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November 2001 Version Notes

Initial Beta Release: September 25, 2001
Public Release: October 1, 2001

Some questions you may have about our site are being answered over in the webstaff section. Check it out now!

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November 29, 2001 (Thursday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Upgraded the database with the help of the toothfairy.
  • Banners for SimuCon now up on most game main pages.
  • HX and MO now have box office features listed on their play pages.
  • Updates to cancel page to keep "blank" cancels from being sent.
  • Updates to delete character function to be easier to read.
  • Various typo and bad link fixes.
  • All web bug email processed, you lucky dogs.
Known Issues:
  • Waerd Aev crossword, it no work. Status: Looking into it.
November 28, 2001 (Wednesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Uninstalled test code from forums with fancy highlighting.
  • Updated access code for Hosts, GameMasters, etc.
  • Release of SimuCon site!
November 27, 2001 (Tuesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Updated forums linkify routine to recognize secure (https:) links.
  • Um, anyone think the version notes page is getting too long? How about we move older updates to the aversion_notes page? :)
  • Prepared to install Christmas Tree in the office.
  • Repaired dain-bramaged edit of common.asa on secure pages.
November 26, 2001 (Monday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Added the BBB Online symbol to signup pages.
  • Added information about DR wedding rings.
  • Continued work on unseen projects Soon To Be Released. :)
  • Fixed error in links to SimuCon Memory sites from 2000/2001 pages.
  • Um, anyone think the version notes page is getting too long?
  • Changed Queries to no_cache to speed up customer care and other retrievals.
November 22, 2001 (Wednesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Added new traps for /keywords
  • Added new features to staff permissions
  • Removed 30-minute cache for quest group details
  • Fixed more forum buglets related to invalid status codes
  • Fixed user authentication during periods of high load
  • Added sysop tool entry point for hosts (not player visible).
  • Installed sysop tools for bulletin board moderators.
  • Fixed customer care system, long-idle time logouts.
  • Added sysop tool entry point for staff.
November 20, 2001 (Tuesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Fixed problem with quests showing up for wrong games. I know, I know -- you all really wanted to see Taisidon run on Morada....
November 16, 2001 (Friday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Changed user count method. No more crashies.
  • Added office calendar (not player visible).
November 14, 2001 (Wednesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Changed user access methods.
  • Changed "no permission" page to better describe the course of action.
  • Fixed more long-standing bugs in the forums related to losing track of a user while idle, causing a "unrecoverable error".
  • Fixed the forums bug related to having to restart the browser once the forums have forgotten who you are. Forum browsing is now limited to 1 hour of idle time.
  • Fixed a problem with the forums redirecting to the signin_needed page.
  • Undid changes causing problems in the forums for customers whose computer's timezone is inaccurate.
  • Installed new fix for forums. This might actually work, now. :)
  • Fixed "Bad Request" for Netscape users when viewing multiple messages at once.
  • Resuscitated all of the SimuCon memory sites.
  • Added HX and Modus box offices.
  • Added GS3 Plat and DR Plat box offices.
  • Removed references on Status page to (now defunct) Yahoo! mailing list.
  • Changes to system announcement blurb to make it flow better with the page.
November 9, 2001 (Friday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Fixed a long-standing bug in the forums with navigation between topics displaying the previous topic, if the browser was not configured to "Check for newer information (*) every visit to the page".
  • Fixed the forums, which ran out of disk space. Wow!
November 8, 2001 (Thursday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Corrected an error in the box office "list purchases" for viewing previously purchased portraits.
  • Fixed the uncacheable wizard download. Oops. Silly programmer.
  • All web comments email received and handled.
November 6, 2001 (Tuesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Fixed an error on pages that require a customer to be logged in, where they would receive an error instead of the signing in page.
  • Removed some session cookie checks that were triggering false errors.
  • More pages that require a customer to be signed in are now un-cacheable. Silly @home and AOL caches...
November 5, 2001 (Monday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Forums no longer display &#8xxx; entity encodings from "Smart Quotes" and "Smart Text Reformatting" bogosities such as ", ', -- and ... .
  • A missing error page during some form submission errors that require being logged in is now present.
  • The "(canceled)" text viewing events is no longer struck-thru.
  • Many pages that had wierd caching errors do not.
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