The "Best Con Evar" began at the best hotel evar - The Sheraton Westport - and was attended by school girls, Settlers, cheerleaders, Krolvin, Munchkins, Gor'Togs, nuns, faeries, assassins, and more.

From the longest convention to date you might recall: a Plat bunny kidnapping, karaoke singers rapping, party in PJs, dance as Stealth DJs, beads like Mardi Gras, door prizes for all, Phillus in a bra, David got engaged, seminars all day, Par-Tay with the Greeks, Quavvy's Bar for drinks, Radio with Spunn, costumes, talents, fun, three outrageous priests, two nights of great feasts, and some Death Rum at the par-ty. And we have it all here at the SimuCon 2003 Memory Site!
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