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Simutronics Corporation is proud to have presented our second annual Multiplayer Online Game Players' Convention, SimuCon][ in 1997! Everyone at the office had a wonderful time meeting all of the players and GameMasters that attended the convention! Thank you all!

People started arriving for SimuCon][ as early as a week in advance from all over the US and even as far away as Thailand. Most people arrived on Thursday, May 29 at the St. Louis Airport Marriott where we had set up a registration table. Many continued on from there to the meeting rooms on the third floor where they could drink some coffee, converse, check email or play card games. These meeting rooms stayed completely full almost 24 hours a day from beginning to end of the convention. (We have come to the conclusion that your average RPG-player can sustain life using caffiene, a computer, and a game.)

The first evening's events consisted of a Costume Gala Dinner, Live Medieval Music, Prizes, Speeches, and a little side celebration for the 10th Year Anniversary of Simutronics Corporation. All one can say about this evening is, WOW! The costumes were spectacular, the food was delicious, the music superb, the anniversary cake beautiful, and the speeches ... well ... did I mention the prizes?

People retired to the ninth floor where JWs Pub was located. It was lovingly renamed "Room 9" by many of the lush... err... bar goers that night. No Simutronics employee was seen there, of course. Well, at least none were seen stumbling away... too badly.

The next day was the grand Theme Picnic filled complete with park, tent, live music, turkey legs, games, and RAIN! Yes, the rain did fall but the spirits of attendees did not! Everyone here at Simutronics was extremely thankful to all of you for being such good sports and coming and even enjoying the picnic! The food and music were excellent. The office tours, due to some ranger bus drivers, were slow to get going, but I think everyone that went can tell you there is nothing like seeing a penguin strung up or skewered. The highlight for many people, though, was the Off-With-Your-Head game which began after lunch. Empaths slayed Sorcerers; Gor'Tog's got killed by Dwarves; and everyone rolled on the ground laughing at all the commentary from the crowd.

That evening games split up and players had the opportunity to interact with GMs and full-time staffers They asked questions, heard stories, got peek views into Simutronics' future, and mingled with each other. As usual, when this was all done, "Room 9" got paid another visit.

              dinner2.gif (56770 bytes) dinner4.gif (138504 bytes) dinner.gif (108552 bytes) Soooo.... back to the next day's schedule. Tortur... err... TOURS! Due to, once again, ranger bus drivers that were obviously imported from another city just for our benefit ... people got to see more of St. Louis in one day than most people do in one lifetime. Isn't our city wonderful though? Most people seemed to opt for recovery than tours that day. (This was probably a smart move considering the night's event.)

After much preparation, everyone was back in costume and off to one of two Dinner Theatres. Most people went to the Royal Dumpe which GS3 players renamed "Helga's". You couldn't tell who was doing most of the joking and acting, the actors or the crowd, since the heckling bounced back and forth rapidly. Some audience participation occurred and much rejoicing was had by all! Another group headed off to Bissel Mansion Mystery Dinner Theater where they were doing a run of Camelot 5 (a satirical, medieval science fiction mystery). Each person had a role to play and with our group you can imagine role-play is exactly what they got! As people maneuvered around trying to figure out who-done-it, laughing and good food was shared by all.

(Do I need to mention "Room 9" again? Nah, let's move on to the next day.)

Sunday was wrap-up, cry, eat brunch, get T-shirt, buy stuff, and head home smiling day. People were loath to leave but happy to see all the neat things they could buy and take with them for memories until the next SimuCon! (We won't mention the people that just couldn't get themselves to leave us and have set up a commune outside of Simutronics offices. Makes you wonder how one would go about getting a T-1 line into the wilderness ... hmm)

Everyone here at Simutronics Corporation wants to THANK all of you for coming in 1997, and we can't wait to see you at SimuCon '98!