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September 2001 Version Notes

Initial Beta Release: September 25, 2001
Public Release: October 1, 2001

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September 30, 2001 (Sunday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Improved the "" link logic.
  • The "Verisign Seal" is now correct for when Web2.0 becomes known as
Known Issues:
  • "Show New Messages, All Topics" shows a "BAD REQUEST" in the top frame. Status: FIXED.
September 28, 2001 (Friday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • On the "you really want to have cookies enabled" page, a connection back to the "sign in" page has been placed on it.
  • On the "send email to customer service" pages, the text that the customer enters is now word-wrapped.
  • On the "comment about this page" page, the text that the customer enters is now word-wrapped, too.
  • CyberStrike 2 now correctly sends the connection data, which was partially ignored in the client prograsm, anyway.
  • The "credits" page was modified to be more accurate.
  • Clarified character transfer form, added link to it and character import service to the cservice home page.
  • Published eScape version 1.13.
Known Issues:
  • "Show New Messages, All Topics" shows a "BAD REQUEST" in the top frame. Status: FIXED.
September 27, 2001 (Thursday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • On the "change password" page, a typographical error in the word "typographical" was fixed.
  • The "session timeout" is now globally 45 minutes, including in the forums.
  • Problem with NetScape users and "Signin Needed" page fixed.
  • Lots of changes to subscribe to a game / add a character (should work now).
  • "Visited Link" colors enabled on forums for IE users.
  • Status banner for critical updates added to all product home pages and signin page. You won't see it if there isn't a critical update, of course, but it's there. :)
  • Lots of changes to customer service forms so that they are formatting and mailing correctly.
  • The "sign up for an account" form now correctly checks to see if the customer has said "Yes" in agreement with the terms of service.
  • The "IP address" for the server has changed for faster internet service.
  • The "comment about this page" now correctly reports the page about which the commentor is commenting. Comments?
  • The "Trouble signing in?" link on the left-hand bar no longer appears after the customer has signed in.
  • The "Calendar of Events" on the home pages for Modus Operandi and Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes now show the entire month's events.
  • The "Verisign Seal" is now reflecting the appropriate secure site certificate.
  • Forums: No longer fixed-width in message window, text areas corrected to "virtual" wrap, column width corrected according to user's browser, many usability updates.
  • "Delete a Character" for Modus no longer brings up DragonRealms information.
Known Issues:
  • Visited link color not enabled for NetScape users on forums. Status: FIXED.
September 26, 2001 (Wednesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • One possible cause of the crash from 8:02pm to 9:45pm of Tuesday fixed.
  • A problem with logging in with certain passwords fixed. Maximum password length (31 typed characters) now enforced.
  • When selecting a character to play, some Netscape users would have the wrong front-end selected. Fixed.
  • On the "list of forums" page, the links to the "calendar of events" and to "a specific game's website" are fixed for the beta test period.
  • On the "playdotnet resource user count" page, the name of the web server is now correct.
  • The "sign off" feature is now functional.
  • The "forums" link now does not automagically re-login a signed-out customer.
  • A returning customer, when specifying just a plain "" (or eventually, ""), is sent directly to the home page of the game they were last playing.
  • Prydaen stats corrected; many other typos, content errors and links corrected.
  • The "Events Calendar: month at a glance" inadvertantly showed some programming code at the top.
September 25, 2001 (Tuesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Front page changes/tweaks.
  • Welcome pages/messages for all games.
  • Modus Operandi now has a new player guide.
  • Javascript error on CS2 page fixed.
  • Home pages now have clearly marked "member login" links.
  • Version notes page fixed. ;)
  • eScape links corrected.
  • Quest area showed control characters as outlined-boxes. Removed outlined box character from world cognizance. Double-plus good.
  • The "home" location of the last game accessed is now remembered after returning from the Forums or from reporting a flaw about a web page.
  • The "count" of players online is now updated every 5 minutes, as on the previous web site.
  • The "session timeout" for the ephemeral cookies is now at a sane value of 45 minutes, instead of the 1 day used for testing.
  • The "if you are not {AccountName}" link on the account information page has been removed if the customer is not signed in.
  • The "forums" links now display a helpful page and invites the customer to enter the boards with a link.
  • The "select a character to play" page now defaults to eScape and the first character on the customer's account, if they have not previously selected an option.
  • The "playing a character" page now automatically moves to the game home page after 60 seconds.
  • Some creature pictures only show when browsing as opposed to searching. Fixed.
Known Issues:
  • Temporary cookies (ones that never saved to disk, and are therefore forgotten about when the browser is closed) are required in order to sign up for an account, and to identify yourself (sign in) to the web site.
  • All your base are belong to us.
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