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eScape Version Notes
Downloadable Version (current to vers. 1.24)


Version 1.24
January 15, 2002

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Store scripts tokenized (compressed) for improved setting load and save times.

Highlights with no foreground color visible in list dialog.

Revised the logic for when you're scrolled back to address the bug where it spontaneously stops keeping windows at the bottom.

Improved highlights/ignores to allow multiple consecutive space characters to be matched.

Fix own/private thought determination. There were some instances where a thought message would appear incorrectly in the thought window.

Put in a work around for browser not showing text after a picture.

Under IE5.0 the browser may crash when closing the Script Edit dialog box. This only happens on IE5.0 and we cannot figure out why. However, we have put in a Alert Box that pops up when you close this dialog. The presence of the alert box causes the crash to go away (reasons unknown!). This is annoying, naturally, but you can get around it by upgrading to the latest and greatest version of IE.

Changes to preset highlights now become effective immediately. Since moving highlights to the server, it use to take up to a minute.

Only copy first line of multiple line selection to highlight string. Previously, you could copy CR/LFs into a highlight string which would never match anything.

As requested on the boards, eliminated blank lines around script SetVariable output.

Added script debug command to control script informational messages (defaults on)
debug on
debug off

The logging status of each window is now saved with your settings. So, if you had it on when you left the game, it will be on when you return. A drop-down menu on the Windows Panel allows you to change the log filename used and will also let you turn this feature on or off.

Cleaned up default settings loading for new characters. There was an intermittent condition that could cause new players to not receive the settings (subtle differences) and be unable to save settings until they re-entered the game.

Fixed some other minor highlighting bugs.


Version 1.23
December 17, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Server Setting Deltas

In the past, when any change was made to a setting (even moving a window around), all of the settings were sent as an update to the server. There was a delay to batch up changes, but ultimately every highlight string, script and so forth was retransmitted back to the server.

This would cause escape to "pause" at unexpected intervals for some people, especially those with many highlight strings.

With version 1.23, escape transmits much smaller bundles of setting changes limited mostly to only those things that have been added, removed or modified. This should help alleviate that problem.

Note: The state of the toggle buttons for audio and pictures were not being saved properly. This has been fixed.



The "match partial highlight" option behaved somewhat differently when we moved the highlighting logic to the server. With V1.23, the logic is the same as before.

Highlighting for the Thoughts window is now done in escape, not the server. Since escape 'rewords' thought messages for that window, there was no way for you to highlight things the way you wanted before. This is now fixed.

The "only show people on your names list" for Arrivals and Deaths window feature is now faster.



There was an obscure bug with scripts calling other scripts. This has been fixed.


Version 1.22
December 3, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements

We have re-engineered the text highlighting system such that our servers do all of the highlighting logic before it makes it to escape This will greatly improve the speed of highlight processing if you have a lot of highlight strings. In fact, you should see no difference between having 10 and several hundred regardless of the speed of the computer your run escape on.

The highlight strings are still downloaded to escape on startup, along with all the other settings for two reasons:

1. So you can edit them in the Highlights dialog.

2. So we can apply highlighting to commands you type.


Version 1.21
November 15, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements

1. Made script echo command retain consecutive spaces.

2. Added font selection for column formatted text on window settings dialog.

Version 1.20
November 8, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements

1. Fixed thought highlighting to apply in main window instead of thought window.

2. Fixed bleeding indicator to switch off when bleeding is temporarily blocked.

3. Fixed "perp searches" window in Modus Operandi so that its open/closed state is remembered.

4. Changed the file reading approach used by settings import to hopefully remove the size limit that some users are reporting.

5. Modified the text output routine to improve visual feedback responsiveness as text comes in from the game.

6. Added cut/copy/paste to the command input box right-click menu.

7. As requested, the scripting command setVariable can now be used to set a variable to an empty string. To do this just don't specify a second argument.


Version 1.19
November 5, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements

1. You can now record a script. Choose to create a new script or edit an existing one. If editing an existing script, place the cursor at the beginning of the line where you would like to insert the new text and click on the record button. On a new script, you can type any preliminary information if you would like and when ready, click on the record button. Then type the commands as you would do them. Click the stop button when you are finished, or the pause button to briefly pause recording the script. The script can then be edited as usual.

2. The room window now displays the "You also see", "Obvious exits" and "Also here" (or similar wordings) lines (as in 1.18b).

3. The variables button on the "Edit Script" dialog functions again.

Version 1.18
October 30, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements

1.The MATCHes and MATCHREs are evaluated in the order they are specified in the script. Previously the MATCHes were done first, then MATCHREs. This is now fixed.

2.Sorting highlighting by color now sorts based on the background color, then the foreground color and finally alphabetically by the text (case insensitive).

3. Sorting in the various list dialogs are now persistent.

4. In the Settings... dialog for the command box (right-click on command box) you can now set the minimum number of characters a command must be in order for it to be remembered by the command line history. This is useful for filtering out little commands like movement. Defaults to 0, meaning it won't filter anything out.

5. Messages in the Deaths and Arrivals Windows now have time-stamps.

6. You can now set Auto-Drag mode. The drop down menu on the exits panel, or by right-clicking on the command box allows you to select the Drag... dialog. Type in anything and any movement, such as "N" will be replaced with "DRAG whatever N" (where "whatever" is what you typed).

You can also highlight text in a game window then right-click and select DRAG and it will fill that text into the drag dialog automatically and start Auto-Drag. A STOP DRAGGING menu item appears on these menus when you are in auto-drag mode.

7. We've changed all of the "Appearance..." menu items to be "Settings..." because they are often used to specify things that are not related to appearance now.



Version 1.17
October 25, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements

1. Scripting

MATCHRE {label} /{regular expression}/[i]

Works as MATCH except that it allows for Regular Expression syntax for more sophisticated pattern matching.


  MATCHRE myLabel /[Rr]ound ?[Tt]ime/

This one will catch many forms of the text "Round Time" even if it's written differently like "roundtime".

A regular expression uses the JavaScritpt syntax, so you begin and end with a slash / character.

You can specify case insensitivy as such:

    MATCHRE myLabel /round ?time/i

The trailing "i" specifies case-insensitivity.


WAITFORRE /{regular expression}/[i]

Works as WAITFOR except that it allows for Regular Expression syntax for more sophisticated pattern matching.


2. Loading

Your character will not appear in the game world until after your eScape settings have fully loaded. This prevents your character from being killed or otherwise harmed during this delay.


3. GUI Changes

Mini Exits Compass

There is now a small exits compass that appears to the right of the command input box. You can right-click anywhere in the lower bar to for a menu that allows you to turn this on or off. You can even click on the arrows to move (this is not true of the big compass yet).

Command Box Appearance

You can right-click on the bottom bar for an Appearance... menu item that brings up a dialog box. From here you can set the colors of the command box text, background and round-time bar as well as the font used.

Remember, to set colors first select the box you want to change then select a color. In this case you have a text, background and RT box.

Note that the appearnace dialog box for the command box has a reset button to revert everything to the default settings should you get things hopelessly messed up.

GS4 Stance Shield

The shield indicator which shows your stance was previously filled with a red color. But this seemed to indicate health to some people, so we changed the color to blue to make it less worrisome when your stance changes.

4. No Java Page

If you attempt to use eScape and do not have Java, or have it disabled, you now are sent to a page which describes the problem and solution.

5. Navigate Away message

When you close a session in eScape, the dialog box now indicates which character is being affected. This is useful if you run more than one eScape session (in multiple games for example).



Version 1.16
October 16, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements

1. Fixed bug where windows positioned on left or top edge are repositioned away from the edge at startup.

2. Fixed double macro invocation when focus is on a scroll bar.

3. Fixed bug where script did not wait on a second round time received during
round time.

4. Fixed auto-sneak to work with up, down, and out.

5. Fixed script nextroom command to work when room descriptions are disabled.


Performance Enhancements

1. Faster removal of lines from top of scroll buffer. This is a general speed-up that should make things snappier for some people. More are on the way.

2. Decreased delay bring up large list of highlight strings.

3. Decreased delay sorting large list of highlight strings.

4. Decreased delay loading settings with large scripts.


Version 1.15
October 9, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements

1. Room names with quotes would show up with " in window title; fixed.

2. In some cases, when pressing Enter on a blank line would do nothing. Now it sends a blank line every time (which is required for some parts of some games).

3. When in some parts of the game, like the Character Manager, input was not being echoed; fixed.

4. The thoughts window will now designate [private] thoughts.

5. Thought highlighting in the game window is now working.

5. Sometimes a window could get stuck at the top of the window area. Although we did not find the cause, we put code in fail-safe code to keep this from happening.

Scripting / Variables

Variable names no longer can have spaces. This has the following ramifications:

a) Any variable that current exists that has spaces in the name will be modified such that the name has underscore characters ( _ ) where spaces appeared. This occurs on importing settings too.

b) Variable names referenced in scripts that have names will need to be modified.

c) Scripts can delineate a variable name with a space. So %myvariable now works as well as %myvariable%. Using trailing %'s is useful for concatenating variables side-by-side in this manners: %var1%%var2%%anothervar%.

d) When you type space when naming a variable, a underscore is substituted automatically.


Version 1.14
October 2, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements


1. The MOVE command was occasionally misbehaving. This has been fixed.

2. COUNTER DIVIDE works properly now. (geez!)

3. A warning message appears when an undefined variable is referenced in a script.

4. Some new script commands:

AddToHighlightStrings string="{text}" [options]

Adds/changes a highlight string.

[options] are optional arguments, as follows:

foreColor={color} Foreground color, see {color} below.
backColor={color} Background color, see {color} below.
highlightEntireLine={True | False} If TRUE, highlights enitre line (default is TRUE).
notOnWordBoundry={True | False} If TRUE, matches partial words (default is TRUE).
matchPartialWord={True | False} Alias for notOnWordBoundry.
caseInsensitive={True | False } if TRUE, case is not checked (default is TRUE).
ignoreCase={True | False} Alias for ignoreCase.

May be any HTML color specification. For example:


If you use a one or two digit number, you will get a set color for foreground/background. This is to make imported Wizard scripts work, however you will not get the color you expect. eScape does colors differently, so the palette index method the Wizard uses does not make sense. Change these to HTML color specifications.

AddToHighlightNames string="{text}" [options]

Same as AddTohighlightNames but adds/changes the Names highlights.


DeleteFromHighlightStrings string="{text}"

Removes indicated text from highlight strings.


DeleteFromHighlightNames string="{text}"

Removes indicated text from Names highlights.


SetVariable {variable name} {value}

Sets or adds the variable {variable name} to the value of {value}. Do not use %..%'s in the variable name. If the variable name has spaces, use "{variable name}". The rest of the line is considered the value, so spaces and even quotes are allowed.

You can use %variablename% sequences in the {value}. These are substituted with their value before the command processes. This lets you do some wacky fun things. To use a % character in the {value}, use %%.


DeleteVariable {variable name}

Deletes the indicated variable {variable name}, if it exists.


These commands strive for backwards compatibility with the Wizard. Some noteable exceptions:

a) Specification of color values is different because we don't use the Wizards set 15 color palette.

b) We don't have global highlights, sot he AddToGlobalHiglights command does not exist.

c) The SetVariable an DeleteVaraible commands are unique to eScape because the Wizard does not have arbitrary variables.

d) Aliases for the options in some commands have been added to reflect the wording in the eScape dialogs. You can use either one, but only the Wizard version is backwards compatible.


Version 1.13
September 28, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements


1. IF_# commands were broken in 1.12, now they are fixed again.

2. A quote may be embedded in a non-quotes argument to a Wizard script command.

3. Argument parsing for the SAVE command is now identical to the Wizard (Only uses first argument, use quotes for multi-word arguments).

4. Messages such as script ECHO messages now correctly cause line feeds.

5. Script COUNTER DIVIDE command have their results truncated to an integer.

6. Trailing spaces after script GOTO label are ignored. Also, any trailing colon on a GOTO and MATCH statement label are ignored.

7. Added SORT by buttons to script dialog.



Perviously auto-sneak was implemented using the {move} command in a macro. Now auto-sneak is automatically processed on abbreviated directions (like: n, s, e, nw) and the verb go. Therefore the movement macros have been replaced with the pattern "\xn\r" automatically. Auto-sneak should work much more like the Wizard now.


Version 1.12
September 27, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements


1. MATCH and WAITFOR are now case-insensitive.

2. You can use COUNTER SUBTRACT now.

3. COUNTER ADD and COUNTER SUBTRACT have a default argument of 1 (if not specified).

4. You can now use COUNTER MULTIPLY and COUNTER DIVIDE (default argument of 1 if not specified). Remember, the counter is an integer, not floating point! DIVIDE by 0 yields 'Infinity', so don't do that. :) These two are extensions to the Wizard language and not backwards compatible.

5. The COUNTER initialize to 0 on script run.

6. %s% variable is now NOT reset when a script runs, so you can use it cross-script.

7. Improved error messaging with scripts. You also get a line number with your errors now.



1. {=scriptname} runs script 'scriptname'.

2. {script} opens the script dialog.

3. {panels} toggles the visibility of the panel bar.

4. {variables} opens the variables dialog.

5. {macros} opens the macros dialog.

6. {wounds} / {injuries} both of these toggle the "see injuries" / "see scars" on the health panel. (GS4 only for now)

7. Help updated to reflect changes.


Auto Sneak

When you type the command GO the GO will be replaced with SNEAK if you have auto-sneak on and you are hidden. For example, GO PATH will become SNEAK PATH.


Dialog/Window Positioning

1. Script Add/Edit and Variable Add/Edit dialog boxes now appear centered relative to their parent dialog box.

2. The main window auto-sizing respects the task bar's presence now.



1. Logging check box accurate now

2. Text was going into logs even after being closed.


Version 1.11
September 26, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements


1. Labels are no longer case sensitive.

2. Blank lines are now allowed.

3. Script commands will wait for a Round Time to end.

4. A very slight delay prior to a PUT allows for further key presses to be processed in tightly looped scripts, thus allow you to use Esc to cancel.

5. You can use Shift-Esc to pause a running script, then Esc to continue again. The prompts remind you of this when you run a script.

6. You can now pass multi-word arguments to a script. Normally script arguments are seperated by spaces, but this makes it impossible to pass arguments that have two or more words. You accomplish this in three ways, at your preference: connect the words using a period (.) an underscore (_) or enclose them in quotes. For example:

   .happyscript red_stone blue_stone

   .happyscript red.stone blue.stone

   .happyscript "red stone" "blue stone"

   Any of these will result in the variable %1% being "red stone" and %2% being "blue stone".

7. PAUSE with no argument is the same as PAUSE 1

8. Scripts import properly now.


Movement / Auto-Sneak

You can now right-click on the Exits Panel (the one with the Compss) to access some options. The one that is currently implemented is Auto Sneak which will prepend the SNEAK command in any keypad movement if you are hidden. Default is ON.



Defined some new escape sequences {bufferBottom} and {bufferTop} which can be bound to a key to jump the active window to the top or bottom of the buffer.

For new characters, the default is for CTRL-PAGEUP and CTRL-PAGEDOWN to be bound to top and bottom respectively. Additionally the Esc key will go to the bottom (if a script is not running). Note that Esc is useful for canceling any text you've entered into a text box (aka, the command box) so we have coded this key special such that if used for the {bufferBottom} command, it'll propagate Esc to the text box if the buffer is already at the bottom.

NOTE: If you are already using eScape, then you will have to bind these yourself as macros. We didn't want to overwrite anything you might have done by forcing it.


Version 1.10
September 25, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements


Yes, at long last, eScape supports scripting! In fact, it supports the very same Wizard script language you have come to know and (ahem) love.

But please understand that scripting is a very new feature. The implementation probably has bugs and incompatibilities and we need your help to sort them out and let us know what we didn't get right! Also, the user interface needs some work as well. Consider this a rough draft!

We have not implemented recording macros yet, but that will come soon. First we want to get the language implementation solid. Then go from there.

You can copy and paste your script text into our simple script editor, or edit the export file and reimport as you see fit.

Features like storing scripts on your client, and so forth, are planned for the future.

NOTE: There is one IMPORTANT Wizard language compatibility issue: Because our variable names can have spaces in them, you must enclose variable names in %% pairs. For example, %weapon must be %weapon%.

Help us debug this by using your existing Wizard scripts, if you have them, and reporting problems on the forums.


Import / Export

Import and Export have been expanded to support scripts.


Blank Settings

There was a bug that when a value in some settings was blank, such as a variable with an empty value, then eScape would crash some versions of IE. We don't know why this occurs exactly, but we've made some work arounds in the timing which seem to prevent the crash.


GameMaster Panel

The second GameMaster created panel is now available! Players in GemSotne III will now see a Spells panel which lists all the spells their character knows. You can click on them to PREP them. The spell lists can be expanded or collapsed.

More on the way!



Version 1.09
September 24, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Character Manager Bug

When creating a new character, sometimes eScape would sometimes hang in the character manager. This should now be fixed.



You can now tell eScape to wipe out (completely replace) settings during an import.


Thoughts Window

The Thoughts window now indicates the channel in GS4 in the same way as the Wizard.


Version 1.08
September 21, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Command Buffer

The ENTER key works now! We were going to wait a few versions to address this, but then had a spare moment between munching snasages to go ahead and fix it.


Appearance Settings

1. For users of IE 6.0, you now get a list of all the fonts on your system. Only IE 6.x (and better) expose the necessary functions to do this, so the behavior is still unchanged for older versions of IE.

2. You can use bold with fonts now too!


Settings Reset

On the various settings dialog boxes there is now a [reset] button which allows you to reset them to their initial state. For highlight strings, this means deleting everything. For macros, it means reverting to the default macro settings. THESE WILL WIPE OUT ALL YOUR CUSTOM ENTRIES IN THAT DIALOG BOX. A warning box confirms that you are really sure you want to do this before proceeding.


Friends Filters

The Arrival, and Death windows now have the ability to only show messages from/about those people who are on your Names highlight settings. Bring up the APPEARANCE dialog box for any of these windows and you can individually (on a per window basis) turn this feature on or off.

Our plan is to add this option for the THOUGHTS window as well, but this will take a little more time as it is more complex.


First GM Panel

The first (of many to come) GameMaster created panels makes its appearance in DragonRealms. The Time/Weather panel gives you information visually that you'd normally get using the TIME command. You can get a rough sense of the time and weather (if outdoors).

Tons more DR panels in the works... most already have their artwork done and all that remains is wiring them up!

GemStone IV will be next with a Spells panel, expected early next week.



Version 1.07
September 20, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Main Window

The main window will now open to 1/4 the size of your screen resolution, or a minimum of 800x600 whichever is larger. Once you resize the main window the new size will be stored on a IE 'cookie' on your computer to be used the next time. Using a 'cookie' makes it possible for there to be different main window sizes on different computers.

Further, checks are done to make sure the main window actually fits on the screen and makes the necessary adjustments if it does not. This is important, for example, if you radically change your screen resolution.

You must have cookies enabled for this site for this feature to work (only a problem if you use a utility to block cookies).


Dialog Boxes

1. There was a bug where you could open the same dialog box multiple times, such as for string highlights, variables, etc. This caused, as you might expect, problems. Clicking multiple times on the "Variables..." button, for example, would open several identical Variables dialog windows. Many of the problems people were experiencing with editing variables and such were due to this problem. It has now been fixed.

2. Dialog boxes are now centered relative to your main window.


Import / Export

You can now export and import variables.


Version 1.06
September 19, 2001

New Feature

Macro Variables

You can now create named variables which can be used in macros. These will also be used in scripts when that feature is implemented.

You access the variables dialog from the Macro Keys dialog. First, click OPTIONS then MACRO KEYS, then VARAIBLES... to bring up the variables dialog. From here you can add, edit and delete any named variables.

Unlike the Wizard, you name the variables whatever you want and you can (currently) have as many as you want. A variable name may contain any characters except %.

In macro definitions you can use variables by specifying them between matched % pairs. For example:

ATTACK %target%\r

This will output the command ATTACK followed by whatever is in the variable named "target". The match is case-sensitive. Unlike the Wizard you must use matching % pairs, this is because we allow you to use spaces in your variable names.

Note, a variable can reference another variable. When processing, the output will stop after the 5th level of "recursion". This prevents circular references from locking up eScape.


Version 1.05
September 18, 2001


Bug Fixes & Improvements

Appearance Dialogs

1. All of the dialog boxes that have color selection now feature a new set of swatches that greatly expand the number of colors you can choose from.


Command Buffer

1. Selections highlighted on the command bar will now be overwritten if you use a macro (this is how you would expect it to work).

2. All macros and commands are procesed into a queue buffer such that they come out in consecutive order. This provides a more predictable behavior. For example, you issue a series of macros (or even multi-line macros) and type a command, then issue more macros they'll all happen in the order you expect.



1. Commands are sent through the highlight system.



1. The {rest} command has been added as a macro. If you are using eScape for the first time, CTRL-R defaults to "{rest}". Otherwise, add it yourself to any macro you wish. The {rest} command, as a macro, will enter REST mode. Every two minutes it will issue the "EXPERIENCE" command to the game until you type a key to leave REST mode.

2. The /? option for Macros was not documented in the help (but always worked). It is now documented.



1. It now remembers the last logfile name used. You should only have to make path changes once now.

2. The Prompt setting in the Game Window appearance window now shows an example of the prompt setting in the window.

3. When importing settings, it will now catch errors and give you a message about what and where the error is. The setting with the error will not be saved.

4. If you are disconnected from the game while changing settings in a dialog box, such as macros or highlights, you will get a warning that the settings will not be saved (but can still be exported).



1. In GS4, the bug where Cast Time (CT) going to some absurd number has been fixed.

2. The hidden state in the status boxes has been replaced with a "bush" icon. You will be able to tell when you are invisible and hidden now.

3. About dialog implemented (contain your excitement!)



Version 1.04
September 13, 2001

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Command Buffer

1. Previously we stopped duplicate commands from repeatedly showing in the command history buffer. This introduced a bug that would skip the duplicate command when scrolling up through the history. This bug has now been removed and the history should scroll up and down correctly. We told you it was hard!

2. When typing in the command buffer, using the down arrow clears the command buffer.

3. When typing, the cursor location should remain where it last was when you move the mouse away and click elsewhere, use macros, copy/paste into the command buffer, etc.

4. The @ command in macros should work correctly again.

5. The \x macro command to clear the command buffer now works. By default a macro does not clear the command buffer (which can be useful). \x must appear at the start of the macro.

Highlights and colors

1. Transparent can no longer be chosen as a background or foreground color choice for window appearance settings. It still appears as an option (for now), but is not clickable.

2. Background highlights in IE 5.0 should show up more often. The problem appears to be with the browser getting confused. If they disappear, you can highlight the section with your mouse to fix it temporarily. Upgrading to IE 5.5 fixes it permanently. We'll continue working on this, but don't want to make any promises.

3. When you select something in a window, trailing-spaces tend to get selected as well. This is a problem when you use the right-click menu to copy them to the custom highlights/ignores. Now, trailing spaces are stripped when doing this operation.

4. Overlapping highlights on the same line should all show up properly now.


1. The room title now shows on the Game Window title bar.

2. The window title bar would sometimes disappear when that window was maximized. Should be fixed.

3. Logging now shows a user prompt to fill in a name and path to save to. The default has been changed to c:\eScape*.htm where the * will increment a number each time you save in the same location.

4. When displaying the status prompt, 'R' for 'in roundtime' is properly displayed.

5. The "Type commands here" hint box will go away automatically once you've defined any custom highlighting.


New Feature

1. On the Appearance dialog for the GAME Window (only) you can now specify how you want your prompt to appear. The choices are "Simple" which display a > character as normal; "Status" which displays the > preceeded by any status prompt indicators (like 's' for sitting); and "None" which supresses the printing of the prompt all together. Note that when you enter a command it will appear with a > prompt in front of it irregardless of this setting.


Version 1.03
September 10, 2001


Bug Fixes & Improvements

Command History Fixes
1. Command queue logic rewritten to remove occasional missed commands during up/down arrow. (Harder than it sounds!)
2. When clicking on command box, cursor moves to where you click instead of the beginning/end.
3. Commands from macros go into command history.
4. Commands are now processed through the highlight strings.

Window Fixes
1. Arrivals in Modus Operandi go to correct window.
2. Room descriptions were now show up in the familiar window as appropriate.
3. When setting colors for a windows appearance, right-click can be used to set background color.

Version 1.02
September 7, 2001


Bug Fixes & Improvements

Command History Fixes
3. After going back in command history, first DOWN ARROW would show the same command again.
4. A command is not added to the history if it duplicates the one at the bottom of the history already.
5. When changing focus away and back to the command history the cursor is not placed at the end of any text currently in the input box. This makes it possible to CTRL-C / CTRL-V text from other windows into the command window after the current command.
6. Empty lines do not go into the command history.
7. UP ARROW when nothing in history no longer shows "default"

In dialog boxes that allow selecting colors: RIGHT-CLICK on a color swatch will set the background color. This wasn't a bug, but people use to the Wizard expected this behavior. The intended way to set the background color was to select the background swatch, then a color. Now you can do it either way.

Window Fixes
1. Thoughts now go to thought window correctly (including Voln)
2. Death messages go to Death Window
3. You can now use the normal IE right-click menu when mouse is over an in-line image. This lets you save the picture and other operations.
4. Several broken image problems (mostly in DR) have been fixed.

5. On some computers (variations of operation systems, IE, or window style settings) scroll bars would appear on various dialog boxes. This has been fixed (althoug on these systems the window will be slightly too small... should not be noticable).
6. Added Fixedsys font.

Macros Fixes
1. You can now define more ALT key combinations. IE does do a "beep" sound on some of (or all) of these keys. To get around this, go into the Windows control panel, select Sounds and Multimedia and change the Default Beep entry to (None).
2. You can now define a macro for F4.
3. You are now prevented from using SHIFT with numeric keypad (IE doesn't allow it).

1. There was a time limit on how long a sound/MP3 would play. This has been removed.


Version 1.01
September 6, 2001


Bug Fixes

Text now goes to correct window. Corrected problems with Thoughts, Disconnects, Logging, etc.

Broken highlight presets should all now work. Some games use different variations, we believe we have them all accounted for. Fixes speech, whisper, etc.

Issues with numeric keypad direction movement not working as expected have been fixed.

Tool Tip on rearranging panels was misleading. It suggested you could drag them out of the panel bar. New wording may help.

Fixed bugs that caused DragonRealms "shim" to die. This would cause disconnects (even though game was still running) and inability to connect to DR while it was down.



When you use command history, the text is no longer highlighted. Instead the cursor is at the end of the line as most people were expecting.

When opening a window with the Window Panel the window will pop to the front. This helps solve user confusion over weather the window actually opened or not.


New Features

Added Death window



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