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The Fallen
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Faenella - Murrula - Idon

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symbol: Wren
Faenella.  Watch out lads, she's about to break into song!

Faenella, "The Fair Bard", is a performer extraordinaire and a muse of poetry. The Fae are considered her progeny, and share a part of her name. The elusive spirits of nature -- including dryads, sprites, nyads -- are considered her "children", and most airy, ethereal creatures of the unseen realms are also under her jurisdiction.

The patron of Bards and adventure-seeking youths, Faenella looks favorably on those who bear the seeds of adventure in their hearts. Inspiration of all kinds comes from Faenella, as well as harps and stringed instruments. Because of her wandering ways, caravans are considered to be under her protection.

Though her primary symbol is the wren, Faenella is also fond of many other birds and, oddly enough, felines (which she keeps close at hand as she plays her music). Unlike some of the other gods of Elanthia, Faenella actively appears to worshippers and non-worshippers alike. Most often she manifests as a slender Elven woman with glowing brown hair and bright green eyes, but in recent memory she came in disguise as the bard Siryn when the Bard Guild was restored to The Crossing.

Faenella despises undead, and will ruthlessly destroy any that dare cross her path.

symbol: Phoenix

The goddess of beauty and gifted youngsters, Murrula prefers singing a capella (without the accompaniment of musical instruments). Murrula cannot stand bad singing, and (depending on how "good" or "bad" the person is), will either silence them forever or grant them a voice of unmatched beauty.

From time to time, Murrula sends her servants to seek out young bards to train them, and on rare occasions may even see to training them herself (incognito, of course). She is the protector of travelers of all kinds, and her kiss is said to remedy hangovers instantly. Despite her love for solo singing, she is credited as the creator of the flute and woodwinds.

Murrula is depicted as a slender Elven lass with fiery red hair down to her knees and bright amber eyes.

symbol: Heron

The "reaver" is a god of roving bands of thieves, as well as rakish rogues who love and leave women, and mothers who abandon their children to continue their life "unburdened". Idon is obsessed with his own good looks; if he sees a man or woman who he feels "outshines" him, he may turn them into a pig.

Despite his brash vanity, Idon is charismatic -- even charming. His lustful nature is legendary. A popular expression in the Knife Clan is "By Idon!" When asked why they use this turn of phrase, the response invariably is: "Because half of us are!"

Idon's wild music is loud and annoying -- all percussion instruments are his creation. Idon's melodies are often too outrageous to listen to in polite company, but only the foolish would ever dare to tell him so.

Idon appears as a black-haired and blue-eyed youth who is lean and well-muscled. While not a good fighter, Idon is excellent at catching people unawares, and he is second only to Damaris in planning an ambush.

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