases directed towards the elven neighbors to filter into the empire's borders.

May the Grace of Koar remain with you.

Issued in the name of His Imperial Majesty, Aurmont Anodheles, Emperor of the Turamzzyrian Empire.



~^Today in Icemule^~

Front Page News

Just days ago, a cure to the diseased potion was discovered, thanks to information supplied by the Brughan healers. Today, it is available for pick-up just outside of the empath's guild. Icemule Trace is relieved that the crisis has passed, and asks all citizens to procure healing immediately. You'll be good and ready for a fresh, warm tart before you know it.

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