October 2001 Version Notes

Initial Beta Release: September 25, 2001
Public Release: October 1, 2001

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October 30, 2001 (Tuesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Gift of adventure pages updated to be better.
  • Login logic adjusted slightly.
  • All web comments email handled and responded to.
October 25, 2001 (Thursday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Changed the GS3 Ranger page design so that it doesn't look as nice, but it works in @%#$ Netscape 4.X.
October 23, 2001 (Tuesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Extensive typo and bug fixes.
  • New question answered in the webstaff section, re: Netscape issue with forums.
October 22, 2001 (Monday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • CyberStrike 2 pages converted to non-frames. Hurray for frameless pages!
  • Fixed font, link color problem with copyright notice/links for NetScape (particularly CS2).
October 19, 2001 (Friday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Changed staff area "no permission" error to be more friendly.
  • Corrected an error on some secure pages which prevented operation.
  • Changed customer care center to avoid more bugs in the road. Splat!
  • Enhanced the "change email" function.
October 18, 2001 (Thursday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Changed web_flaws reporting for more detailed breadcrumbs.
  • Fixed a bug introduced October 9 with "Log out" dropping users inadvertantly while logging in again.
  • Prepared for October 22nd pricing change for platinum.
  • Resized playdotnet images on front page so they're more legible.
  • Fixed problem with platinum players not being able to delete characters on the website.
  • Created feature section of site.
  • Created "webstaff answers" section of site.
  • Updated corporate info.
  • Created cc_signup for shareware users who switch to full.
October 17, 2001 (Wednesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Updated forums splash page to indicate desired browser versions. Other browsers should gracefully degrade.
  • Fixed changeBilling 404 error.
  • Fixed CS2 account conversion.
  • Turned on dynamically generated content expiration. (This is an attempt to get around a problem with the "Automatically" option for temporary internet files settings in IE 6.0.)
Known Issues:
October 15, 2001 (Monday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • References to "CyberStrike II" corrected to "CyberStrike 2".
  • Aesthetic/readability changes to the events calendar.
  • Netscape fixes (aesthetic/readability) to the box office pages.
  • Added the CS2 events calendar and made a link for it on the home page.
Known Issues:
October 12, 2001 (Friday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • A "Logout" link now appears on the Forums.
  • eScape bugs fixed.
  • Signing up now works faster yet.
  • Browsing Next and Previous for GemStone III Creatures fixed (was failing to return to a new page).
Known Issues:
October 11, 2001 (Thursday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • The forums now correctly display links in blue for Netscape users.
  • Entering the forums through the wizard using Netscape no longer displays 'code'.
  • The "My Forums" link is removed for those using the Forums from the Wizard.
  • One source of server crashes has been eliminated.
  • Gift of Adventure has been re-activated.
  • Signing up for a new account should be faster.
Known Issues:


October 9, 2001 (Tuesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • CyberStrike 2 fixes (times 4) in place.
  • Entering the Forums through the Wizard now goes to the new board look and feel.
  • A bug with accessing the Forums from other games is fixed.
  • now successfully supports legacy links from third-party web sites.
  • now goes to the new network status page.
  • Viewing the Calendar of Events from the Wizard now goes to the right place.
  • Pressing "Log out" from the web site can now be used as a panic button to log the character out of the game in case of ghosting.
  • broken images and layout fixed.
  • ALAE application links fixed.
  • Broken links on tips page fixed.
  • CS2 login error pages now exist.
Known Issues:
  • CS2 shareware page goes to signup section. Status: Working on it.
  • Transfer server not working. Status: As near as we can tell, the transfer server is currently working. We have tested it with several accounts and had no problems transferring characters.
October 8, 2001 (Monday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Successfully using signin_needed.asp without having previously gone to a page no longer issues a login error.
  • Added ESRB ratings.
October 4, 2001 (Thursday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Play options now has a clear link to art paks.
  • Temporarily disabled GOA pages.
  • Bug fix with certain cservice forms and text they sent.
  • Colors update to forums, hopefully they'll be easier to read now.
  • ICRA ratings added to all pages.
  • Font sizes in forums should be correct now.
  • CS2 shareware link fixed.
Known Issues:
  • ESRB ratings missing. Status: Fixed!
  • Can't select additional characters in CyberStrike Classic. Status: Working on it.
October 3, 2001 (Wednesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Forums now use browser's link colors.
  • Forums now use browser's font sizes.
  • Temporary problem with forum topiclist not displaying topics fixed.
  • Macintosh problem with sort button in forums fixed.
  • Customers were able to create more characters than actually were available on their account. Fixed.
  • Front page updated with more legible graphics.
  • Typo and bug fixes ongoing.
  • Added a new edition of Waerd Aev to DR.
  • Added DragonRealms Horse System announcement (w/downloadable wallpaper).
  • Fixed a slew of typos and bugs.
Known Issues:
  • The gifts of adventure feature is not processing submissions. Status: Fixed.
  • Colors on forums are hard to read for some users. Status: Fixed.
October 2, 2001 (Tuesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Fixed some 404s in CS2 section.
  • Fixed links to
  • Fixed buddy system links.
  • Fixed CS2 signup and some links.
  • Created pages for users with billing accounts on hold.
  • Added more prominent Verisign seal to signup.
  • Added simunet_public redirectors.
Known Issues:
  • CS2 shareware sign-up goes to old site. Status: FIXED.
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