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Initial Beta Release: September 25, 2001
Public Release: October 1, 2001

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March 27, 2002 (Wednesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Update to all product graphics.
  • Minor tweak to signup pages.
  • Added announcement about Easter holiday.
  • Rewrote web comments so it would be of more help to people looking for stuff.
  • Lots of fixes to the geography pages for GS3 an DR.
March 26, 2002 (Tuesday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Yes, yes, we know. It's been a while.
  • Updated quest pages so that they now only list purchases within 365 days.
  • Added SimuCon blurb to CS2 pages.
  • Added valid email check to cancel page.
  • Added field checking to character transfer page.
  • Investigated various bugs and problems.
February 15, 2002 (Friday)
Bugs Fixed / Features Added
  • Loads of changes to the way play pages work.
  • Added trial stepping stone between play and game that fires once per session.
  • Updates to payment options pages, linking off to other selections.
  • Continued work on DragonRealms: The Fallen content and adjustments.
  • New feature section: Desktop backgrounds that don't suck (coolness!).


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