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December 2001 Version Notes

Initial Beta Release: September 25, 2001
Public Release: October 1, 2001

Some questions you may have about our site are being answered over in the webstaff section. Check it out now!

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December 31, 2001 (Monday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Added mentors secure area.
  • Changed signin-play sequence to show Platinum character list, when appropriate.
  • Finished back-end programming for portrait system.
December 20, 2001 (Thursday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Fixed problems with signup. Triple-tested by the fine, farm-raised QCers grown right here at Simu Farms.
  • Changed customer service routing so it is much friendlier to non-account-holding visitors.
  • Added banners, notes about vacation, billing department days off, etc.
  • Apparently, we also archived the old version notes. :)
December 12, 2001 (Weednesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Fixed Staff Wizard Bounce.
  • Fixed timeout during publish.
  • Added various upcoming outages and office closures as scheduled.
December 11, 2001 (Tuesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Fixed Gift of Adventure to permit sending to Character Names.
  • Fixed clock. Take THAT!
  • Fixed Gift of Adventure to allow personal notes longer than 80 characters.
  • Fixed Staff template.
  • Fixed Host template.
  • Fixed Office template.
December 10, 2001 (Monday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Added attendee lists to Simucon pages.
  • Various armory page fixes for GS3.
  • Minor updates to rest of Simucon site.
  • Added "delete a character" link to help pages.
December 7, 2001 (Friday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Changed forums to include current message count totals
  • Changed forums to permit staff accounts to post in read-only topics.
  • Changed signup to have friendlier error messages.
December 5, 2001 (Wednesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Corrected a problem with some foreign links.
  • Added documentation on the security model to the staff site.
  • Fixed the "out of order" sign on some pages.
December 4, 2001 (Tuesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Installed detailed error reporting on web server.
  • Automatically email some errors to webmaestro at
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