FRIDAY, JULY 17th, 1998


Registration began at 10:30AM and lasted all day through the end of the Costume Gala (at 11:00PM).  The increased number of attendees and the addition of photographs on badges lead to a significantly longer registration process this year.  At one point the registration line exceeded a length of 200 feet.  Fortunately we had the office tours (and each other!) to keep ourselves entertained.


Costume Gala

Our midieval dinner buffet was delicious.  To name a few of the dishes: Rotisserie Turkey, Sirloin of Beef, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and my personal favorite the "Make your Own Cheesecase station."  But the food was truly outshown by the costumes, from simple to elegant to decadent.

The highlight of the evening was clearly the costume contest.  Six winners (Airaman, Cntrille, Amberle, Marae, Ethia, and Commandant) were chosen by a panel of judges. 


While one of our final contestants disappeared before the evening was over, the audience had to opportunity to select the Grand Prize winner.  Airaman of DragonRealms was the winner by a narrow margin.  All of our final contestants won a free alteration in their respective games.