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[NEWS FLASH] Elven Nations - GS4-MAZRETH on 02/21/2017

NecromancerMembers of the Hall of Mages have determined that the recent events in the Elven Nations, and more specifically within Old Ta'Faendryl, have severely altered the barrier surrounding the Old City.  Champions among us??

The Professor Introduces GemStone IV! - Producer on 02/09/2017
Return to Summit Academy - SIMU-WYROM on 02/07/2017

Gem Square GreenSummit Academy is back with all new ways to customize your character as well as get most the work you know and love at Sylinar's Spire!

Creating Adventure: Year in Review - SIMU-WYROM on 01/05/2017

Scroll w TextWe say goodbye to another year, but welcome what the future may bring!  Our Creating Adventure piece will be returning for 2017!  Check out what we've done in 2016 and our new Spotlight on Staff, featuring GameMaster Estild.

The Great Auction of 5116 - SIMU-WYROM on 12/16/2016

ChestThe Great Auction of 5116 is here!  From gowns literally on fire to ancient and powerful artifcats from around Elanthia, the auction has amazing items up for bid!  Don't missing the action in the Hearthstone Courtyard!  It starts Feastday (Saturday) at 11am ET for Prime and Restday (Sunday) at 11am ET for Platinum!

The Duskruin Dig Returns! - SIMU-WYROM on 11/29/2016

GemWhether piecing together the intricate moonshard pendants or the thrill of unique ancient artifacts boils your blood, only those who venture into the tunnel's depths will discover what tremendous treasures lie entombed in the debris! A new legendary bloodrune will be attainable THIS TIME ONLY! Will you be the one to find it?

Updates to the Experience System! - SIMU-WYROM on 11/22/2016

Bead RedWe have a number of incoming changes to the experience system to help make it a little bit more friendlier and fit your busy schedule! This update has three main components: Offline Experience, Long-Term Experience, and changes to the weekly Gift of Lumnis and RP Award systems.

Unhinged in Delirium Manor - SIMU-WYROM on 10/10/2016

Modus Magnifying GlassYou are cordially invited to Renown Toymaker Whax's Delirium Manor.  An eerie place that pushes the limits of reality.  Locate the gigantic toy chests scattered across Elanthia and travel to a land of intrigue and mystery much smaller than our own.  Rumor has it the famed craftsman has dabbled in the dark arts of necromancy and his dolls are a manifestation of his magic!  Search through the manor for clues to build one of the legendary dolls and find scrip and treasure along the way.  Will YOU discover Delirium Manor's secrets?  Or will you succumb to madness!  

Ebon Gate 5116 - SIMU-WYROM on 10/08/2016

Bracer w/ SkullsThe Merchant Consortium of Greater Elanith invites you to join in celebrating this year's Ebon Gate event in the Feywrot Mire, located within the Miasmic Verge, an area with a long history couched in legend and lore, where there is much to discover and explore.  To avoid the many "mishaps" that occur in travel through the Verge, the Merchant Consortium has built portals around Elanthia that will allow for safe passage directly into the Mire.

Settlement of Reim: NOW OPEN! - SIMU-WYROM on 09/19/2016

Skull GlowingGather your friends, might, and venture forth to the Settlement of Reim! Unlock the mystery of Reim as you quest your way through countless undead. What strange magic befell the denizens within? 

Password Security Update - SIMU-WYROM on 09/09/2016

Key SkeletonWe are updating our security procedures with respect to passwords.

Duskruin: Bloodrunes - SIMU-WYROM on 08/20/2016

MeatDuskruin returns!  Beginning Friday, August 26th at 9pm Eastern, adventurers from across Elanthia will storm Bloodriven Village to compete for power, treasure, and the ALL NEW BLOODRUNES!

Sizzling Summer Sale - SIMU-WYROM on 07/21/2016

Coin PolishedCheck out the SimuCoin Store all summer long to see what hot new items are on sale next!

New Hunting Grounds: The Red Forest! - SIMU-WYROM on 07/06/2016

Statue Goddess GoldA new set of hunting grounds have been released: the Red Forest!

SimuCon 2016 Campaign Information - SIMU-WYROM on 06/27/2016

MugAnother year of reverly in St. Louis Missouri.  Be sure to click the title for more information if you're interested in coming out to see the GemStone IV and DragonRealms community of players and staff!

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