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Crush Your Enemies...
Crush Your Friends, Too, If You Want

Sign up now!Experience GemStone IV: Shattered, a new gaming experience based on the award-winning GemStone IV. Although the world and game may look the same at first, you'll soon see that life in Shattered is quite different because there is virtually no GameMaster moderation or intervention!

GemStone IV: Shattered will feature:

No Restrictions on PVP! You can handle your conflicts any way you choose…but so can everyone else.
No Restrictions on Scripting! No limitations, no rules...but if another player finds you, there's no one to protect you, either.
Freedom of Expression! Want to tell someone off? Feel free!
Un-Moderated Forums! Only subscribers to GemStone IV: Shattered will have access to these private message boards.
Premium Benefits! If you are a Premium subscriber, you’ll have the following benefits in GemStone IV: Shattered: 15 additional character slots, extra vault space, access to the Premium-only shops and services, extra type-ahead line, and access to purchase your own home!
A Fresh Start! Everyone starts on a level playing field with a brand new character.

The choice is yours! Have you got what it takes to rise to the challenge? To be the most powerful person in Elanthia? To crush all those who oppose you? To hear the cries of terror at the mere mention of your name?

GemStone IV: Shattered -- play GemStone IV at the next level!

Sign up now!


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