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Usage Guidelines

Minimum Requirements

Thank you for your interest in creating a Simutronics fansite! In order for your site to be eligible to be included on our fansite page, your site must:

  • Have an official 'Play' button that links back to the Simutronics site. See our Play button page.
  • List the Simutronics copyright/trademark information for the game that your site is about. Select the game from the drop down list below to display the correct information.

Required Trademark and Copyright Information
In order to have the PLAY button on your page, you must include the correct trademark and copyright information. The correct information is as follows:

View Usage Guidelines for

Simutronics® is a registered trademark and service mark of Simutronics Corporation. All rights reserved. The GemStone ® IV game is copyright © 1987-2019 Simutronics Corp. All rights reserved. GemStone ® is a registered trademark of Simutronics Corp. All rights reserved.

Positive Presentation
Please ensure that all your references to our games look and are capitalized exactly like this:

· GemStone IV
· DragonRealms
· Modus Operandi
· Alliance of Heroes
· CyberStrike
· CyberStrike 2

Also, in references to Simutronics Corporation, please ensure that the name is spelled correctly.

PLAY Button requirements
The PLAY button may be used solely for the purpose of linking to or to another URL designated by Simutronics where Simutronics games software may be obtained. To obtain the graphics for the official PLAY button, click here to go to the Official Graphics page.

GemStone IV and DragonRealms only: You can win prizes such as a custom alteration with your PLAY button! Click here to learn more about the "Buddy Points" system.

Minimum Size
The minimum size of the PLAY button is 134 by 50 pixels. The button may be displayed at a larger size, but all elements of the button must be increased in size proportionately.

Site Reviews
Since websites change frequently, and there are always new additions to documents and information, we reserve the right to occasionally review your site to ensure that the information presented is current and accurate and of constructive use for our customers. If it is not, we may write to you and ask for occasional changes. If you are unable (or unwilling for time-required or other reasons) to make these changes, we may temporarily remove our link to your site until the changes are made. Also, if your site appears to be inactive or abandoned (for example, if we do not receive responses to our Emails or if the site has not been updated in six months), we may also remove the link.

Changes to These Guidelines
Simutronics reserves the right to change these guidelines solely at its discretion. Simutronics will provide 30 days electronic notice of these changes. In addition, Simutronics may also change or terminate any promotional activity associated with this program.

The PLAY buttons are a proprietary logo of Simutronics and contain Simutronics trademarks, which may be registered in the United States or other jurisdictions. Use of the PLAY button acknowledges Simutronics ownership of the button and trademarks. All use of or goodwill associated with the button and trademarks shall inure to Simutronics benefit.

Simutronics reserves the right to immediately revoke permission to use this button by anyone not following these guidelines as determined solely by Simutronics’ judgment. Simutronics may visit participating sites to check on compliance to these guidelines. In addition, Simutronics may terminate this entire program with 30 days electronic notice.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the guidelines, the requirements for the official PLAY button, or anything else to do with the fansite system, please write to

Thank you very much for your support!

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