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  >> Wednesday, Page 1

  • Breganth very generously arranged and paid for 3 massive limousines to take us to Vivian's for dinner. I doubt these drivers have ever seen the likes of us!

  • Sure beats riding a horse! Our brave adventurers mount a purebred Cadillac Escalade stretch limo and ride off to dinner.

  • The Chrysler arrives and it seats about twenty, so hurry up and bring your jukebox money!

  • Tall enough to stand in, this shuttle bus-turned-limo with flashing lights and music was the lap of luxury for riders Shiva Malone, Ysselt, Llumia, Jaelus, Tamral, Anika, Corky, and 13 others.

  • Our party of 65 pulls up outside of Vivian's, and boy were they unprepared for us (even with reservations). Our final group wasn't served dinner for about 4 hours, but since nobody had other plans and the company (and margaritas) were great, who cares!

  • The crowd grows as the final limo arrives. You can almost hear the servers inside weeping into their oven mitts.
    Faces in the crowd include Dayle, Dremerie, Llorrin, Flixx, Sothios, Lytaria, Lilibeth, and many more.

  >> Wednesday, Page 2

  • Look at these shining faces! Good friends and good food await for Aeatherion, Navlys, Jassrainna, Landrion, Aemergin, and Barachado!

  • Flixx and Breganth (to be wed in Scotland in December) start off with a couple of "the world's second best margaritas". That's probably true - they were great!

  • These gamers find dinner on the 2nd floor of the Victorian house that contains Vivian's. Oengus, Landrion, and Nilandia check out the eclectic menu.

  • Tashalin/Ellistra, Clunk, and Dayle share stories about their respective games over a few drinks before the food arrives.

  • Your Head A Splode!
    The ceiling mirrors filled with lights in the stretch Cadillac Escalade are too much for Jolebin's deviant mind to handle!

  >> Thursday, Page 1

  • Curses! The game rears its ugly head again as Waveshell dances like a robot without moving her elbows while she tells the police her friends are being eaten by toads... or something like that. And would you believe she's only drinking Sprite?

  • Is this where we trade Pokemon cards?
    Sothios, Algion, Serochy, Mita, Dainslef, Magdar, and Sleigher love their Pikachu! Oh alright, they were really playing Magic: The Gathering card game.

  • Loiterers GM Towint, GM Solomon, Aavarine, GM Gaeloric, and GM Roderigo take a rest and chat in the long corridor we all walked hundreds of times during the con.

  • The Alliance of Heroes crowd had their own room the whole con, but as usual they could not be contained. Bursting onto the patio are Westly, Lytaria, He who should not be named (GM Leonius), Gerett, GM Jubalee, and GM Essentius.

  • Naina, Shonison, and Dayle are all grins in the beautiful St. Louis summer weather.

  >> Thursday, Page 2

  • Welcome to the ER - GemStone Empaths GM Estild, GM Mignon, and GM Hadlir talk medicine with Valaraukar and Nilandia.

  • At the DragonRealms "N" table you would expect discussions about Necromancers, but Stravos, Magdar, and GM Towint decide "N" can mean any "N" and talk about Novices instead, probably at Towint's urging. I've got an N word for them - Nutheads!

  • All your stuff are belong to us
    Rolach lurks at the most crowded DragonRealms table in the room - everyone loves a rogue.

  • We love inflatable objects! Artist Candy Palmer and boyfriend Fred relax outside the seminars on a handy inflatable chair provided by Simu.

  >> Thursday, Page 3

  • It wouldn't be SimuCon without a game of Settlers of Catan, or in this case a whole tournament. Kicking off the tournament are Dimaire, Tyranic, Neowing, Oengus, and Krakii (of course)!

  • It must be the magical Twizzler of doom in Westly's hands as he, Asantewaa, and Lytaria are completely fascinated.

  • Look at that lip and tongue action! Dunryc and Aemergin have just returned from the ice cream shop just down the walk.

  • Sharing midori margaritas, dinner, and laughs in the back room of Patrick's, next door to the hotel, are GM Nhia, GM Ambellina, Jolebin, Raycha, and Spiritshadow. The candid server said, "If you're a real rib lover... don't get ribs here." But the burgers were fantastic!

  • You who are about to go all-in, we salute you!
    This year's poker party had 8 tables and almost 50 players, including these gamblers Mikare, Jassrainna, Divid, Redarch, Pridenjoy, and Sagoth.

  • Tarkisis, Atlanteax, and Dunryc pull up chairs to test their poker skills. Oddly nobody touches the rack of unguarded chips in front of them. Must not be Rogues.

  >> Thursday, Page 4

  • Look at those poker faces. Okay, not too intimidating, but they belong to Tsin, Athias (Plat), Gazaroth, and Naina.
  • All clap! Apu (right) takes 1st prize, defeating Olrick in the final hand. The dealer, Steph Shaver, GM Estild, GM Sleken, Redarch, and many others applaud.
    3rd place went to last year's champ, Kraelyst, 4th went to GM Shakahn and 5th to Sothios. 4 of the last 5 were Thieves/Rogues but Trader Apu beat them all!

  • AoHers such as GM Logos, Lytaria, and that other guy spend an evening hanging out at the annual Par-Tay! This year they even had their own permanent room.

  • Is it possible to play Uno and not smile? Apparently not since Westly, GM Jubalee, and Asantewaa can't keep from cracking up.

  • GM Royce (top left) brought out the Talisman, and the hungry masses devoured it... for 8 hours! GM Obseden, Aavarine, and Shavay embark on an adventure that won't end until 3:00am.

  • Computer geeks (as we all are) Tyranic, Pridenjoy, and Toy take advantage of the many computers conveniently located in the game room.

  >> Thursday, Page 5

  • Not even out of the game room and the partying has begun. Zequa and Alasia raise a toast to SimuCon 2005!

  • GM Laurie Sutherland is surprised to see GM Essentius outside the hotel bar.

  • More partying persists on the patio with Sepher, Eiadh, Aenir, Myrisa, and Mekthros.

  • Back at the bar Spiritshadow and Etsk order up some drinks, and shortly after the entire liquor shelf collapses, spilling $100s worth of liquor onto the floor. Please join me in a moment of silence...

  • Not tired of poker yet, Dunryc, Mikare, Porcell, and Dimaire pull up for another round (this one possibly for money).

  • Ta-dah! Phii and Quanette make a splash with their virgin 'Con appearance. What is that guy looking at?

  >> Thursday, Page 6

  • The Cheesecake Gnome!
    Vyrshkana/Tyrathia has become the baking queen of SimuCon, providing free late-night cookies, cheesecakes, and other assorted delights to the hungry, drunken masses through multiple years.

  • GM Taiven proves that not all of us scare the normals as she shares a drink with this local.

  • Seen here in their native habitat, the hotel bar, this herd of adventurers gather for a photo: Jhime, Quanette, Phii, and Urwin.

  • Cessilee and GM Cirakin stumble through the hotel, sharing some of Vyrshkana's cheesecake.

  • Zenfinda and GM Illusion stumble only slightly less.

  • Sleeping on the nearest window sill is far more convenient than finding your own bed, especially when you have Dunryc for a foot rest.

  >> Friday, Page 1

  • Sypria and Artrusus stand before the Tudor-style Sheraton Westport Chalet, which has been a fantastic setting for the past three SimuCons.

  • Fly, fly away, Canadian geese! Dremerie tosses her breakfast...

  • And is rewarded with some little goslings!

  • Hillgren, Ellistra, and Martaine take in the morning air on the back porches of their 1st floor rooms.

  • Too early. Need coffee. No flashes.
    At least that's what their eyes are saying. GM Shakahn and GM Royce found the Starbucks in the plaza quite handy.

  • How cute, matching facial hair! Rabble rousers Algion and Camchak await the start of seminars at their first SimuCon. Too cool to say cheese.

  >> Friday, Page 2

  • The GemStone State of Elanthia attracted quite a crowd.

  • GM Llearyn (center) and her fellow GameMasters field questions from the many con attendees. GM Zilana, GM Estild, Nilandia, and GM Alyias watch her back.

  • Apparently the State of Elanthia is quite funny - everybody's laughing.

  • I am invincible! And the crowd laughs. Mach man GM Obseden (DragonRealms' GameMaster of the year) hosts a boisterous seminar for DragonRealms players such as Redarch, Drongol, Dayle, Shavay, Celeberin, Rolach, Flixx, and others.

  • Modus moves outside to solve the mystery of the "beautiful day in St. Louis". Enjoying the weather are GM Samcras, GM Hazel Gilbrook, Skippy, GM Eve Roquelaure, and GM Leigh Phelps.

  • At the "Discussion Faire" each GemStone GameMaster claimed a table and held audience with whosoever siteth, such as Bearomere and his keeper Athias (Plat), GM Lothwyn, GM Hadlir, and Mekthros (backwards).

  >> Friday, Page 3

  • Nilandia records GM Vaschka's every word, while Gahread gah-reads over her shoulder.

  • Giggling like a gang of Solhaven schoolgirls, Mekthros, Ellistra, Subarashi, Raelee, and Licel enjoy their discussion date with GM Hadlir.

  • These Seminar Fairees (or does attendees sound better) pose for a photo outside the seminar hall: GM Mestys, Glimmin, Phenomenon, Larktrill, and Porcell.

  • Let the games begin! Another evening of gaming starts up with GM Karianne Estre, GM Leigh Phelps, GM Caroline Rupert, GM Eve Roquelaure, and Ransom.

  • Door clowns guards - better known for their clowning than their guarding: GM Essentius, GM Chakram, and GM Callida.

  • Discussion Faire beanbaggers forsake tables for a more zen approach to seminar discussion: GM Khaladon, GM Aiza, GM Sleken, and Speaker.

  • One meeellion Kronars! Mwuhahaha!
    A seminar on how to be bad - do these guys really need the lessons? GM Alvy, Tanath, Elec, Neissa, and Jhime cackle maniacally at the "Roleplaying Evil" seminar.

  >> Friday, Page 4

  • Our gamers relax outside on the patio on another beautiful summer day.

  • Forest Gnomes! Zusanne and Dainar stroll towards the pool, but have time to pause for a photo in this idyllic setting.

  • Oh look, a goose invasion!

  • GM Elnath breaks from the seminars for a quiet smoke on the balcony by the fountain.

  • Raycha braves the sunlight for a relaxing read by the Sheraton's fabulous pool, which oddly got little use from our group. Go figure.

  • Henna Helena! Although concerned what her conservative boss might say GM Helena gets her Henna on anyway, cause this is con!

  >> Friday, Page 5

  • The Shameless Nameless One (GM Leonius) is all grins as Arcrest, umm, fondles his chest from behind?

  • The very lovely lass from Morada, GM Laurie Sutherland, sweetens the landscape with her presence. And those are hibiscus mixed in with the poppies behind her - how appropriate!

  • Taleek and GM Ambellina take in the cool Sheraton pool.

  • What's this, gamers actually swimming in the pool?! Huzzah for Eridal!

  • Excuse me, we're looking for the "adult pool"? No such luck. Lounge lizards Taleek and Purreliss (up front) along with Poshly, Chrystian, and former-GM Maelona (back) settle for watching the regular swimmers.

  • More Stoners (that's GemStoners) out by the pool bar. I bet if more people had known there was a bar this pool would've seen much more action.

  >> Friday, Page 6

  • The spritely Phii shows off her shells (that's sea shells, you pervert) and handmade skirt for her sand sprite costume.
  • The flowery Morgatha fits right in amongst the beautiful landscaping of the Sheraton.

  • You see Shiva Malone.
    She is wearing a heather grey t-shirt, a pair of denim blue jeans, a pair of black thongs, a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses with rhinestone embellishments, and a roomy orange backpack.

    >look t-shirt
    Upon looking on this t-shirt, you notice a multitude of sayings and quips in different colored markers.

  • Tinfoil Queen Ysselt and Monk Curthieus prepare to be judged. For their costumes, not their past deeds. Thank goodness.

  • Westly and Watashi also await their judgment, and will be judged well as Westly claims 2nd prize and Watashi 1st prize for Alliance of Heroes costumes.

  >> Friday, Page 7

  • You lookin' at me? Thief Kraelyst the Hand puts on his best evil look. Or maybe he just has gas.

  • Wynder/GM Chade grips his lute and poses with Tarkisis at the Costume Cocktail Party.

  • Long-time couple Emarori and Apu with their always-enchanting costumes lighten up the party.

  • Waveshell's smile is infectious as she models her beautiful princess faerie costume.

  • Jessianna, Hashi, Lycanthus, and Lycanthus' racoon enjoy a few drinks and hor'dourves before the show.

    Good friends having a great time together - Morgatha, Eridal, Dainar, and Zusanne. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, sorta like Death Rum.

  >> Friday, Page 8

  • Baby Shak Attack! The son of Purreliss (left) and GM Shakahn (not pictured) is dressed as a Prydaen, which is the race played by both his parents. Rowr!

  • Apparently Skippy and GM Vaschka are filming some bizarre wrestling commercial for beer. Camchak appears dumbfounded.

  • Give this woman some catnip! Fantastic make-up work has transformed Dayle into a remarkable Prydaen (the cat-like race in DragonRealms).

  • Oengus marches up to the judging table in his leggings, kilt, chain shirt, and shield and informs the judges he will be winning 1st place this year. The judges wisely comply. Congrats, Oengus!

  • Who was that masked man? It's Westly!

  • Dunryc, the Aussie: He comes from a land down under, where the women roar and the men thunder - so sang the dueling pianists who were as funny and quick as they were skilled.

  >> Friday, Page 9

  • Father Pridenjoy whips out his glowing neon whip and neck-chain. Kinky.

  • The judges, GM Tribanin, GM Eve, and GM Schism, are hard at work... drinking some beers, oggling the women, and occasionally scoring the costumes.

  • Real life bard Wynder/GM Chade (he plays lute, lyre, and drums) plays along with the dueling pianists at the cocktail party and even scores a solo partway through.

  • Where there's music and mayhem there's gypsy lasses - Enter Jassrainna and Shaylha!

  • Too much Red Bull at this table! (Red Bull gives you wings, get it? Oh, nevermind.)
    Aavarine (left), well known for her wings each year, is joined by two other winged creatures this year, including the green faerie Waveshell.

  >> Friday, Page 10

  • These dueling pianists played and joked to a lively crowd while hor'dourves and drinks were available to the patrons.
  • GM Solomon partakes of the fresh fruit, ravioli, and other assorted goodies at the costume cocktail party.

  • Morgatha slips the pianist her phone number! Or maybe that's just a song request, one of many, which ranged from Barry Manilow to Pearl Jam to Weird Al Yankovich.

  • A giddy pianists enjoys our medieval crowd, though he got a little uppity when we tried to tip him in Kronars.

  • Many such as GM Karianne Estre and GM Caroline Rupert enjoyed the sunset by the lake, just outside the cocktail party ballroom.

  >> Friday, Page 11

  • Let's do the Time Warp again!
    That's right, we're dancing to piano music from Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Warped dancers include Jolebin, Celeberin, Eoworfinia, GM Obseden, and others.

  • Dayle and Dainar kick up their heels as well. They're probably glad we don't have video.

  • Onsite staff watch and cheer the piano playing and dancing.

  • The con's cutest couple, Spiritshadow and Waveshell, appear entranced by the musicians.

  • Eldreth sneaks outside with his armor and sword. The adjacent wedding party runs screaming!

  >> Friday, Page 12

  • Look how innocent they appear. Llorrin, Dremerie, and Letisha spend their evening enjoying the sounds of two pianos playing everything under the sun.

  • Letisha, "Sock Queen", or so the sign finally said when the string with bells was moved. Before that it said something a little less polite, as shown here.

  • Board Monitor Pomae and Alex hang out with Lord Sauron. Or is that just Eldreth, maker of Death Rum and 2nd place winner in the GemStone costume contest.

  • Friends don't let friends drink and play, unless of course you're Jhime's friends Ialilhe, Gryck, and Surisa and you thoroughly enjoy watching Jhime get struck down.

  • Substituting one addiction (GemStone) for another (poker), GM Khaladon, Tamral, and GM Elbrion arrange yet another tournament, this time in the Simutronics CEO's hotel suite.

  >> Saturday, Page 1

  • Urwin and Former-GM Hoome, along with 100 of their closest friends gather for the DragonRealms State of Elanthia

  • Board Monitor Pomae eating lunch. It isn't pretty, but at least he's using a bib. Drongol gets a chuckle out of it.

  • GM Solomon gives his State of Elanthia speech. He begins by pointing to the lounging GMs behind him (Helena, Rinae, and Auriane) and saying, "This... is the state of Elanthia."

  • Jolebin does the Barbarian "Dragon Dance". What, you thought it was supposed to look cooler than this?

  • Bubba really knows how to pull in the crowds. Too bad there was a 2 drink minimum and bouncers at the door.

  • A few GameMasters even showed up to hear Bubba speak - here's GMs Iayn, Anji, and Oolan laughing up front, while GMs Quarel, Towint, Godrich, and Obseden watch from behind.

  >> Saturday, Page 2

  • Criminal masterminds, also known as DragonRealms GameMasters, form a line-up - where they belong! Tvini, Nhia, Risek, Towint, Niamah, Solomon, Oolan, and Anji.

  • Waveshell (right) and her real-life fiance Spiritshadow, the village idiot.

  • It was this big! We hope Redarch is describing a fish or something. GM Nehros, Wynder/GM Chade, and Newtrini observe with fascination.

  • Olmec dons a cotton ball for some unknown reason, perhaps his shaved head got cold. GM Jubalee attempts to evade the photo, but fails miserably.

  • Anika reveals the back of Olmec's head for the camera. That must have been one big bird.

  • Upstairs in the St. Moritz room are GemStoner seminar attendees GM Taiven, Caden, GM Ethereal, GM Elbrion, Naina, Firenzes, Mithogras, and others.

  >> Saturday, Page 3

  • Sachi and Caden participate in some laid back late afternoon conversation.

  • Itodep (Plat), Niamara, and Brablo chillin' in the front lobby.

  • Oengus lets slip a sly grin and Amirsin chuckles as Lewthor builds his next road in Settlers of Catan. Why can't the Department of Transportation build roads this quick.

  • Mentor Madness on the bridges of the Sheraton: Niamara, Maulem, Couri, Drexella, GM Niamah, Ahalaia, and Javers.

  • Enclosed by lovely flowers in all directions, this patio was the most popular hang-out of the con.

  >> Saturday, Page 4

  • GM Tribanin cracks himself up along with Brablo and Dullen.

  • GM Mitra, pensive, contented, lovely.

  • All hail, smelly cat! These board monkeys had a large showing at the con with [front] Gryck, Surisa, Itodep, [back] Camchak, Urwin, Poshly, Phii, Quanette, Jhime, and GM Ambellina.

  • If you build it, they will come...
    Aemergin plans for a reprisal of his famous Room 114 party of SimuCon 2004 fame. Boomsplat is also present to inspect the stand Aemergin constructed to hold a giant slab of ice. Not sure what it's for? Keep reading.

  • The patio crowd has no limits - all games welcome. Here's GemStoners Gazaroth, GM Lothwyn, and GM Mignon.

  • We don't bite... okay, just a little. Toy/Chandani and Birdsongg/Martaine show their pearly whites as ye old clock tower rises in the distance.

  >> Saturday, Page 5

  • Moss Mey Sypria drifts in for the keynote dinner. This is the costume that earned her 3rd place in the DragonRealms costume contest. Hint: She isn't really a redhead.

  • Matt and Melissa Meyer (GM Llearyn) load up with a fine feast of chicken, roast beef, scalloped potatoes, fresh salad, bread, and some exquisite desserts.

  • Jolebin wants to know if you would like a salad. He's so generous. Behind him Sothios looks a little dubious.

  • Delighted DragonRealms diners devouring a delicious dinner! Rolach, Eoworfinia, Azimee (Plat), Miekhael, and Celeberin.

  • The staff table included Jeff and Hero's Journey artists Candy Palmer and Tracy Butler.

  • We don't know these people, probably hungry Sheraton staffers trying to get a free meal.
    Only joking, it's Lycanthus and Hashi dressed for a feast!

  >> Saturday, Page 6

  • Smoochee Boochees!
    Westly tries to steal a kiss from Lilibeth. Olmec purses his lips like Toby Mcguire and hopes he's next (heh heh, only kidding, but he does have a Toby-smirk).
  • I'd love to be a perp if these are the women chasing me down! The Modus ladies, GM Hazel Gilbrook, GM Leigh Phelps, GM Caroline, and Ransom Blackhawk, get together for a final evening of food and fun.

  • Awards for all the weekend's events were given out by GM Solomon, who ran the whole dinner show. Here are the 500 Poker Chip 1st prize for the Texas Hold'em Tournament won by Apu!

  • Special attention was paid to everyone's favorite Aussie, Dunryc of GemStone, who will be returning to Australia this year.
    One last time for posterity: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oy, Oy, Oy!

  • Skippy feels like Santa Clause - he's making his list and checking it twice! Costume contest winners Phii, Eldreth, Sypria, and Tarkisis wait in line for Skippy to give out their prizes, which included $75 for 1st, $50 for 2nd, and $25 for 3rd.

  • Bubba, also known as GM Solomon, can always make 'em laugh. Appreciative onlookers include Pomae, Wynder/GM Chade, David Whatley, and Susan Zelinski.

  >> Saturday, Page 7

  • There's more people here than an ABBA reunion!

  • Special mention for the costume contest and a Toys R Us gift certificate went to Baby Shakahn, the ~2 year old child of GM Shakahn and Purreliss.

  • GM Jeremael remembered.
    In a tearful moment, GM Solomon announced that one of the most talented, prolific, and well-liked DragonRealms GameMasters had passed away a month earlier. The large card he is holding was passed around for signing by those who had been touched by GM Jeremael. Oengus, the GemStone player who won 1st prize in the costume contest, contributed his entire $75 prize to a college fund set up for Jeremael's children.

  • To wrap up the dinner GM Solomon brought back the ever-popular "When bad customers attack" segment - actual letters from angry and often absurd customers (names omitted of course).

  • ...Meanwhile, Aemergin's slab of ice has arrived and he begins cutting the grooves with his propane torch.

  • "Since your staff is clearly illiterate, please have someone read this letter to your upper management." That's a sample from the "When Bad Customers Attack" file that had these players rolling with laughter: [clockwise from left] Jhime, Neissa, Urwin, Ahalaia, Maulem, Niamara, Quanette, and Phii.

  >> Saturday, Page 8

  • Llorrin and Gnafelot continue their nefarious task. The ice carving is shaping up and will soon be ready for the night's festivities.

  • Window shoppers GM Mitra, Sheilagh, and GM Ozias take a break inside from the parties which have begun in earnest outside.

  • Speaking of parties, Apu here was seen charging $2 for liquor at the DragonRealms party (even though he wasn't the one buying the liquor that crafty Trader) and Elec was just seen drinking the liquor. Lots and lots of liquor.

  • Nosaj, Urwin, Tenion, and Poshly partake in some adult beverages at the DragonRealms patio party in front of the lighted Westport Plaza.

  • With that much liquor on the table no wonder Phalo is dancing. Actually, she's always dancing. Lilibeth enjoys the show.

  • Rolach really loves his Corona. I believe he's reciting a poem to it here. Oh Corona, how do I love thee. Let me count the ways...

  >> Saturday, Page 9

  • Hi, I'm Dainar. This is my brother Eridal, and this is my other brother Eridal. That's Llorrin's wife singing opera and Corky with the drink.
  • Friends Tanath and GM Helena make conversation on the final night in St. Louis.

  • GM Royce and wife Sherry (the 1st Hero's Journey player, she claims) outside at the DragonRealms patio party.

  • The 1st casualty of Party at Room 114. Those darn chairs just won't stay still. Navlys (with child), Morgatha, and the man in red help up a fallen Oengus, who's pride was just slain in a single blow.

  • The bullet shots are back. Raycha,  Tyranic, GM Ethereal, and Willowlea rummage through the crate for the perfect flavor. Don't drink the pink ones!

  • A liquor luge! Liquor flows down the winding grooves and straight into Boomsplat's waiting mouth. Licel is watching (and looks like he's already gone a few times himself). So this is what the ice was for!

  >> Saturday, Page 10

  • Raycha and Gryck are having a good time as the party grows, encompassing a good portion of the back side of the hotel.
  • GM Illusion is seen here embodying the life of a SimuCon party - drinking, smoking, smiling, talking. Behind him is Saraswati and shot-tender Gnafelot (bartender wouldn't describe what he was doing).

  • By the glowing light of Room 112, BEHOLD! Aemergin and his shot luge!

  • Gnafelot bestows his liquor upon the thirsty masses. And just look at all those cameras - you'd think GM Khaladon (at the receiving end of the luge) was naked or something.

  • Some people, like Bayn, Zequa, Alasia, and Hillgren, just prefer relaxing beers to sticking their mouths on a block of ice that everyone else has already licked. What are they thinking?

  • Mithogras takes a seat in the eye of the storm - the party thunders around him.

  >> Saturday, Page 11

  • Etsk enjoys a historic moment - his first sip of Death Rum. Mom would be so proud.

  • I think Leika wants to say something, maybe about what good friends she has with Jhime, Surisa, and Raycha.

  • Gerett, Phalo, GM Leonius, and GM Feral invade the ever popular window-couches.

  • Risk 2210 is apparently a laugh riot when you're drunk, as Yokuna, Shymysta, and Etsk giggle uncontrollably at conquering the future Earth.

  • The con isn't over till the last Settlers game ends, and who else would be at it than Andy Finkenstadt, Krakii, GM Roderigo, and Magdar (backwards).

  • GM Solomon wears his horny devil costume on the last night of con... or is it a costume?

  >> Saturday, Page 12

  • Algion and and some guy named Dan watch with interest as two victims participants receive an icy stream of whatever alcohol Gnafelot decides to throw at them.

  • GM Royce and Waveshell step up for their turns at the luge - actually this is Waveshell's "penalty turn" for when she let the booze hit the ground on her last try. Algion, Dan, and Raycha are still watching.

  • Two more luge victims - Tom Zelinski and the wife of GM Despil! Watching the show are Jim Miller and a couple guys who don't even play, but enjoyed the entertainment.

  • Serving wench Serochy brings out the shots!

  • Etsk offers Apu a fine cigar to mark the closing night of SimuCon 2005.

  >> Sunday, Page 1

  • Aavarine, Sagoth, Buzzario, and Clunk await the world's best bagels at St. Louis Bread Company (known as Panera everywhere else).

  • Shyllia (Jay), GM Laurie Sutherland, Buzzario, Sagoth, and Shaylha aren't done partying yet. They laugh it up over a bread-filled breakfast.

  • Couri and Eoworfinia pose for a final picture moments before Eoworfinia catches a shuttle back to the airport.

  • Drongol and Dullen read over the card for GM Jeremael's wife and children that has by now been covered with loving epitaphs by players and GameMasters alike.

  • Victory! Algion signals that he has come to con and survived. Quite the accomplishment. Tanath looks equally pleased to be conscious. Note the water bottles in both their hands.

  >> Sunday, Page 2

  • A trio of early birds - Martaine, Corky, and Eridal.

  • Many of the remaining con-goers spent much of their final day in the same hangout as always, our beloved patio.

  • Some goodbyes got a little emotional. Jolebin says goodbye to GM Solomon in his own special way. A stunned GM Helena and GM Anji stand with mouths agape.

  • GM Silvaren hauls off his suitcases and a bit of leftover drinks.

  • Camchak reveals the Henna he involuntarily received while slightly inebriated the night before. Hidden in the Henna is the word "Ownzed". Celeberin takes a gander from behind.

  >> Sunday, Page 3

  • Heavenmoon and Pridenjoy exchange a long, loving gaze. Don't tell his wife.

  • GM Leonius is besieged by the dread Bunny Ears of Doom from GM Logos, while Gerett and Anika ignore their friend's imminent peril.

  • What's this, another beautiful day in St. Louis? You guessed it, and Juspera and Barachado are taking full advantage.

  • The patio gathering refuses to end. The Sheraton staff did an unbelievable job of cleaning the place up after Saturday night's blow-out.

  • Aavarine's wolf Meraud (carrying lavender) and Oengus' bear Bearomere finally get their first date, after people tried to hook them up all convention long. Bearomere just wanted a little tail.

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  • You'd think these two must be up to something if not for the fact that Pridenjoy and real life wife GM Anji always have the best grins.

  • GM Elbrion looks extremely mischievous between GM Khaladon and GM Taiven. Could be because he brought even more bullet shots to the wrapup! Naughty, naughty.

  • Elonka Dunin, General Manager at Simutronics, takes suggestions for future cons. Somehow I just don't think "free liquor" is going to make her list.

  • GM Mignon gets a big laugh out of whatever Elonka is doing up front. Firenzes, Birdsongg, Kilthal, and GM Taiven also applaud from behind.

  • GM Schism boldly displays his shirt - "I'm only wearing black because all of my PINK clothes are dirty."

  • One final look at the Sheraton patio and the few who remained on Sunday before making their last goodbyes to SimuCon 2005.

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