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Gemstone IV News

Year in Review
Posted on 12/30/2014 02:11 PM CST by GS4-WYROM

Combat Updates

  • Grimswarm updates to use shield/cman maneuvers
  • New Paladin spell releases and updates (over half of the 1600s)
  • Update to Divine Wrath (335)
  • Implementation of Soul Ward (319)

 General Development

  • Locker updates
  • SERVICE banner on logon
  • ESP Global update
  • ESP amulet duration update
  • New ESP utilities
  • Spell active updated to show new spell-like effects
  • Animal Companions auto-follow during hunts
  • Alchemical Dye updates included updates to dyeing cobbling materials and arrow bundles.
  • Speech Window for SF
  • Hurl updates
  • Cross into Shadows alchemy systems, cure scripting, and airship systems
  • Updates to rain and snow
  • Raging Thrak (and company) updates
  • Raffles, spinners, and list updates
  • Spirit Beasts
  • Ongoing storylines throughout the game
  • Over 100 new scripted items
  • Ko'nag material released

 Verb Additions and Improvements

  • CRY
  • GAZE
  • VOTE
  • New TONES and SPEECH
  • Forest Gnome verb additions: TINKER, SALUTE, WINK, OBSERVE, FIDGET
  • Mist Harbor citizen verbs: STRETCH, LAUGH, SMOOCH, SLAP, EXPRESS

 Quality of Life Bugfixes

  • Sunfist officials get to use rafts on FWI for rescue missions
  • Prayer added to mana spellup
  • Drunk speechifications messaging fixed
  • Runestaves to flare with bardsong spells
  • Song of unravelling to work with UCS Gear
  • Wall of Thorns to protect against all types of damage (instead of just not-ranged)
  • ESP and THINK bugs
  • A few alchemy recipe fixes
  • Fixed custom nightmares not working as intended
  • Countless scripted item updates
  • Thousands of bug reports reviewed

 Towns & Communities

  • Ongoing town updates
  • Ongoing MHO and CHE updates
  • Ongoing Mentors updates
  • Ongoing town shop inventory updates
  • Town Defenses for Wehnimer’s Landing
  • Town Defenses for Ta'Vaalor
  • Talador Baronial Coronation Festival
  • 9th Annual Frontier Days Festival
  • 4th Annual Festival of Frost
  • Gnomefest
  • Festival of Lumnea
  • River's Rest Pickle Festival
  • Volcano fixes on Teras
  • Added more ambient messaging to Teras
  • Halfling/Icemule Culture Festival


  • The Empire's Expatriates: The Elves of Wyrdeep document
  • Ceremony for the Marriage of Faendryl in the Diaspora document
  • Sylvan Wedding document
  • The Battle of ShadowGuard document
  • Burghal Gnomes and Vaalor elves relationship document
  • Apotl and Apotla, adornments and ornamentation document
  • Newcomer's Guide
  • The Story of Tandrik and Estamil document


  • Premium point cost for Lighten / Deepen from 400 to 100
  • Premium point cost for Alterations from 400 to 300
  • Premium point cost of the Autoscripter from 400 to 100
  • Manifest updates.
  • PCALC updates to use real time instead of in-game time.
  • Wood Sprite festival
  • Xerria's ongoing script unlocking


  • Ebon Gate
  • Sylinar’s Spire
  • Albatross Riverboat Excursions
  • Troubled Waters: Rescue at Sea
  • The Cessation of Coraesine Field


  • Ongoing player mayor of Wehnimer's Landing
  • Ongoing Platinum-only service events
  • Sweetheart Festival
  • Li’Aerion storyline / release
  • The Dark storyline
  • Fifteen Year Anniversary 15 additional locker spaces per town


  • Ongoing wedding support
  • Improvements to wedding systems

Private Properties

  • Updates to rent system
  • Updates to property policy
  • Ongoing redistribution of vacant properties
  • Queen's Tower (Platinum)
  • Thrak Suite (Prime)
  • Ilynov Manor (Prime)
  • Platinum Property Reward Program

 Policy Updates

  • POLICY 5, 6, and 18


  • Ongoing mailers
  • New SimuCoin item releases
  • TopMudSites updates
  • Reddit updates
  • Ongoing Facebook support
  • Player costume contest
  • Player art contest
  • New forum avatars
  • Cyber Monday and December sales
  • Free tickets to several events
  • SimuCon

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