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King Henry VIII
King Henry VII Hotel

The first Simutronics Convention was held in 1990, in St. Louis, MO at the King Henry VII Hotel.  At that time, GemStone III and OrbWars (both available only through GEnie) were the only Simutronics products.  While the OrbWars' social structure was not conducive to gatherings, Simutronics was eager to invite all the GemStone players.  Thus the convention was called GemCon.

Fewer than 15 people attended this first official gathering.   Some (but all) of the names of those have been listed below.

Vesitsa - Elonka Dunin

Jarik / Dahnakriss - Scott Hartsman

Tempest / Silhouette - Jeff
(Jeff's wife Janette, and Janette's friend, Melonie, accompanied him)

GM Makurias - Tom Tayon

GM Bardon - David Whatley

GM Tomas - Tom Zelinski

GM Rhiannon - Angie Jones

? - Holly Jaharangiri


Although GemCon was the first OFFICIAL gathering, it was not THE first gathering.  Gatherings have been a long standing tradition in Simutronics Products, starting with Simutronics' first public game, GemStone ][. 

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Rixanne, Hyperion, Maluk,
Earendil, ?, Teldorn,
Iakona, Merrymary

This gathering of GemStone ][ players (perhaps THE FIRST gathering?) took place at Merrymary's house in Las Vegas, in 1989.