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The St. Louis Area

stcharles.gifSt. Louis traces its roots back to 1764 when a French village was started along the muddy banks of the Mississippi River. Following the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804, settlers began traveling through the town on their trek out west. Thus, St. Louis is symbolized by the great Gateway Arch on the bank of the Missouri river, the "Gateway to the West."

gatewayarch.gifMissouri's government was initially conducted in St. Charles, where Simutronics Corporation is located. St. Charles roots go back to the year 1769, when a French Canadian fur trader by the name of Louis Blanchette founded a small settlement he called "Les Petite Cotes" (The Little Hills). We have listed a number of St. Louis area attractions and restaurants for your convenience. We hope you enjoy your stay here in St. Louis!