"Two of the things that I noticed ... was the music that was provided at both the costume party and the picnic, and the food that was served at the picnic.  The baroque chamber group was really quite good and certainly helped set the atmosphere with the music.   And, the cockatrice legs at the picnic were the best barbecue that I have had since I was at Armadillo Willy's in San Jose."


"The Simu Staff was absolutely wonderful - I think I was able to talk to almost all of them and hear some great stories of the past that really made my day ... It was exciting and inspiring to all come together."

- Laranna

"You organized something which allowed me to meet some of the more creative people I have ever had the pleasure to meet."

- Mike

"Four A.M. and i'm so tired
in my transit i was mired
safe at home and quick inside
my mind for days it seems been fried

Grouped together friends and strangers
empaths clerics even rangers
people known and loved for years
we greet with hugs and happy tears

Then quick to bar for some libation
to further fuel the celebration
the stories flow, the game transcended
upon JW's we descended.

Up all night and through the day
like warriors happy to the fray
we ate like kings and drank like fishes
(I'd hate to have to do those dishes)

So soon, the ending did appear
our sunday brunch with friends so dear
we bid farewell with hugs and kisses
each departing with best wishes

So here I am now worn and weary
bloodshot eyes and vision bleary
head so heavy as I turn on power ...
I'll just log on for a half an hour ;)"

- Malestorm

"Just wanted to do a big thank you to the entire staff of Simutronics for a fantastic weekend ... I will be at SimuCon III!"

- Vincit

"It was so much fun!!! Thank you so much to all the people who helped put this together."

- Amanda

"Oh dear, me head is still swimming from that all-you-can-drink ale
an still get a chuckle from Banthis, upon his head all that bread fell
seein the chattel's swam round Lord High Priest Bleeds
bet they were wonderin if'n they had enough deeds
yet who could forget when our charriot got stuck
an we were stranded outside in the mud and muck
the feast had begun and we were fashionably late
yet the food was so great, it was well worth the wait
after the feast was the grandest of all
you can easily say that everyone lost their head
but the Pope was right there to raise all the dead
grand memories were imbedded, and friendships were made
everyone felt welcome and none were afraid
when it came time for that dreaded last farewell
none shed a tear, but instead we cried out 'Wassail'
for everyone knew we were all like family
and forever in my heart I will carry you all with me!"