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The Features

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triangleMassively Multiplayer Environment
With an amazing 32 players per arena, Cyber Strike 2 sets the new standard in multiplayer action. Plus, Simutronics’ massively multiplayer environment will support thousands of players simultaneously.

Superior 3D Engine
The state-of-the-art 3D engine features real time lighting effects, explosive pyrotechnics and seamless indoor and outdoor environments. The beautifully detailed 3D arenas and landscapes are rendered in breath taking SVGA (640 x 480) 16-bit color. CyberStrike 2 is optimized for the latest 3Dfx graphic accelerator technology.

triangleDiverse Environments
Wage war across a wide variety of terrain from deep canyons to industrial wastelands to post-apocalyptic cities. You’ll contend with ever-changing weather patterns of this intensely real-life environment. Maneuver through torrential downpours and fierce winds as you desperately try to get the enemy in your sights.

Designed for Internet Play
CyberStrike 2 was designed from the ground-up for multiplay over the Internet. An advanced asynchronous game design predicts player movement and minimizes lag time over the Internet.

triangle Customizable CyberPod
CyberPods are fully customizable and players can choose from over 60 different offensive and defensive weapons modules, including cluster bombs, pulse lasers and proton particle cannons. Each weapon comes at a price, though so you’ll have to plan accordingly before stepping into battle.

Strong Storyline and Mission
With two different Clans to choose from, each with twenty-five distinct missions to choose from, the single-player version of CyberStrike 2 offers hours of enjoyment. Additionally, detailed movies will depict the backgrounds of each CyberStrike Clan.

triangle Huge Online Community
Under the watchful eye of the CyberOps, CyberStrike 2 will be continuously updated with new maps and weapons. The CyberOps will also be on hand 24-hours a day to assist new players and to organize tournaments. You’ll also be able to create your own Clans to participate in CyberWars and tournaments.

Rated E: Everyone Interactive -- The content of this site may change due to interactive exchanges.  Animated Violence.
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