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Tips & Features

"Psst! Hey, what's your password?"
Find out why you'll never hear us ask that, and learn how to protect yourself and your character!

New Players
Want help getting started quickly? Check out the GemStone IV QuickStart Guide.

There're quite a few things the Simutronics gremlins may try to take from you, but one of them is not your password.More Space to Stash Your Loot
Premium subscribers receive an extra thirty items per locker and more! Find out what you're missing!

Beautiful Maps!
Ever felt lost? Daring cartographers from around the world have risked their lives to bring the vast untamed lands of Elanthia within your reach.

Bring Your Friends to GemStone IV and Win Prizes
Win an alteration, free quest, or one-month free game play by inviting your friends and family to play GemStone IV! Visit today for details!

Need Some Help?
The Mentors of the Order of Lorekeepers offer many services, including daily question and answer sessions and other events focused on assisting those in need. To find a mentor to answer your questions or assist you in learning the ins and outs of GemStone IV, type DIR for directions to Silverwood Manor. Once you get there ring the doorbell (type RING BELL) and a Mentor will arrive to assist you. To find out more about the Mentor program, see their website!

Tailors, smiths, alchemists and alterers make frequent stops in Elanthia's cities to offer their wares and services to people like you. Find out how to make the most of materialism!

Spelled to the Teeth
Magic is afoot in GemStone IV, and the staggering number of spells our magic-using classes have to choose from can sometimes be a hard choice! Not sure what to go for next? Check out the spell lists!

Architectural and Landscaping Association of Elanthia (ALAE)
Create your own piece of Elanthia! The ALAE is accepting applicants in both GemStone IV and GemStone IV Platinum, allowing its members to design castles, forests, beaches, and more for you and your friends to enjoy! Check here for more details!

GemStone IV Player Web Sites
Explore these great web sites created by your friends! Fans of GemStone IV have created some of the most informative and interesting sites on the web!

Real-Life Gatherings
Check out our calendar of real-life gatherings! Have a gathering of your own you want to tell everyone about? Drop a note to and tell us all the information! Please include:

    Contact info
    News about special activities or functions
    What game (or games) your gathering will be focused on

The more you tell us, the more we can tell everyone else!

Customer Service 101
Get "extra credit" for studying up on our new list of ways to help improve your feedback experience!


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