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Gemstone IV News

Wehnimer's Landing Frontier Days!
Posted on 08/11/2012 11:52 AM CDT by GS4-KENSTROM

Moonshine Manor is proud to once again host the annual Wehnimer's Landing Frontier Days!  Many Cooperative Houses and Meeting Hall Organizations have joined in the festivities to bring you a two week long celebration of fun, games, drinking and maybe even a few surprises!  The Frontier Days will run from Restday, the 19th of Phoenatos through Feastday, the 1st of Imaerasta!  (Sunday, August 19th through Saturday, September 1st)  A souvenir item will be available for sale outside of Helga's Tavern all week long.  The first week will be filled with events hosted by CHE's and MHO's and the second week will consist of raffles and services from merchants, local and from afar.  The first week's schedule is below:


RESTDAY, 19th of Phoenatos. (Sunday, August 19th)

1. The Silver Gryphons host the Dame Wanton Challenge Matches at 3pm Elven!  Come join the Gryphons and Helden Hall and challenge folks to duel in Helden's infamous fighting pit!

2. Onoir hosts a class on the lessons of Basic Cobbling at 6pm Elven!  Xixie will be giving a tour and lecture of the basics of cobbling and demonstration of creating footwear, with a lucky attendee walking off with the creation!

3. Moonshine Manor hosts Fortune Telling at 8pm Elven!  Come have your fortune read by Sarvia!  Your pick of cards or scrying bowl to learn what your fate has in store!

4. House of Paupers hosts a game of Darts at 10pm Elven!  Come throw pointy objects at a board for prizes and special enhancive items!  Everyone is invited!  Drinks, food, and cigars provided!

VOLNES, 20th of Phoenatos. (Monday, August 20th)

5. G.E.M.S will be hosting an intense game of Musical Stones at 8pm Elven!  Pay attention until the music ends, but don't be the last to pick up a stone or you're out!  Prizes and fun all around!

6. Cairnfang Manor will be hosting a game called Drink like a Sailor at 9pm Elven!  Come show off your ability to hold your drink as you guzzle like a sailor!  Each person must get drunk, then perform specific actions in rounds of elimination!  The fun kicks off inside of Helga's Tavern and prizes will be awarded!

TILAMAIRES, 21st of Phoenatos. (Tuesday, August 21st)

7. Onoir will be hosting their Azure Hydra Muster at 9pm Elven!  Looking for an opportunity to advance while defending hearth and home?  Come learn about the Azure Hydra militia, practice successful drills and other tactics to win prizes!

8. Yllyc Simisiri will be hosting a night full of Code Poems at 10pm Elven!  Look for the tent outside of Helga's!  Food and drink will be provided, so come prepared to listen to poems and solve the codes!

LEYAN, 22nd of Phoenatos. (Wednesday, August 22nd)

9. House Phoenix will be hosting a discussion on Planar and Dimensional Beings at 7pm Elven!  Come join the open forum in the Phoenix's Library and learn the origins and the powers behind dimensional creatures such as demons, spirits, and the undead!

10. Onoir will be hosting an event about Healing Herbs at 10pm Elven!  Come for a  discussion about all of the healing herbs around the lands, pick up free herbs and even win prizes throughout the event!  The festivities will be hosted in their Fortress Garden at the end of the Coastal Cliffs.

NIIMAN, 23rd of Phoenatos. (Thursday, August 23rd)

11.  Rone Academy will be hosting their Academy Initiation to be followed by a raffle at 8pm Elven!  The event will be held on the front porch of Rone Academy and the formal accession of the new House Regent will be announced, with a brief discussion of Wehnimer's Landing and a series of raffles to follow!

12.  House Aspis will be hosting rounds of Thirty Minute Thespians at 9pm Elven!  The event will be in there tent, along North Ring Road.  Use provided props to weave a masterpiece of a story, poem or theatre, and may the best thespian win!

DAY OF THE HUNTRESS, 24th of Phoenatos (Friday, August 24th)

13.  The Faendryl Enclave will be hosting a Siegery Tournament at 8pm Elven!  Bring your siegery miniatures and prepare for an all out battle for glory!

14.  Ord an Dragan will be hosting a Stargazing and Storytelling event at 10pm Elven!  Come to the Ord and Dragan Baille to participate in a storytelling event and a night full of stargazing and fireworks!  Gifts bags will be made available to all in attendance!

15.  Moonshine Manor will be hosting a Dart Tournament at 11pm Elven!  Be prepared for a competitive game of darts with Fremie!  Drinks, and lots of them, provided for free!  The event kicks off in Plur's Pub inside of Moonshine Manor!

FEASTDAY, 25th of Phoenatos. (Saturday, August 25th)

16.  The Black Wolves will be hosting a Fishing Tournament at 3pm Elven!  Prizes all around for different categories, be ready for fishing fun and festivities!

17.  Onoir will be offering lessons on Advance Cobbling at 6pm Elven!  Come prepared to learn everything Xixie wished someone had explained to her about cobbling!  Discover all of the intricate details and skills needed to become a master cobbler!

18.  G.E.M.S will be hosting a Scavenger Hunt at 7pm Elven!  Come for clues, leave for the hunt!  Prizes and fun all around!

19.  The Silver Gryphons will be hosting the Dame Wanton Rally Event at 8pm Elven!  Look for the group forming outside of Wehnimer's North Gates to join the rally that will go all over town!

20.  Moonshine Manor will be hosting the Night of the Forbidden dance at 10pm Elven!  Moonshine Manor hosts a ball like you've never experienced before!


In celebration of Frontier Days, merchants from all over will be arriving in Wehnimer's Landing during the second week of the festival, starting Restday the 26th of Phoenatos through Feastday, the 1st of Imaerasta!  (Sun, August 26th through Sat, Sept 1st).  There will be many appearances from merchants such as Stiletto, Juramis, Tayberry, Twiddley, Tolby, Stephos, Belopo, Zanthie, Parlay and more!

Wagons and tents will be setup, providing a number of new and old wares for your enjoyment!  To top it all off, numerous raffles will be ongoing throughout the entire week, their prizes including such things as a magical returning axe, unique katanas, a fireball ring, a weightless bag, a summoning orb, a whittling knife, a forehead gem, a chance to win bubble flares and a permabless, and even the property deed for Grishom Stone's island on Mist Harbor!

You will want to be in Wehnimer's Landing, or wish you were!

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