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The Fallen
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The World Dragon

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The World Dragon was born from the fourth moon when it hatched. No one is quite sure how it came to be, but many are certain that one of the gods' dark aspects got loose and planted the creature to bring about the end of Elanthia (some suspect it was Huldah, who -- unlike Truffenyi -- despises mankind and Elanthia).

The World Dragon is terrible and yet beautiful to behold. Its scales glitter like black metal, and its claws are thick and razor sharp. It is all but indestructible, its maw as wide as some mountain ranges and its tail stretching from horizon to horizon. Its eyes were a glowing pool of red, its pupils slit horizontal, and its wings were leathery and long, blotting out the sun at times.

When the World Dragon hatched, shards of its egg hit Elanthia and caused massive changes. Some civilizations died, cities were crushed, when one hit an ocean it caused a massive tidal wave that drowned the entire western side of the continent upon which The Crossing resides and killed many of its inhabitants. Since the waters there have now receded, much of that area as yet still remains wild and untamed, although the ruins of that shattered land are rumored to still exist.

The Dragon's first attack was upon Elanthia itself, which it was drawn to because of its inner fire. The creature landed upon Truffenyi's domain and began to drink the fire from its depths. In terror -- for Truffenyi was certain that his world would die if the World Dragon continued -- the god of Elanthia called upon the others to aid him. He was ignored mostly, until he pointed out that if the Dragon drained his world, it would move onto the next closest source of fire -- the sun.

A great battle ensued between the Immortals and the World Dragon as it, in turn, spat its own fires across the world, scorching some of the lands. One of the moons set on fire as it blew its flames across the sky. Eluned quenched it with her waters, but the moon would be black forever after.

As the great war continued, the Immortals despaired, for the Dragon seemed unbeatable. Truffenyi rallied all the Immortals for a final, great battle against the World Dragon. The battle was so awful, that the sun hid itself for seven days behind a veil of clouds, and mountains trembled before the wrath of the Immortals.

When the battle ended, the World Dragon was weakened, but not dead. It was then that Phelim decided that it could not be destroyed, and so waited until it had slunk away and ambushed it, casting his sands of sleep in its face. The Dragon, feeble from the struggle, succumbed to the sleep and fell into a slumber as deep as Urrem'tier's void.

Truffenyi, now free to think of something else, realized that his world was dying because the World Dragon had all but drained it of its marrow. It was Peri'el who stepped forward and, in her soft and sibilant voice, put forth the idea of housing the Dragon in the place it had desired the most -- the inner earth of Elanthia. Many of the Immortals thought this idea was disastrous, but then Peri'el -- who was one of the greatest of the Immortal warriors -- pointed out that the Dragon's very skin was certainly hot enough to heat all of Elanthia, and, so long as she watched it and sang to it, it would remain sleeping.

Peri'el had been crippled during the combat with the Dragon. Her right leg was lame and her left eye had been torn out; as the Dragon was undefeatable, so were the wounds it had dealt unhealable. Peri'el had been wounded the most and was nearly useless now as a warrior, but her voice was still clear and beautiful -- and very lulling, even for vain Idon. With the Dragon and a full sack of Phelim's sands on her hip, she descended into Elanthia's inner earth, where she remains with the Dragon in its lair, playing her gold-stringed harp and singing in her soft, reptilian voice that the Dragon -- reptilian itself -- apparently finds very lulling.

It was during this war that the Immortals learned how much they needed Elanthia. While all the gods have their own worlds, only Elanthia is inhabited with the creatures they find the most amusing and inspiring: mortals.


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