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Avalon 4.0.6 for MacIntosh OS X

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X.2 or higher
  • An internet connection
  • A account

Download it now!
This file is a .dmg file, which means "disk image." To install, double click on the file and Mac OS X will open it and mount the file as a disk. Drag-and-drop the application file to whatever directory you wish to run it from.



• Completely customize the interface of the program. With OS X, it's possible to use Alpha transparency to add a unique touch to the graphics.

• Quick swap sign-on for any number of accounts and passwords; switch between accounts in two clicks.

16.4 million colors for highlight strings rather than 16.

Trigger and play sounds when text is received.

Squelch and Replace text rather than just blocking it out.

Replace and Send allows commands to be abbreviated. (example: 201 rat becomes two commands, prep 201 and cast at rat)

Chain macros by leaving reminders in the command line for the next macro to use.

• Logging 2.0 allows the user to define which windows get logged. Logs retain and store all highlights and coloring. No more black on white logs!

Plug-in system allows you to expand and modify the program infinitely.

• Command history stores and recalls commands between sessions.

• Command line has built-in spell checking which can be turned on and off.

• Customize both the key to activate Rest mode along with which command Rest mode sends to the game.

Infinite recall. All windows can be scrolled back to the moment of login.

Find command allows you to quickly search through the main window to find a particular moment or phrase.

Improvements for 4.0

  • A ground up rewrite of Avalon
  • Improved skinning and graphics loading
  • Redesign of the Plugin protocol allowing for easier access to player status
  • Fixed a lot of bugs related to macros, highlights, and the user interface
  • Issue with Roundtime in all games should be resolved.

Fixes for 4.0

  • Improved the way the Directions palette loads its graphics.
  • More importantly, the Directions palette now parses its data in a much more efficient manner than before.
  • Eliminated a small but lasting bug in the directions palette.
  • Improved graphics loading for Injuries
  • Improved information processing for Injuries and scars.
  • Related to palettes, I fixed the problem where clicking on a palette might not initiate dragging.
  • Improved parsing of health and mana text.
  • Fixed all the nagging bugs with the hands palette such as text placement, sizing, and disappearing (I hope).
  • Fixed a bug where poison/disease indicators would break down if a player had 2 poisons or diseases going at once.
  • Fixed some memory leak bugs with loading graphics.
  • Made the mana timer a bit more efficient in memory useage.
  • Fixed a bug where the dock menu would not update if the player signed off.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the dock menu.
  • Updated the login process to support the Wrayth XML stream if someone eventually writes a plugin.
  • Fixed the problem with macros that ended up with spaces at the beginning throwing things off.
  • Fixed a error when trying to use Command/Option/Control-Enter with a empty command history.
  • Made the command line like the OS 9 version where any keydown will activate and focus the command line.
  • GS players will now see an indication if their thought was a private one or not.
  • All windows now snap to the nearest 4th pixel. This is a change from the previous edition which just snapped to the nearest 15th pixel along the x axis only. It's a bit more useable this way.
  • Fixed a bug with Squelches. Word boundaries will now replace an entire word with another entire word (It was removing the space between words, previously).
  • Fixed some amusing things with the RESYNC verb.
  • Fixed Replace and Send targets which contained '\n' operators. They would cause history to remember the command as 'cmd1\ncmd2' instead of as two seperate commands of 'cmd1' and 'cmd2'.
  • Replaced the Fonts and Colors system entirely. Resolved the issue with changing the background color after gameplay had started. Also fixed the problem where the first line would always be white on black instead of the user's preference.
  • Improved the way Avalon parses out whispers and speech. Also weeded out some issues with thoughts and the way the new parser highlights text.
  • If squelches return a blank line (""), you should no longer see new command markers show up.
  • All the highlights now precache things like search options and search strings.
  • Double checked to make sure case sensitive searchs were, in fact, case sensitive.
  • Improved GM tools.
  • The command line shouldn't lose focus anymore while playing games.
  • Fixed a load of memory leaks that occurred when changing characters via the character manager.
  • Fixed a small bug with swapping the command line from scrolling to wrapping.
  • One mana pulse protection should actually work now. Previously, it only worked if you lost one mana instead of gained one.
  • Fixed an issue with GM windows.
  • Fixed some memory leaks with plugins.
  • There's now a preference for the command history to not remember repeated series of commands for those of us who love to spam 'stance defensive'. =P
  • Placed some text in the macro window indicating the various options that can be included in macros.
  • Rewrote the status palette's graphics function to make it less of an eyesore.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing only one plugin to load at a time.
  • Implemented Global Highlights for those who requested it.
  • Fixed a bug with the character manager showing the new Global Highlights as a character profile.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause none of the graphics to load properly if you're hard disk had a case sensitive file system.
  • Strengthened the function to encrypt login passwords. This will require deletion of "Simutronics Account History.plist"
  • If a command has '+' in front if it, send and replace will ignore the command.
  • Avalon will now save changes prior to changing character profiles via the character manager.
  • Did some extensive testing to fix the RT palette which seems to work fine now.
  • Fixed a glitch with startup and the RT and Health palettes drawing partial characters.
  • Hopefully fixed the stop scrolling bug for users in 10.4 and above.
  • The game and character tables now receive focus when logging in, allowing for key navigation when selecting options.
  • Windows should behave better when clicking on a window in a different application then clicking back into Avalon.
  • Fixed several bugs relating to Plugins and player status.
  • Fixed a typo in the graphics loading library for Modus Operandi.
  • Fixed the InfoPlist file.
  • Fixed bugs related to prompts and changing the background colors.
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from changing font sizes.
  • Removed restrictions on maximum sizes for auxilliary windows.
  • Timestamps are now wrapped in braces to help distinguish themselves from the game text.
  • Reoraganized the graphics processor slightly to help remove clutter
  • Status prompt now indicates if the player is in RT.
  • The status prompt will now show up in the correct font and colors.
  • Fixed a bug related to the status prompt not updating correctly.
  • Fixed several bugs related to the command history when a previous history didn't exist or you tried to load up a Default profile.
  • Fixed a bug where the fonts for several windows were being reversed due to previous changes.
  • Word boundary for Highlights is a bit more robust. For example, a highlight for 'rat' with 'Word Boundary' enabled will now match '(rat)', ' rat!', '-rat-', etc. It will not, however, match 'Ratbert' or 'Brats'. Note: This is for color Highlights only. Squelches, Send and Replace, and Sounds don't support advanced word boundary checking.
  • Fixed a bug where macros broke when exiting Resting mode.
  • Fixed a related bug to macros where resting allowed the user to type into any auxilliary window.
  • Fixed a bug where text would always default to the main instead of auxilliary windows if you turned off your monitor or hid Avalon.
  • The Hands palette will now be ordered forward when the application becomes active/unhides like the other windows and palettes.
  • Fixed a bug with GM tools and sending certain commands.
  • Character speech highlights will be evaluated before personal highlights now.
  • Resolved an issue with creating new character profiles and the main window disappearing.
  • Improved the way the prompt is handled to avoid font madness.
  • Fixed a issue with GM tools and the command line.
  • There are now two versions of Avalon: one for 10.2 and one for 10.4 users. This was done to prevent issues with the compiler.

Download it now!
This file is a .dmg file, which means "disk image." To install, double click on the file and Mac OS X will open it and mount the file as a disk. Drag-and-drop the application file to whatever directory you wish to run it from.


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