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Ebon Gate Festival 2005

"Ghosts?  Ha ha, we're not ghosts!  We know...have colds."
(and just a pinch more creepy)

Ghosts and haunts!The Pale Lady, the Thin Woman, the Guardian of Souls, the Keeper of the Ebon Gate, the Keeper of the Golden Keys....Lorminstra is known by many names. And the time draws nigh to honor her with feasting, shopping, and ghostly fun as all of Elanthia turns out to kick off one of the biggest festivals of the year!

Her visage is unforgettable. She is a fixture of Elanthian society. It is Lorminstra who binds our souls to this realm when we have fallen and it is through Lorminstra's grace that we walk again with the living. Every year, just before the beginning of winter, Lorminstra opens the Ebon Gate so that the departed souls can once again walk Elanthia. This night is preceded by a week of festivities in honor of Lorminstra and in celebration of the chance to walk with the spirits of the beloved again. This weeklong celebration culminates in the Eve of the Reunion.

Dancing and revelry!The Eve of the Reunion represents a rich blend of traditions from across Elanthia and is for both the living and the spirits of the dead. The spirits of the beloved dead are freed to return to their homes for a short time to visit with their friends and families. Like any visitor, the spirits are welcomed with food, drink, stories, memories and good will.

Lively family reunions, loving visits to graveyards, colorful costumes, preparations of special foods and offerings laid out for Lorminstra and the returning souls mark this holiday.

This year, the carnival will feature all the games, merchants, fun, food and festivities that one would expect from a grand celebration in honor of Lorminstra!

The FESTIVAL command will have all sorts of information on raffles, contests and events. Be sure to check it out throughout the week!


Exclusive Shops: SimuCon Attendees
A Cramped Circular Hut Crimson Allure
Celestial Spirits Love Never Dies
CONventional Wisdom Where the Needle Lies
Exclusive Shops: Premium Members
Bits and Pieces Memorial Liquors
Callawen's Creepy Confections Mists of Autumn
Delicate Adornment Past Pets
Durance Plundered Tomb
Engraved Memory Rune Rapture
Graveyard Rapsody Shadows of the Forest
In Memorium Songs of Freedom
Knitwits Sweet Memories
Leather and Cloth The Golden Hoop
Masked Delight Trivial Trinkets
Open Shops!
A Large Dark Oak Wagon Molten Glass
A Leg Up Monkia's Magics
A Musical Understanding Mossy Pit
Acheron's Charms Mourning Meads
Allsoul's Alchemy Murder's Garden
Amki's Adornments Music Of the Night
Arcana Adornments Nothing Up Your Sleeves
Autumnal Attire On Edge
Bilious Bubbling Beakers Piksy's Emerald Tree
Black Stitch Polichiko's Folly
Bloodwood Pumpkin Parings
Boothby's Remembering You
Brush With Death Rolton Laboratory
Categorically Feline Scabs and Scabbards
Celestiatorium Shattered Memories
Cerebral Vessels Shrine of the Angels
Chanter's Crossroads Sinister Attire
Cobweb Fashions Slithers and Co.
Copper Cauldron Snake Eyes
Creepy Clasps Spondie's Sugar and Spice
Dance 'til You Drop Stick It To 'Em
Dark Thoughts Terilkar's Place
Dead Ends The Bartering Bookshelf
Dearly Departed The Benefic Busker
Death of Autumn The Bone Yard
Everything You Needle The Bonewitch
Ezmerelda's Sweet Shop The Companion In You
Fashionable Footwear The Eye of Taer
Firnaya's Boutique and Cottage The Gloaming
For Keeps The Jeweled Skull
Forgon's Forging The Last Stand
Frawst's Ice Cream The Mourner's Cottage
Fresh off the Wagon The Petrified Forest
Gadderly's Gear The Sea of Fire
Ghastly Garb The Silent Gate
Ghoul Apparel The Somber Rose
Gifts Ungiven The Suited Cadaver
Gone to your Head The Wandering Wayfarer
Grave Goods The Well-Silvered Pouch
Grave Marauders To Die For
Grave Tidings Truth and Ribbons
Greame's Wicked Ends Unearthly Winds
Half-Moon Masquerade Unfinished Burial Plot
House of Skulls Vital Jewelry And Adornments
In Flight Well I'll Be Dipped
Keurin's Hunting Supplies What They Leave Behind
Killter At Large Witches' Lair
Lace with Grace Xojium's Emporium
Ludicrous Lollipops Ymyrraeth's Hut

Ailionora Illus
Argran Kaerleen
Ashtara Kurbisa
Boothby Marjia
Congor Marutra
Conveil Milaro
Dark Lady Bone Monkia
Durgah Naphine
Elvaria Natalye
Elvaria Nontay
Elvaria Petria
Exotic Qiri
Firnaya Remag
Forvarul Rythaen
Gadderly Shielste
Ganien Siolan
Gouthar Telban
Greame Terilkar
Grishtok Vorlaia
Guthe Zanbec
Hodoso Zaticia




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